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  1. UTVOL3

    Eats on Feets Milk-Sharing

    I think best case scenario it has the potential to do wonders for a few very lucky babies. The thing is, it requires alot of personal responsibility. It requires that parents ok the milk source. There is very little recourse if baby was to contract something. That is why I think it will not become commonplace in the US, especially in the hospital setting. We are so used to having someone to blame when something goes wrong.
  2. UTVOL3

    How did you know?

    I didn't. Personally I needed a job and had applied for peds and L&D. The NICU manager called me and asked if I wanted an interview. I've thanked God many many times that L&D and Peds weren't hiring at that time.
  3. UTVOL3

    Anyone have dedicated NI lactation consultants?

    And holy cow at 9 LC's. Are they all IBCLC? how many beds do you have?
  4. UTVOL3

    Anyone have dedicated NI lactation consultants?

    I just found this! A great study from Chop~ Health & Nutrition News - Natural Healthcare Canada
  5. National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT) I LOL'edat "I'm telling you, they just aren't right":lol2:
  6. Does anyone have one? I have recently decided to pursue IBCLC. I'm super excited! I'd love to concentrate my work in the NICU. Perhaps even do some research in that area as well. Does anyone have a dedicated lactation consultant for the NICU? have you found it has helped with breastfeeding success in the NICU?
  7. UTVOL3

    older babies in level 3

    I get what you mean about being an expensive babysitter. Sometimes they can be cranky little things too. We let them watch movies.
  8. UTVOL3

    Anyone going for IBCLC?

    Ok that is tremendously helpful. I couldn't find it cause it didn't exist! I saw those worksheet examples but I've been tearing apart the internet trying to figure out how you do it.
  9. UTVOL3

    Anyone going for IBCLC?

    Is there anywhere anyone knows of that gives a formula for turning actual clinical hours to hours for eligibility for the exam? I.e., I am a NICU nurse. I work 1000 hrs/yr. (example) What percent of that can be used for experience hours? I am really having a hard time with finding this on the IBCL site. I looked around the site posted by birth revolution and I still don't see an actual formula. Am I missing it?
  10. UTVOL3

    The Higher Education Bubble: Ready to Burst?

    I agree that good quality higher education is worth subsidizing. College we are paying dearly for nowadays, not so much. I hate the thought of this "bubble" bursting though cause it will affect my kids negatively moreso than myself and Dh. Maybe though, the higher education institutions will be forced to revamp entirely and realize if they charge 30 grand like it's nothing, the students need to leave with something applicable to real life. The current trend in doing away with MSN programs and extending it another year (and who knows how much $) is a fantabulous example of this IMO. You are going to pay more, go to school for longer, and come away with exactly what that is different?
  11. UTVOL3

    Moms visiting while impaired

    Well, as I see it you may not have a right to ask them to leave, but can you refuse to let them hold without another staff member present? From your post it seems like your problem lies more with management than with the impaired parents.
  12. holy old thread batman...
  13. UTVOL3

    NRP Certification = Experience?

    I agree completely with klone. I'd even venture to say that some managers/neos would rather have you take the class on site with their people.
  14. other than Case Western? Anyone familiar with that program or any others? I tried some searches but perhaps I'm not using the right terms or maybe it is the only one of it's kind?
  15. East Tennessee State has that option, not sure about the cost though.:) Doctor of Nursing Practice