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  1. Coulter630

    In need of encouragement.

    First, I'm not a nurse. But I will will finish the ADN program in December. Next, we a human girl! We make mistakes, we're not robots! We make a mistake and learn from our mistakes. This is how you become a better nurse. I have plenty nurses in my family and if you ask any nurse, they've all made mistakes, whether it be a minute mistake or a big mistake. We all do it. I think you are going to be an awesome nurse. Your post shows that you are very compassionate and want to make sure your patients are taken care of....the right and best way. When you don't worry about your mistakes, that's when there's a problem! B/c you'll never learn. For God's sake, give yourself a break, you're brand new and still being oriented! You're an awesome nurse! ps. From talking to other nursing, time management is key and you don't walk in the first day knowing exactly how to time manage. One thing that I was told though that could be very helpful. Take one task at a time and put a time limit on it. For instance, I will have all my assessments done by 8 or so. Pass my 9 o'clock meds and be done at such and such time. See? Like I said, I'm not a nurse yet, but I see that this has worked for plenty of nurses. Good luck!
  2. Coulter630

    A normal New Grad

    Wow, what a story. Your words are very encouraging, b/c I often think myself this way. I never thought I could become a nurse, the only thing that has ever interested me! I dropped out of highschool and got my GED due to multiple personal and family issues. In the state I was living in, there was nothing for me but bad influences and thinking back...I wonder why it took me so long to get out! lol After moving to a different state, I started a new life, new family, got married have been in school since 06 (first for CMA) and now I will be finished the ADN program in December. I am also taking pre reqs for my BSN and only have 4 classes left for that. Hopefully one semester after pinning, I will be able to get accepted into BSN program. Talking to the nurses I've encountered in clinical, it is totally normal to be feeling the way you are. I've asked SEVERAL different nurse how they felt after graduating and starting their career and I got all very similar responses. The most common thing I've heard was "they just don't throw you to the dogs, you will be trained".....for most places anyway. So that's the upside to it! Congrats on your success and I wish the absolute best in the future. I always say "If I can do it, ANYONE CAN!" I guess that comes with my feelings of insecurity, if that's the right word. :)
  3. Coulter630

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    Let me first start with saying, an attitude adjustment in the first step in the right direction when we're talking about seeking employment. I can also say, while you're in school and clinicals, the nurses will eat you alive if you have an attitude with them like on here. And you don't want a bad reputation. B/c it's likely that you will doing your rotations in the hospitals that are in your area. That said, I have often wondered as well about the posts on here about not finding a job. I have also wondered if the people I know that have already graduated and not found jobs......were seriously looking or just sitting at home putting in resumes online. The truth is, you cannot expect to post something like this and get a straight answer. It all depends on where you live and which area you're looking in, your degree, some people request transcripts, etc. You're going to get mixed answers on a post like this because of these reasons. You just have to take into consideration that not all people are the same. The one that gets up early every morning to put in resumes all day long is likely to land the job vs the one sitting at home on the computer submitting resumes waiting for that email or phone call. ps...And I'm certainly not saying that that's what the people who can't find a job do. Some states are just not hiring like others. For example, my brother and sister in law is moving to my state simply for this reason.
  4. Coulter630

    Will it be worth it?

    Depending on what school you plan to attend, you definately could at least give a bit of financial aid. Being a single mother and separated, you are likely to receive some help as far as tuition goes. When you fill out the fafsa, they ask you if you are married, single, or separated/divorced. So there is no need to wait to apply until you get divorced. YOU CAN DO IT! I say take the job, if offered, skip over the LVN program and go straight for ADN. Not many of the hospitals around me are even considering LVN's anymore. I think everyone should just go for the GOLD! Good Luck! By the way, it definately can be done. There are several single mothers in my program right and many who have graduated with several children. My best friend is a single mother with little help from dad and has done just fine. Another, who is a single Mother, who has 5 children and a full time job just graduated in December. It will be tough, no doubt, but it certainly is doable!
  5. Coulter630

    Nursing(NA/LPN/RN) vs Medical Assistant***VENT

    We should all come up with a law saying that their should not be any more CMA classes offered......EVER! I still have student loans out for this crappy program. I have even tried to get the state to pay for my loans...along with others who were in the program with me.....b/c this program is A JOKE! I got paid minimum wage and it took me forever to find a job. I'm not for the money...at all, but I was lied to when interviewing with an advisor for this program not just about money and job placement, but I was told nursing would be a breeze after being a CMA. :hhmth: A couple days into the program, I knew I was set up for disaster! The "instructors" for the program said things that were totally untrue and did things that would just blow your mind. For instance, one of my "instructors" put peak flow meters into an autoclave. Of course, me...."won't those melt if you put them in there?" "Oh no, let me show you." And what do you know! They melted. This school was such a joke! Plus, they are taking jobs away from GOOD NURSES who are trained and educated extensively how to CARE for patients. I would let this go! This person is obviously jealous that she has not gone further than just Medical Assisting. She will learn one of these days, when she administers a narcotic to someone and they plummet....GOD forbid. My point...she will learn that she knows NOTHING! That being said. I have moved onto bigger and better things....and will graduate in December from the ADN program.
  6. campuscollusion.com..........check there and see what they have. They have some pretty good NCLEX style questions.
  7. Coulter630

    I Don't Want To Take 9 Prerequisite Courses :-(

    Girl, guy, your just gonna have to do it! If being a nurse is really what you want, it will all be worth it in the end! I remember thinking the same way though when I first got started and it's gone by soooo fast. I'll be finished with it all in Dec.
  8. Coulter630

    Rn nclex review courses tampa

    Did you do the Hurst review? Just wondering, that's what I was going to recommend if not. I also have her book, which I love! I wished I would've found it in the beginning of nursing school. It seems to have a lot of helpful hints in it. All I can say, as I haven't taken the NCLEX as of yet, is to study your lectures throughout all of nursing school and have a templete to work from. Then do NCLEX questions! I really don't know bc like I said I haven't gotten to that point yet. But I do know people who have failed NCLEX and did Hurst and passed the second try. Good Luck!
  9. Coulter630

    medical assistant to be future nurse?

    I was also a CMA. However, I am not finished with the ADN program just yet--in my third semester. I will say that being a CMA working in a docs office came no where near preparing me for nursing school and the clinical setting. It did, however, help me with interacting with the patients and knowing how to communicate to the many different patients you will care for. Many of my fellow nursing students have mentioned that they are afraid to talk to a patient and don't know really what to say (this was 1st semester), but I had no problem what-so-ever as I had been talking to patients every day for a few years. Now this is just my experience. There are many different settings for CNA/CMA work. Many different types of doc office, hospital, clinics, some do administrative work, etc. In my workplace, being a CMA helped very little or prepared me for nursing school. You do know what you love to do and that's care for others. I would no doubt yourself on that! CMA program was super easy for me, made A's on everything. Nursing school is totally different. You can do it though! Good Luck!
  10. Coulter630

    First time at clinicals

    You're going to be just fine! I was nervous too. My main thing, and this totally depends on the hospital....I've learned......was that some nurses can be really nice and some will pretty much just ignore you. And that is so normal, b/c they are extremely busy and are on a strict schedule to get things done. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt, bc I see them running around crazy to get things done. You also never know what is going on in there personal lives. Anyway, Good Luck! Your going to be an awesome nurse!
  11. Coulter630

    Too old to begin career in ED?

    40? That's it?!?! Go for it girl! You got it!
  12. Coulter630

    Vocational nurse training cost???

    Totally agree. I'm thinking I will be paying about the same after all is said and done. I honestly don't see how people can get away with charging this much! It's really crazy to me. My school is awesome! I couldn't have picked a better place and better instructors! I don't know how many applicants my school had, but I'm thinking around your range and only 80 were accepted.
  13. Coulter630

    Vocational nurse training cost???

    Again, super similar position! I applied for the CMA program when I was pregnant so I could have a "better career". That didn't work out for me and I'm back at it. But, because your baby needs you right now, it makes more sense to wait till she/he gets a little older. I started my pre reqs when my baby was 1. He's now 4 and I haven't really had to sacrifice much of my time doing pre reqs. It it nursing school that really gets us. But if you look at it this way, whenever you do get into nursing school, you will sacrifice time with your family/friends, etc. to work on your studies. Spend time with that precious baby for now! I think your making a great decision! Also, you could take online classes from any community college in your area while you stay at home with your baby. I've don't some of my pre reqs online. At my school, the pre reqs you absolutely need before you can apply for LVN is Eng Comp and rhetoric, Gen Psych, and I think A&P I. These are classes you will need before you apply to any of the nursing programs. I would def look into that, so you don't feel like you could be working on something and your not while your at home with baby. I know how it feels to be in your position, everything just seems too far away and you just wanna start now! Trust me, I totally understand. It will come. Seems like your a pretty dedicated person and to be a nurse is what you want to really do. Good Luck girl!
  14. Coulter630

    Plz read!!! Nurse using drugs what should i do???

    For lack of a better word, yes "snitch". You have to put yourself in her position. The word will get around that something was said about this woman and it will cause animosity in the HOSPITAL. And if I do remember, the word smack was used earlier in one of your posts which I think is pretty "hoodish". I wasn't excusing it. I simply recommended she submit something anonymously
  15. Coulter630

    What to do w/ all these pre-reqs?!

    I started doing my pre reqs in Fall 07. Currently, I am in my third semester for the ADN program.....one more after third. So, for me....it will be exactly four yrs when I graduate. If you want to be a nurse, stick with it! Once your in nursing school, it will go by quick! Don't give up your dream of being a nurse if that's what you really want to do. Good Luck!