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  1. Coulter630

    What is the appropriate action..

    Okay, I've talked with the CNO as well as the CEO and they are taking this very seriously. Correction, the physician who did this was Internal Medicine on the case, not the actual attending rehabilitation physician. They were completely unaware this was occurring and with other nurses as well. Thank you for your input. I really didn't doubt that this wouldn't be taken seriously as administration at my hospital is very supportive of their employees. I just needed for someone to say I was doing the right thing. Reporting a physician seems like it can be pretty risky.
  2. I haven't posted on here since nursing school, I think. I've been a nurse for two years in Jan. I've been charge nurse for a few months at a rehabilitation hospital. Here's my deal. Yesterday, I encountered a very angry family member who was promised that his mother was coming to our hospital for ABX therapy which we are fully capable of doing. The hospital she was previously at told her that her urine culture came back with 4 different bugs and that she needed to be on IV ABX. However, when we collected her urine, the culture shower mixed urogenital flora. I'm not sure whose is accurate but I needed to get to the bottom of this and promised the family I would do so. So, I called to IM who not to mention has been very rude to other nurses to the point of almost resigning. I knew that no ABX where needed at this time but I wanted to get an order to collect another UA C&S and see what she had to say about this situation. To make a long story short, she screamed at me to the TOP of her lungs asking me "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO" and I couldn't understand the rest of what she was saying because she was screaming so loudly. I can take rude doctors because let's face it, some of them are that way. What I can't take is someone screaming at me simply because I want what's in the patients best interest and it is my job to do so! I politely told her that I she didn't have to speak to me that way and she continued. She wouldn't even give me another order to collect another specimen...however, I took care of that. My deal is.....I think I know how I should handle this, but I need confirmation. I asked to meet with the CNO (we currently do not have a nurse manager) to discuss this because this was completely unprofessional. And to make matters worse, one of the family members were walking up to the nurses station as this was happening and heard her screaming and said, "I hope I didn't get you in trouble." YES, it was that loud! It's strange that this has happened to me, because yesterday morning one of the nurses asked that I call this particular doctor in an attempt to avoid her because of a prior incident that occurred a week or so ago with her. She expressed her concerns of this particular doctor and the encounters she's had with her. What should I do???
  3. Coulter630

    first code

    I actually saw my first code the other day and it was my very last day of clinical of nursing school!!! I was amazed at how great of a job everyone did. The teamwork was outstanding! I took ACLS in the last semester of nursing school but still do not feel like I could completely take over just yet. I can call all the rhythms and drugs given for them. I learned a lot but not anything I didn't know after I took ACLS. It was amazing....the teamwork was simply incredible!
  4. Coulter630

    New Grad, new job... My First emergency!

    I've seen many pulses this high. ICU is a great place to see that kind of stuff. I'm confused as to what you are saying is a pulse ox. Usually when I use that term I'm thinking about how much oxygen is getting to the tissues (capillary). You said, I've never seen a pulse ox that high. They are supposed to be high 94-100%, is considered good in any hospital I've ever been.
  5. Coulter630

    Any tips with smells? Please!!!

    Our instructor recommend we use masks if we cannot handle the smell. I do understand where you are coming from, it's like using gloves while taking vitals or something. However, to save more humiliation by the patient, I would rather use a mask then to throw up on a patient b/c of their stool. That's just me though.
  6. Coulter630

    do you make sure your pts

    I am graduating in 5 days, but I will tell you...the last hospital I did rotations at was the best at this! Every nurse, esp. ICU gave mouth care, brushed their hair, ect. I've learned from my own Mother being in the hospital that not all people do what they are supposed to do. Long story short, my Mother was in ICU for 6 weeks and almost passed. For a total of 8 weeks, no one brushed her hair or even tried to groom her in any way, shape, or form. When she was discharged, I spent 3 hours trying to get the "mat" out of her hair and was unsuccessful. I had to cut most of it out and she was completely devastated. She has always had long hair....most of her life. Makes me sad to see some people could care less.
  7. Coulter630

    Unhappy with medical care...let them know or just go?

    I say let them know how you feel. It will show them what they can do to improve the quality of care there. If you don't tell them, they remain unaware of the things that drive patients away.
  8. Coulter630

    Any tips with smells? Please!!!

    I have the same EXACT problem. One of the patients I care for in the first year of nursing school....had c-diff. If you've ever smelled that, you will never forget it. Her legs were contracted in close to fetal position and trying to maneuver around that was a job in itself. This had been the first c-diff patient for me ever and I was lucky that the patient was not coherent enough to notice me gagging under my mask. I've learned to double up when I have code browns bc I just haven't been able to get used to the smell and I don't think I ever will. You can still smell it, but not as bad. The problem with me breathing through my mouth is that I feel like I'm breathing in particles of whatever that smell may be I hope I haven't ruined you forever! lol
  9. Coulter630

    Failed pre-employment drug screen

    Darvocet is not considered a strong opioid and was also removed from the market. I don't see why they would have even tested for that specific drug considering the fact that it hasn't been on the market for a good while. Not to say that they won't, but I would be surprised if they hired you. Most people know that it is never a good idea to take other peoples meds. Think about it like this....what if you were allergic to the med and something really bad happened from taking it....who would feel guilty and be held responsible for it. Also, people develop allergies to things, so you just never know.
  10. Coulter630

    What was wrong with my patient??

    I've seen people act this way when taking steroids.....prednisone. Don't know why this happens but it seems to be pretty bad and scary when it does. Steroids really mess with people sometimes.
  11. Coulter630

    New student..what should i do?

    I started working on pre reqs with no previous college experience in Aug 2007. I graduate from the ADN program next month. However, I had a very small baby at that time, a huge wedding to plan.....etc. I was very busy and could've taken more pre reqs but I didn't want to overwhelm myself with everything. Plus, at the beginning I was in no hurry. I say, stay away from student loans!!!! They are a disaster and I know you will regret it after your first day in class. It takes a year to transition from ADN-BSN. I would stay away from the "too good to be true" kind of schools. They are not worth the time or the money. Stick to your regular community college in your area. Hope this helps.
  12. Coulter630

    how can these schools get away with SCAMMING people?

    You know, I've wondered the same thing and if you look up any of my posts you will see a discussion I've had with others about the same exact thing! Stay away from those places!!!! Waste of time and money!!!! It's a joke! Went to Everest and still paying back on that loan. About to finish nursing school in Dec and wished I just would've gone straight into nursing! ugh!!! ****** me off every time I think about it. It should be illegal!
  13. Coulter630

    When did you decide nursing was for you?

    Honestly, you just know. I've wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember and have never wanted to do anything other than that. However, do not rely on one area i.e., ER trauma nursing to help you make your decision. There are so many areas that you will be able to experience during your rotations in the program. There were areas, I thought, I really wanted to do and when the days came where I had experience in these areas, I thought totally different. There are certain areas that are much harder to handle than others and some areas you will probably love and some you will hate. Your rotations will help you decide that. Like I said, some areas I thought I was for sure about, once experiencing it, my mind was changed. Good Luck.
  14. Coulter630

    ACLS Prep

    Suburban, you tube. Use it! It was a life saver for me and it taught me A LOT about rhythm strips. Got em down pat now! Just look up all the different rhythms. They have some really good tips and instructors on there that help tremendously. Just keep watching them over and over. Hope this helps. Good Luck
  15. Coulter630

    NCLEX help with drug classes and what we need to know

    NCLEX is based on how well you can answer the questions. If every other question your answering is wrong, the computer is confused as how well you can actually answer the questions and will probably give you more. Not always though, just depends on how you answer them. It's not a set question limit. 75 seems the most common to me....still doesn't mean you pass it, but seems to me more common. I'm not sure exactly to what number it can go up to, but I'm sure it's in the 100's. Hopes this helps.
  16. Coulter630

    What do you think of Kaplan

    The only thing I can tell you is that, I've taken Kaplan nursing tests for our nursing program at a local community college and they are extremely hard! Our instructors curve the tests b/c most people don't do well on these. I do not know anything about their actual program though. Hope this helps.