Am I being too sensitive?

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    Just swapped shifts at my job, I'm on the day shift now and I looooove it! Seriously, I'm so happy.

    However I work with some other nurses (trying not to make it about age, but I'm in my 20s and they are 50s) and whenever I walk in the med room and there are two of them having a conversation, they stop talking. Each and every time. At night when I go home I imagine myself saying WELL WHAT ARE Y'ALL TALKING ABOUT? but then the next day in reality it is just. so. awkward.

    I'm trying to ignore it but really, it happens so often that it's making me uncomfortable. Am I too sensitive?

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    Don't let that bother you. They are probably talking about their personal lives..hard times at home or venting about the job. I feel positive that it is not about you. Anyone could walk in the med room and they would stop talking. They are in the med room trying to find some privacy and dont have time to met up anywhere else. Lord knows on days you barely get to take a break. I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep doing a good job and embrace those new hours
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    Yes, you're being too sensitive.

    That said, grab your initiative and call them out on it. It's probable they just don't know you well enough yet to trust they can speak freely in front of you, rather than their conversation being ABOUT you. I'd assume the best and maybe try to fill the sudden silence with conversation of your own before it has a chance to turn too awkward.

    Push through the weirdness and make friends with the 50 year-old ladies. I find they are the ones with the best stories.

    And ENJOY your new shift!
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    They are probably talking about how young, pretty, na´ve, new, dumb, etc. the new nurse on their shift is! OK, just kidding. They are probably talking about general problems with administration, gossip, etc., and won't include you until they know you well enough to trust you. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    A little too sensitive. This will improve over time as you get to know people. Your name/avatar have me convinced you are pretty cool, so I'm sure you'll be fine you just need to build up some rapport and trust.
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    They may have become friends and are talking about their families or something else they wouldn't share with a relative stranger. I remember my first nursing job where two of the nurses talked only Russian when they were together. When I had been there about three months, they began to smile at me and, shortly thereafter, they switched to English. Remember though, if you aren't as close as the other people, they may still stop talking and that's ok. It isn't for any bad reason. Yes, you're being too sensitive.
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    You're being sensitive but at the same time I understand why. It's tough being the new kid on the block! I'd probably be a bit paranoid as well. If you want, you can break the ice a bit..."come on, ladies, I know you're talking about me. And the rumors are true. I am actually Angelina Jolie researching for her new movie!"
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    It's possible they are intimidated by your young age. However, it could be that they just were having a private conversation, and they wanted to keep it that way. I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, after time goes by, they will warm up to you. You seem like a cheerful little one hehe Best wishes..
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    I agree, I think you are being over-sensitive. I get it, its awkward to be the new girl. But that's the point. You are the new girl. They don't know you, have no idea how trustworthy you are. And like others said, if they were having a private, non-work related conversation, it was probably none of your business.

    Now after you've been there for a bit, and they've warmed up to you, if they are STILL doing it, I'd be a little more suspicious
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    Thanks for the replies everybody!

    Ok after I posted this and logged off I realized how self-involved I sound! Just to clarify, I don't think they're talking about me personally, I'm not that interesting and I am always the last person to hear about floor/unit politics, drama, power plays, etc. So yeah.

    But anyway. The thing is, I'm NOT new to the unit or the floor. In fact I've worked with the same group of people for 3 years. So that's why I'm like, what the heck? All of the people who stop talking are the same people I've given report to, made out the assignment for, and have very definitely heard them COMPLAIN before, so it's not like they hold back because they don't know who I am.

    Oh well! I will grow a thicker skin and try not to take it so personally. I'd rather not be involved in drama and gossip and stuff anyway... I just miss having buddies at work!
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