NCLEX-RN INSPIRATION: Failed 2x passed on the 3rd :D - page 3

hi, i have been a member of all nurses for a while now. although i do not post much, this site help inspire me to keep going and this site is also essential on how i applied for the NCLEX for i am a... Read More

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    Congratulations!! So very proud of the fact that you stuck through and never gave up. Best of luck to your future.
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    Congrats! May God bless you more.
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    congrats !! I really apreciatte sharing this. I am going to schedule my nclex for the 3 time. I feel so bad. I fail twice with 75 questions.In my report the first time i had 5 below the passing score and 3 near passing score. The second time I studied hard and i got 3 below the passing score, 4 near the passing score and 1 above the passing score. How many hours did you study? how long? How was you reports ? I really don't know where to start I would appreciatte your orientation
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    congrats man !!!

    what's the best thing that you think helped you?
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    I am a nurse for 6 years from canada. I wrote the exam. I went 265. I know I failed as I didnt expect so many questions on lab values. and the lab values used is different in canada and USA. .................... I am pretty sure that is why I failed on this test but I am not sure. will get test results and I am considering an exam prep course.

    I thank all who posted their experience as it is helpful to make an informed decision as to what to do next.
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    Just a reminder of the confidential clause you sign when sitting the exam not to discuss questions from your exam
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    COngrats!! Currently, my family member was diagnosed with cancer right after I graduated and I am the caregiver. I havent been able to study for the past 6 months. I am scared that I forgot a lot of information. After reading your thread, I am thinking to do HURST review and NCLEX 4000/Saunders questions. I wanted an idea how you made your study plan, how many hours you studied, was it everyday or just the weekday, how many month did you take to study for HURST? All of this will help me a lot!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!! ayan ang Spirit positive always and not losing hope im planning also to take my nclex this 2012 or 2013. i have nclex 4000 and ongoing on my review. did u apply ur nlcex hir in the philippines?

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