NCLEX help with drug classes and what we need to know

  1. HELP! Taking the NCLEX in 12 days and was hoping for help on what I need to know about different drug classes (most importantly adverse effects or essesntial assessment data before administering) Also, common suffixes so that the class is easily identifiable even if I dont know the drug
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  3. by   Nurse_Diane
    NCLEX questions are completely random... Study your heart out and do your best. I don't think anyone can tell you WHAT will be on your exam.

    I'm sure you can google search the different drug classes. For instance, olol = beta blocker, etc.
  4. by   Sun0408
    OMG, when I took boards and got the infamous drug questions I was like WTH.. They didn't use the obvious olol or "common" commercial drugs you see everyday.. I had maybe 3 questions tops and the drugs;well I have never seen or heard of them.. They asked generic questions like what side effect to look out for with x drug.. Don't stress too much..
  5. by   netglow
    I did not spend any time studying meds. That's right, I relied on my retention from past semesters. Left after 75 and passed. Still wonder at what a waste that test was. All I can say is thank God I actually studied in school so that I can be reasonably sure that I have the basics down. That test just measures how well you can take the NCLEX. If your school spent all your years prepping for it only, you better buy the best mal insurance you can because you will know nothing about medicine and nursing.
  6. by   Jenni811
    I'll tell you this...i got a drug i NEVER heard of. it was like some drug for some parasite that was totally out there. No clue...just had to answer the question.

    Truth being, you won't know EVERY drug. But if it makes you feel better, i had 75 questions and maybe 10 on drugs. Majority i was able to identify what it was.
    Know the classification of drugs (Ex: be able to recognize different anti-depressents. NCLEX loves those, Sedatives, antihypertensives, antibiotics, ALL of it basically). Know the MAIN side effects, patient teaching etc.
  7. by   jd14326
    I had common drugs like ferous sulfate, cefiatroxone, and methatrexate (my spelling is off). I took it tuesday and passed..... I honestly didn't think the test was that bad
  8. by   AngelofLTC
    This may be the wrong place to ask....but....why do I see on many posts that NCLEX has varrying number of questions??? Im from Canada and CPNRE is always the same amount of questions for that year.
  9. by   Coulter630
    NCLEX is based on how well you can answer the questions. If every other question your answering is wrong, the computer is confused as how well you can actually answer the questions and will probably give you more. Not always though, just depends on how you answer them. It's not a set question limit. 75 seems the most common to me....still doesn't mean you pass it, but seems to me more common. I'm not sure exactly to what number it can go up to, but I'm sure it's in the 100's. Hopes this helps.
  10. by   wsuRN09
    Quote from AngelofLTC
    This may be the wrong place to ask....but....why do I see on many posts that NCLEX has varrying number of questions??? Im from Canada and CPNRE is always the same amount of questions for that year.
    In a nut shell. The NCLEX is a computer adaptive test. Meaning that everyone gets a minimum of 75 random questions and based on how well you do, the computer decides whether or not you need more questions. It will keep going up to a maximum of 265 questions until it determines that you have passed or failed.

    To the OP's question. When I took NCLEX, I was able to answer the drug questions by looking at the prefixes, suffixes, etc. to figure out the classifications. The questions I got would list 4 different drugs and ask you which was appropriate for the pt. scenario. 3 drugs would be in the same category and one wouldn't, which would turn out to be the correct drug. Sometimes they throw in a drug that cannot be classified based on it's name, but in general it helped. I only got one drug question that didn't follow that pattern. Of course you could not get anything like those questions... Good luck
  11. by   caliotter3
    Unable to predict the questions. Best to be prepared. Start with your pharm text from school.