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  1. Can anyone please fill me in on what their night shift duties consist of in their subacute or ltac facility ? I currently have a position as a day staff RN on a subacute rehab unit. I have a total of 20 patients just like the other shifts but I have the heaviest med pass and heaviest treatment orders to fulfill in just 7.5 hours. I'm finding myself resent the night shift nurses more and more everyday. Asking myself what the heck do they do? I get report from them every morning and almost every day they have a check list of things I have to do aside from my already demanding workload plus charting. Such as : find supplies, order meds, call doctors, clarify orders etc etc... They even leave pending orders for me to pick up. Night shift differential is a total of $2 more than me a hour. I literally break my butt daily and stay late daily just to finish my work and these nurses all do the same and rush through report with their bags In their hand to run off the unit. Please someone explain what they do on the regular on their night shift ..... Thanks all
  2. bTRUE

    Patients who love their sick role

    I couldn't agree more with you. In my opinion I feel like A majority of patients and families are treating healthcare facilities like hotels. It takes every oz. of self control for me to be cooperative with ppl like that. I understand they are sick, but I'm not your licensed slave or room service attendant that I'm going to stop my med pass or drop my pen mid-charting in a med record to get you a ice cold glass of cranberry juice with a straw. Sorry but no, you should have brought in something from home if it's that important!
  3. Have you ever had teamwork issue with your CNAs against the nurses, if so what did you do to resolve it?
  4. bTRUE

    Confused CNA

    Same thing happened with me 4 years ago when i first became a CNA .... What I did was: listen to my gut. I truly felt that considering my young age and lack of patient interaction that I would benefit from LPN ( to gain basic nursing skills) then eventually go on to my RN . I basically wanted to gain experience. So I went to a local SUNY college and asked for information about Their LPN program... To my surprise the dean insisted I enroll in their RN BSN program instead, so I did. Literally the next day , I found out I got accepted into a different SUNY schools LPN program. What I'm trying to say is ... Take what you can get bc in my case I took the RN BSN spot bc it was 1st offered , but if the LPN ppl would have called me a day before then I would have never went to a different school to inquire about their nursing programs. Do wherever the wind takes you! :)
  5. bTRUE

    Really confused.. Pls Help!

    Wow props to you for making some real and mature life goals for yourself ! Yeah once you get a BSN and RN license .. Then you can go on to your MSN to qualify to sit for NP exam. Or you can just go crazy and go straight for your DNP since your young and motivated ... Why not right?! I'm not sure what a NP makes ... Depends on your experience and location . Sometimes NPs can make less than experienced RNs .
  6. bTRUE

    most hated subject???

    I hated pharmacology! It was so incredibly hard to pass!!! I poured a majority of my energy into studying for that class that in the end I failed! My first education failure so it really upset me but when I retook the class I got an A, but I still hate it only because i feel it should have been a 2 semester class.
  7. bTRUE

    nursing student and CNA job?

    Before I was accepted to nursing school I also worked as a CNA , but had to go per diem instead of part time bc I didn't want to commit to hours every week. Per diem allowed me to schedule my work schedule around my class, test and clinical schedules. Because I had experience in healthcare already , my clinicals were much smoother and free of anxiety as compared to the other nursing students . I say go for it! But only if it's per diem !
  8. bTRUE

    Stool urine and sperm sample

    Hahahah I love this cartoon, found it on Pinterest
  9. bTRUE

    Is this considered a burn out?

    Admin wasnt around until the day after the storm and he did jack for us, he didn't even feed us when all food places (that delivered) weren't open ( bc remember we were stuck there even not by choice bc our cars were still not plowed out in the employee parking lot ) so we all starved or ate crackers and coffee from the unit pantry (meant for patients) . Our previous admin ordered food for each shift and unit ! When he came in, I only recall him checking up on the unit , didn't speak much and then i never saw him again nor did I even care bc I was more focused on making sure my patients weren't still soiled from the night shift. This was a emergency situation where whatever help WAS available on grounds should have stayed on grounds even if they weren't clocked it during night shift they are automaticity mandated to stay, rest up and clock in for day shift until more people show up! That's the perk of emergency mandates , no one wants to stay at work but that's the way it is . In this case the nurses didn't abandon any patients but they abandoned their team which in my opinion is equally has harmful bc of the under staff and over worked staff that they let down . I will be more than ****** if I find out they didn't get negative consequences for their lack of help.
  10. bTRUE

    Is this considered a burn out?

    @RNsrWE , I'm sorry let me clarify , no she wasn't clocked in yet, but she was mandated to stay if we were short staffed in the morning (which of course we all know the scheduled day shift staff wasnt going to show) and that's why this was a "emergency" mandate . We had beds set up for those nurses to switch shifts with each other and get some rest. She got some rest and before the day shift began she jumped in a car with all the other nurses that wanted to leave and left the nurses working a double shift to then continue working into their 3rd shift because they had no one to switch off with to get rest.
  11. bTRUE

    New Grad leaving NYC RN jobs to pursue CALI job?

    Possible but not average salary for new grads . That's just false information and some ppl believe anything they read on the Internet .