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Hello everyone! I applied to Stony Brook's Basic (2-year) BSN program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum. If you are: currently applying or plan on applying, a former applicant, a... Read More

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    I applied to the Grant Evening program at Suffolk, which is the closest campus to where I live now; unfortunately, they're accepting applications until June for the Spring start session, and I'd just hate to have to wait even longer (but I'm willing to, if necessary). It would also be convenient to go to NCC's evening program, because I'd likely just go straight from where I work, which is ~15 minutes from NCC.

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    Yea I really don't want to go for an AS but it's not the worste thing yanno..also do you know how it works? Do you get a letter in the mail or an email.. Or both?
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    Oh and don't count on finding out about suffk for a while, I apples for the ammermam fall program and called them the other day and they told me I won't find out until may!
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    Sorry all the type owes this stupid iPhone has a mind of its own!
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    It does feel a little bit backwards to go from having a Bachelors to an Associates, but at least there are bridging programs available afterwards. I also have some healthcare experience, so I'm hoping that the agencies I've worked for in the past would be willing to help me out once (if) I finish the nursing degree. I don't think they send a piece of paper; when I was rejected from the one-year program, I got an email and that was it. Nassau has seemed really responsive; when I sent my transcripts, they actually called me to clarify something, and the lady to whom I spoke was very friendly.
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    Well good luck to you! Maybe we will see each other in September Lol
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    Let's hope! Best of luck to you, as well
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    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum, i've been snooping 'round reading threads like this and the accelerated stony brook thread and its been so helpful to read people's experience. I am a transfer undergrad in stony brook right now, i spent two years of college studying business that i have no interest in. I wanted to do nursing since begining of college but didn't have the guts to because i was scared of failure. To be honest i am not a 'sciencey person' i am not good with science so i am scared i will not do well in the pre reqs. Seeing other people with A's in all the sciences really scares me. But i want to be a nurse so bad Im willing to take these classes, and hopefully do well! I am starting the pre reqs fall 13 and hopefully can finish all the reqs by spring 13 and apply for fal 13 do you guys think thats possible? (ANP 1&2, chem, bio, intro psyc, soc) the rest of the electives, arts and hum i have done. .. Hope to read into more of everyones experience with Nursing!

    i was wondering if the 2year program is as competitive as the accelerated one? do yu think they are more lenient with grades?
    thanks for any of response!!
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    Hi ichews. If you are looking to apply for fall 2013 you have to take the prerequisites this year. You should look into going to an information session also it's very insightful as to what they are looking for and what is expected of you as a student. Also don't be scared of the sciences. Chemistry terrified me at one point but I took it and ended up with an A. You'll do fine. Every nursing program is competitive and as far as being lenient with grades, during the info session the speaker stated although they are important they take many other factors into consideration. You don't have to be a sraight A student to get in.
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    Yea I agree if you want to start in fall of 13 I would start ASAP and I wouldn't double up on too many sciences bc they are hefty classes...dont be afraid with science it's not that bad but if u take too many at once u could sink..also where are you taking ur prerequisite?

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