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estrellaCR has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OB, Pediatrics, Maternal/Child Health.

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  1. Achieveanything....I work for an HHC and no they do not recruit nurses from the Philippines. Sponsoring visas is expensive...any Philippine nurses you see are likely already in the USA for years (back in the 90s, HHCs did heavily recruit from the Philippines due to nursing shortage here in USA) and already have experience and green cards/citizenship in the US. I work with Philippine nurses that can easily be thought to be new arrivals as they speak to each other in their language and stick together in groups...however they been here for over 15 years.
  2. estrellaCR

    New Grad Event at New York Presbytarian

    LM NY, you will not be considered a new grad. You was a new grad when you finished the ADN. You can still app to NYP when you get a BSN however they will not consider you for any "New Grad" program but instead for a regular staff nurse job. A new grad is someone that graduated in the semester of application (Winter, Spring, Or Fall) and has no RN experience.
  3. estrellaCR

    New Grad Salary in NYC

    And also...the higher you get paid...they more taxes they take out so salary differences are not very significant after taxes. Sucks but its true. And living costs here are higher every year...rent is getting ridiculous.
  4. estrellaCR

    New Grad Salary in NYC

    Salary varies by facility. ..city hospitals pay less but benefits are what draws more people to them. As a new grad....its very rare you will have a choice of hospitals that wan hire...so whatever you get go there and also...dont try to negotiate salary...hospitals will on do that if you have experience. But if you need extensive orientation as new grads do...hospitals are already losing money since you dont get your own patients til two months into orientation.
  5. estrellaCR

    ADN nurses NYC

    As an employee of HHC hospital....ASN are no longer hired unless they have experience and in a BSN program. Even city hospitals which pay less than big private hospitals require /prefer BSN. And theres no shortage of BSN grads in NYC. I have no idea why ASN programs still exist when most of their graduates have to spend more money by going to a BSN program before they are even considered for a job. All ASN schools care is making money and as long as students still enroll thinking they can get a job with an ASN these schools still operate.
  6. estrellaCR

    Hiring experienced nurses vs hiring new graduates

    how can a nurse with experience in inpatient women's health get hired into other areas of inpatient nursing? I feel that though i have 2 years of experience in the hospital...i am passed up when i apply to other areas...med surg, ICUs, NICU, PICU, etc and new grads are favored. I dont understand...i have more nursing skills than new grads...assessments, meds, procedures, blood draws, IVs, etc. Yet i get emails from HR departments saying i do not meet qualifications in term of unit specific experience. However new grads are hired for those units. Yes my experience is in another type of unit but i would require less orientation time than a new grad as i have basic nursing down and its all about learning the unit specific procedures.
  7. estrellaCR

    Base pay mentioned at first interview? is that common?

    Base pay has been mentioned at all my interviews new grad ones back in 2012 and at experienced RN interviews in the past two months. This was for several different hospital systems in NYC. HR departments in the city just seem to have that procedure and it does not mean that a job will be offered.
  8. estrellaCR

    Anyone know about Apheresis Nursing?

    Apheresis nursing is usually through the city/county blood bank. At least in NYC, the RNs who come to the hospital to do this procedure on our inpatients are working with the NY Blood Bank. The ones I met said that they had at least 3 years of experience as RN in hospital and then the NY Blood Bank trained them to do the apheresis procedures. They travel to all the city hospitals as needed (procedure ordered by MD and then the RN is assigned to to the visit patients in the hospitals).
  9. estrellaCR

    Frustrated :(

    You also need to be patient...the hiring process from applying to official offer takes several months. Also as a previous poster said, anything applications you put in without an RN license number were most likely discarded. As a new grad almost 3 years ago, i did not waste time applying to any job until I had my license number available. Most jobs state RN license required in the job post so it is safe to say if there is no license number in your application , your app was ignored. Start anew with your apps since you have license now.
  10. estrellaCR

    Frustrated :(

    You definitely need BSN for big city hospitals. The only way to get past this is to have years of RN experience and enrolled in BSN or to know someone high up on the management ladder. Or to have worked in the hospital in some capacity and apply for an "upgrade" to RN with proof of starting a BSN program. As an ASN, you will have better luck in non-hospital settings such as clinics, nursing homes, rehab centers, etc. If you really want hospital, then look in rural areas where hospitals are not demanding of a BSN (and they have less applicants with BSN so less competition for jobs). Upstate NY, border towns in Texas, and states like North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana hire new grads with less regard as to what degree (ASN or BSN) they have as RN.
  11. estrellaCR

    Nursing in NYC?

    Reading everyone's posts, I do not see any negativity ...only truth. Unfortunately the truth can be negative because the reality is that the job situation in NYC as well as other cities in the Northeast and the West Coast is bad. I was a new graduate almost 3 years ago and this is being in NY a long time working in other field. What helps here in the city is working at CNA/PCT in the hospital and then being "upgraded" to RN once you get your license. This is about the only sure way and this is not 100%. What also helps is having connections to a high ranking employee of the hospital such as a main administrator Otherwise coming from out of state will be difficult for you. You can apply to NY hospitals and other non-hospital facilities...but do not move here without an official job offer...you do not want to be stuck broke while waiting for interviews and job offers. Also once you have RN license....hospitals and facilities will NOT hire you as anything less than an RN. This is because they know as soon as you get an RN job somewhere you will leave the CNA/PCT/Clerk/whatever other job real quick and they will be again in a bind to fill this position. Also any non-RN jobs outside healthcare field do not hire people with RN licenses for the same reason they know those people will leave quickly once they get an RN job. It is good you are getting CNA experience and you are young, why not do a year or two as RN in your home state and then apply to NYC? It will be alot easier for you to get a job then and also with 2 years experience you can do traveler RN and travel around the US on temp assignments (which often can become permanent if you make a good impression).
  12. estrellaCR

    Does experience help RNs get paid more?

    It may help u get an RN job but not be higher on the RN pay scale...as the RN pay scale is for RN experience only. You would start at the base salary (plus any shift as in evening or night differential pay) and salary would increase with each year of RN experience you get. And having a 2yr degree (ASN) will be easier to get jobs upstate. In NYC people with a 2yr degree have an even harder time finding job than those with BSN.
  13. estrellaCR

    LIJ January Critical Care Fellowship

    I wonder why they keep reposting the fellowships...did they not get enough applications that met their requirements? Hard to believe though as they likely get hundreds if not thousands of apps.
  14. estrellaCR

    NSLIJ Emergency Dept. Fellowship-January 2015

    Thanks toussaint! You are very helpful and sharing. Hopefully we get to work together on day.
  15. estrellaCR

    BSN New Grad and No Jobs

    Its not only new grads with tough job market. I am experienced RN with 2 years hospital experience and it is hard to get hired at another hospital and/or transition specialties. It seems new grads have it a little easier than someone already "stuck" in a specialty although nursing skills are similar for all types of hospital nursing.
  16. estrellaCR

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Operating Room - New graduates

    I havent heard anything and I have hospital experience. Experience guarantees nothing.

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