I Can Finally Get My Life Back!!

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    i passed my nclex rn!!! i am so happy because i left the test center saturday ( 4/12/08) feeling so low. i just knew i must have failed. i kept getting all those sata and priority questions. i felt that the sata were my weakest, now i realize that i did get a couple of them back to back so i must have answered correctly. i thought i was stuck on stupid. i have been so labile this weekend, crying one minute then being positive the next. i am so relieved that it is over. my prayers are with those still in the struggle. i am so glad that i passed!!! thank you jesus!!!
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    nuff said!!!!!
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    :clphnds: partyyyyyyyy
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    congratulations to you you've done it well
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    That is wonderful!!! A new life now!!!!
    God Bless,
    Mary Ann
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