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  1. ClassyChristina

    Moving to Tulsa: Best Hospitals? Job market outlook?

    Thank you for your input... Sadly, I have no desire to continue in Oncology. I ended up accepting an offer at St. John. They were super flexible with me and gave me several interviews for the open day positions so I could find my niche and the unit that worked best for me. I have really been impressed with the professionalism there so far!
  2. Hi there! I will be relocating to Tulsa, Oklahoma in a few months and have a few questions. I have working as an RN for about a year on a busy Oncology/Tele/med-surg floor and definitely have been through my initial learning curve as a nurse. I also worked as an LPN for a few years prior to this. What are the best hospitals to work at in Tulsa? Do you have to have an "in" to get an interview? What is the job market like? Was it hard for you to find a job in the speciality you wanted? I already have my licence endorsed and start applying next month so any help/advice will be greatly appreciated! : ) -Christina
  3. ClassyChristina

    Long term effects of working night shifts

    I've worked nights for ten months. Constantly sleep deprived. Worse menstrual cycles of my life. Developed thyroid issues and now have borderline hypothriodism. Constantly depressed - I miss being around people if I am up in the middle of the night on my days off. I have gained 20lbs so far and constantly eating to help myself feel more alert and less groggy. I am the most miserable person on this shift.(and I am NOT prone to depression at all.) In the process of switching shifts now... I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
  4. ClassyChristina

    New grad RN pay- Nebraska Med Center?

    Alegent Crieghton pays 20 - 21 for New Grad pay. I think the med center is similar.
  5. ClassyChristina

    When did you....

    I am three months into my first RN job on an Oncology floor and I am still waiting to feel comfortable. I ask a lot of questions and just have to be patient with myself! You can't know it all! The good thing is that everyone starts out this way. We have good company! : )
  6. ClassyChristina

    Nurse - Patient ratio?

    6 on nights with 1 tech(if we are lucky!) for 28 beds. So practically total pt care for six.
  7. ClassyChristina

    RN total patient care...

    I have 6 patients most of the time and 1 CNA for 28 beds. No LPNS, so it is basically full care. It is difficult when you have patients who are turners or bedfast and incontinent. I might have an admission to do and then have a patient who is wet in bed, and another who is crying with pain and desperately needs medication... those are fun times!!!! haha, but if you work well with your team and do one thing at a time with a great attitude...it can be done! : )
  8. ClassyChristina

    New Grad Looking for med/surg... getting frustrated

    I applied to 4 positions in Nebraska. Got hired on a med-surg/tele/oncology floor for nights. There are NO new grads that I know of who start on days, so be sure you are applying to night positions if you want a hospital job. : )
  9. ClassyChristina

    Really rough instructor

    Yep! Multiple teachers like that! My only advice is to kill them with kindness... and it is okay to cry/ball on the way home. You'll get through it. : )
  10. ClassyChristina

    To work or not to work (while in nursing school)

    Work in a medical setting while in school, it will benefit you and help familiarize yourself with all the terminology. The main thing is to make sure you have good stress management techniques... you are capable of a lot, but only if you know how to adequately handle stress. : )
  11. ClassyChristina

    Teacher offering Ativan scripts....?

    Honestly, it sounds like he was joking... and ativan jokes before big tests are very common in nursing school.
  12. ClassyChristina

    Best WHITE scrub suggestions?

    There are NO good white scrubs... haha. I always got the cheapest I could find so I would be able to not feel bad about throwing them away as soon as finished with school!
  13. ClassyChristina

    RN to BSN with a low GPA?

    Most RN-BSN programs require at least a 2.5 and some are at least a 2.0. I think you should be fine... the acceptance into RN-BSN programs is way less competitive than traditional nursing programs because applicants have already passed the NCLEX and are practicing nurses. :)
  14. ClassyChristina

    Where are new grads being hired right now?

    Omaha, Nebraska. Graduated in Decemeber and got a job at a large hospital in Oncology fairly quickly. In my orientation class there were three new grads from Co... I guess the job market for new grads is better in Nebraska.
  15. ClassyChristina

    Feel like giving up (rant)

    Just keep trying! Remember that a person chooses whether or not they will like you from the minute they see you. First impressions are important! Also be GENUINE!!! A lot of job seekers are so busy writing out thank you cards and cover letters instead of being real. Work on being likable, which means you need to be vulnerable and honest. When I was hired at the hospital in my city I told the manager that I was kicked out of nursing school due to being sick... that I struggled with the idea of going back to a school that had made me withdrawal for missing TWO DAYS. Then I told her that I humbled myself and went back, because nothing was going to stop me from doing what I was meant to do. This made me vulnerable. She knew a secret, she knew something that could work against me.(No one wants to admit they got kicked out of nursing school!) Many people forget about this very important part of human interaction, to make a real connection with someone... you have to make yourself vulnerable. So keep at it! Make sure you are not in a robotic rut of jumping through hoops, but that you are letting employers really get to know you, the real, honest, & raw you! : )