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Hey folks.... Happy New Year to all! With this New Year comes a new job. I accepted a position at New York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell). Interview process took several months but I was finally offered a pediatric... Read More

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    i didnt read this whole thread but do you all have a bsn or adn.i heard that NYP only hires BSN's

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    ^^^They only hire BSN's if you're a new grad. I'm not sure if they hire adn's with a lot of experience.
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    Hi, currently work at NYP Cornell as an LPN but not for long :spin: I'm now a RN and will be in the orientation next week..I have an adn but bid have to sign a contract that I will complete my BSN in 2 years which I have already started....I got the upgrade because the clinic i work in is so specialized and I have been there for 6 must have a BSN to be took almost 5 mth for this upgrade with all the red tape and like I said i've been working here for 6 years but saying all of that it is a really great place to work...the opportunities are endless...great benefits and tuition reimbursement is $12,000 per year for nursing...starting salary is 78,153 base pay not including night diff....I wish everyone good luck...
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    ^^^Congrats Tern! what unit are you in?? How was the pharm exam? I'm taking mine next week and I'm nervous! Did you complete the online NLN practice exam? If so, was it helpful? I completed it, but it just gives your score at the end. I thought it would give a more complete breakdown of my score that included rationales for the answers. I'm going to be in the September orientation (hopefully, lol)

    Congrats again! I work there also and I'm so excited to start my nursing career at NYP!!
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    Hey myRN85, Congrats to you also...I work in one of the ambulatory clinics (substance abuse & psych) I love it M-F 7-3 and no weekends...because I started as an LPD and took the pharm exam when I was first hired I was wave from taking it by nursing education...I'm so happy lol...from what I understand the pharm exam has changed since I took it 6 years ago I'm sure you will do fine remember we passed the boards....I hope your experience with HR was better than mine smh...I just checked my people soft at work and I saw the salary change will start on Sunday...
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    Thanks Tern! That's a sweet schedule. I was hired as "variable days/nights" 12.5 hr shifts. From what I hear, they will have me working mostly nights. I haven't had too much experience with HR for this transfer yet. I won't deal with them until after I pass this test. So lucky you got waived! I heard they made the exam harder in 2009, but your right I passed the boards, so I should be able to pass this. I know you must be happy about your salary change! Congrats again!
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    just wondering how long did you guys get called for the second interview with a nurse manager after your initial interview? also, after the second interview how long did they get back to you if your hired? about the pharm test when did they schedule you for that test? is that after the second interview? any insights/feedback will be appreciated. thanks.. :-)
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    Hi there. I actually had my interviews the same day, but I know others who had them on different days. I got a call back that night that I was moving on to the be t step in which they complete a background check, contact your previous employers ext. once all of that came back about 3 weeks later I got a call to schedule my preemployment stuff ( pharm exam, physical). Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck!
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    hello esc_newnurse thank you for your feedback however NYP emailed me that they have given the position to another qualified candidate. appreciate your response though..good luck and take care..
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    Do y'all happen to know what the night differential is? I see the base pay is 78

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