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Passed NCLEX-RN with 265 Questions? - page 2

Hi! I just completed the NCLEX-RN today! I had the dreaded 265 questions... not sure if it was randomized or if I was on the verge of passing or failing the entire time. SCARY! I have a few... Read More

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    Wow! Congrats!! I don't know how you did that!! I think I would have fainted!
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    Quote from ClassyChristina
    I did the quick results yesterday(it works on weekends!) and I PASSED!!!! Thank God! The good pop-up did seem accurate for me...although I could barely believe it after 265 questions!
    Congratulations I failed with 265
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    I am living proof that an NCLEX candidate can pass with 265 questions. I took my test this Tuesday (Jan 22, 2013). I foolishly expected the computer to shut off at 75 questions as I received the minimum amount of questions for the PN exam last year. When I saw #76 I panicked. It kept going, looking at the number when it hit 101, 151 and finally by 214 I realized I was in it for the long haul. After 5.5 hours I was finished (and I was also the last person left in the room). I was not sure how I did, I felt really confused. Slept off the anxiety and was brave enough to do "the trick" the next morning. I indeed got the good pop-up (the trick worked for me last year for the PN exam as well). I also paid for the quick results and I had passed. You can never tell by the amount of questions if you will pass or fail, but I do believe in the PVT. Congratulations!!!
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    Hi everyone,
    I just passed yesterday with 265. I got the good pop-up and I found out I passed this morning. Good luck to everyone.
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    I took mine on the 4th and I got the good pop up. So hopefully I passed. I'm still waiting for my name & license to appear on the BON website. Hopefully sometime this week. I also know what you mean - when I got to question #76, I honestly panicked a bit. I took me 5 hours to answer 131-133 questions. But you have to understand that the # of questions is just that: the # of questions. It doesn't mean you passed or failed. So many people pass with 265 and others fail with 75 questions.
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    Quote from acclratedchick
    Hi everyone,
    I just passed yesterday with 265. I got the good pop-up and I found out I passed this morning. Good luck to everyone.
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    Congratulations!! Are u from Philippines?
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    I passed with 265 questions. I repeatedly did the PV trick and kept getting the good pop-up but I was in disbelief.

    It was a grueling 6 hours, I took no breaks because I couldn't afford to, so I was really tired come along question 200. Once I hit question 221, I just knew I was in it for the long haul. Then I started getting sign/symptom questions towards the end (below passing) so I thought for sure there's no way I could have passed.

    But I did. Don't lose hope everyone, and whatever you do- do not give up! It doesn't matter what number you are on, just give it your all! If you're still getting questions, that means you're still in it to win it!

    Pinksteth, RN