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  1. Fired from 1st Camp job

    Is it even legal for them to hand out medications like that? It sounds like you were being interfered with.
  2. It's not a "nurse" thing, it's a human thing.
  3. NCLEX Experience

    That was very inspiring. Thank You for that.
  4. How's the Summer going?

    Impetigo! Sounds like a heck of a summer, Al lol. Luckily, if I'm not mistaken, it is only contagious for 48 hours, and can easily be treated with a topical antibiotic. I remember having that as a child. Sounds like your summer isn't going to t...
  5. I was fired today (I think??)

    Can I just say that I know you are sad about this situation. I honestly would not take it personal though. I think that he was just probably truly looking for someone that had a lot more experience. I agree that the way that he approached you seem...
  6. New assistant

    Shes a cutie :)
  7. How many of you guys cant find jobs?

    I'm almost hesitant to say this, but I'm thinking males may be considered before females. I may be wrong, but from what I am reading, it's a possibility.
  8. New assistant

    Cool, is it a Boston?
  9. I just got Accepted!!!

    Good Job.. :)
  10. How long did you prepare for TEAS?

    Absolutely insane.
  11. Is nursing right for me? (First year of college)

    My goodness, you sound just like me. I guess you just gotta go for it, and make it work.
  12. Longest Break From Nursing??

    Couldn't you do home health care or some kind of travel/agency. You girls seem like you know what your doing. Besides, isn't it like riding a bike? My thoughts are with you....
  13. O, ok lol.. I thought you were saying that there are some hospitals in Boston that only pay 10 bucks an hour for RNs. I nearly fainted. I'm originally from MA (western part), and I know how expensive it is up there, and I don't even think anyone ca...
  14. ADN's being pushed out

    They want a BSN, and they don't wanna pay for it. It's like going to a fine steakhouse and telling the waiter you want the best filet in the place but your not gonna spent more than 5 dollars.
  15. Wait Wait Wait 10......Im sorry, did you say dollars? Or was I reading that wrong?