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  1. Mission Work in India??

    Has anyone did any mission work in India. If so, how long, how did you like it, and which company did you go through? I wasn't able to find good agency for short time frame to do mission work in India. I have almost 2 yrs in nursing experience. I lik...
  2. Insurance, Insurance, Insurance

    So I have assumed that its better to get private insurance. Currently, the hospital I work for I don't pay anything besides my co-pay and deductible with is less than 250. I have an amazing dental plan as well. I don't understand many private insuran...
  3. Relocating to Texas Help!

    I have lived in houston all my life. I didn't even know what LBJ hospital is.. I googled it (lyndon b johnson?).. never heard of it. Its not one of the popular ones I have heard of. Seems like a small facility. Goodluck!!
  4. Super Confused!

    Thanks so much NED that was EXTREMELY helpful!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill look into booking for the travel nursing conference. Thanks once again!!
  5. Super Confused!

    So I have been an RN for almost a yr and a half but in the medical field for almost 8 years. I have been crazy passionated for traveling.. currently single.. no responsibility.. so thought of travel nursing until I'm settle..but sometimes i feel like...
  6. What type of Masters in Nursing

    mmc51264.... the informatics sounds interesting i love to do stuff like what informatics do but i dont think the job market is there for nurses in houston area even tho we have a pretty big medical center... stephen have you met anyone with a DNP???
  7. I have a BSN work as a bedside nurse for few months. I realized this is not for me at all. I want to go for my masters but I am not sure which area. I was thinking of the following: masters in informatics, crna, education or leadership and management...
  8. How to study for nclex rn?

    Problem with many who are taking the test is that they are too nervous/anxiety building up especially when the test comes closer. One thing you need to remember is TO RELAX!!! do deep breathing exercises, go enjoy yourself a bit, warm shower or whate...
  9. How to study for nclex rn?

    First of all I want to say good luck on the studying. I have done a lot of research about studying, what and what not to study how, etc. I have many sources: ATI Books, Saunder Books, PDA Book, Lacharity book, Hurst Review, etc. I am currently studyi...
  10. Hurst with Nclex Help Study Plan

    Thanks for your help!!!
  11. How'd you pass the NCLEX

    Please do post regarding your study tactics. Goodluck.. hope the best for you!!
  12. How'd you pass the NCLEX

    Congrats to all you guys!! Seems like many of yall took it soon. I been out of school for good 7 months now, kind of scared and seems like i forgot many things. I have almost all the good books/apps besides Kaplan... Hurst, NCLEX 4000, Saunders, PDA ...
  13. How'd you pass the NCLEX

    Did you take your nclex right after graduation?
  14. Prioritization, delegation, and assignment AH!

    THANKS!! I wasnt sure because so many people were talking about scoring, I thought it was something similar to CD test/online test. It sure did help
  15. How'd you pass the NCLEX

    Kind of wondering for the people who passed the NCLEX... 1) what sources did you use as a study tool 2) how many hours devoted to studying daily 3) how many MONTHS/WEEKS you studied for until the nclex