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I have a BSN work as a bedside nurse for few months. I realized this is not for me at all. I want to go for my masters but I am not sure which area. I was thinking of the following: masters in informatics, crna, education or leadership and management. I have looked into many of these for awhile now still unable to decide. I know i dont want to do any of the nurse practitioner for sure. Informatics I enjoy but I dont see much of jobs for it. I use to work for few doctors and I got to train employee on the computer system which I feel in love with in doing so I assumed thats what Informatics do? Education I enjoy teaching to patients and families probably work at hospital not into teaching to students. Leadership and management I am not sure exactly what they do. I saw DNP but not sure what they do havent met anyone who did that. Any suggestion?

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DNP is more managerial. You're going to be running systems in programs -- it's a leadership position. It's leadership or practical (nurse practitioner).

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Informatics is way more than teaching nurses how to use a particular program!! You can write the programs, Set up the order sets. make the floor nurse's job easier my optimizing the program. I have no interest in it, but I know there is a lot to do! We just went system wide with our version of Epic and it is a full time job to make it better for everyone. You can also work in the education field as well.


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mmc51264.... the informatics sounds interesting i love to do stuff like what informatics do but i dont think the job market is there for nurses in houston area even tho we have a pretty big medical center... stephen have you met anyone with a DNP???

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My opinion is that, if you're not interested in the NP route, go for informatics. Here's why:

- With an informatics-specific degree, you are MUCH more likely to get an informatics job. Informatics is about to grow exponentially thanks to Obamacare.

- If you want to teach, you can still do so with an MSN in Informatics. However, with an Education degree, you are not as competitive if you want to go into Informatics.

- If you want to go into management, you can easily do so with the Informatics degree. Again, not as competitive the other way around.

I struggled with a similar decision earlier this year: to go into a Management degree or an NP degree. I chose NP, because I knew that I could still go into management with an MSN in any specialization. However, if I took a management position, it would be nearly impossible for me to later go on to NP school without sacrificing the management position.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.