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fluppypacky has 15 years experience and specializes in ICU.

Simple but vain nurse

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  1. fluppypacky

    I Can Finally Get My Life Back!!

    I am so happy for you.:nurse::yeah::up:
  2. fluppypacky

    NCLEX passer without IELTS/TSE yet

    I am sorry to say,you cannot go to US and work there. Unless you will go with tourist visa,but I doubt that they will hire you without this IELTS/TSE exam. You still need to get a visascereen certificate and before you could have that certificate,you need to passed NCLEX/CGFNS and IELTS.
  3. fluppypacky

    CA NCLEX-PASSER with Expiration

    Hi. I passed the CA- NCLEX. I have heard fron other state that they are issuing a permanent license card once you passed NCLEX. California has a 3 year expiration period,you need to get SSN before they could give a permanent card. But with the retrogression still going,what will happen to us who passed NCLEX? Can anyone give some idea on how to solve this problem or can dive some enlightenment? Thank you.:uhoh3::uhoh3:
  4. fluppypacky

    Most times someone failed NCLEX

    I feel sorry for your sister but I think your sister needs sometime to relax first and know her weakness. I believe they give results to those who failed and telling them their weaknesses. lastly,never give hope,faith and prayers. Always think positive and tell yourself that you will passed,it really helps and it boost your moral. Forget about the past you failed,there's a new window that will open next time around. Goodluck to her.
  5. fluppypacky

    If you failed 3 times RN NCLEX in CA

    Hmmm. Never heard of it. I have heard someone's been taking NCLEX 6x already but not once that I heard them about it.
  6. fluppypacky

    Nclex Results????

    I think they will not just relay on the computers itself. They will double check it for sure.
  7. If the IV is already occluded there is no reason to let it stay there till you placed a new IV. It's useless anyway.
  8. fluppypacky

    Day Shift vs. Night Shift

    Whether you are at night or day shift,both have a big obligation,advantages and disadvantages. Day shift will always be the toxic and stressful one because you need to deal with a lot of things,like meds,doctors,supervisors,procedures,relatives etc,but you will learned a lot from it. Nights shifts,well ofcourse you will get additional pay from it,less stressful but it's really hard to stay awake the whole night if you did not get sleep during the day especially for those who are taking care of their children. well I think it's a matter of choice and will only depends on what's best for your family.
  9. Please share your opinions. Thanks.
  10. fluppypacky

    time management and organization

    First of all,if you are new in an area,you will not be able to work just like the old staff. You will develop your own strategy when time comes. There is always a period of adjustment. In my experience,we can handle up to 4 patients. Yeah, 4 patients....I bet you're a little bit surprised by this. That's how it goes here in the Philippines. Often times,we dont have time to eat at all. Observe your co staff on how they deal with their patients. then see for yourself if you can apply it too. make sure that you have a good endorsement so that you will not wonder later on with your patients. Good endorsement is one way of starting a good and peaceful duty. by knowing your patient very well and knowlegeble about the certain case of the patient,you will never go wrong. Always remember this....ICU is always a place that is very stressful,you are dealing with the criical patient. So its quite normal to be very busy most of the time. But hey, you will love ICU.....soon.....mark my word. Hope I helped you in my own little way. Goodluck.
  11. fluppypacky

    ICU nurses please.... any help?

    First,sorry to hear about your story. IFor what I know,patient who were unconcsious can really hear. For what I know the last senses to loose is hearing. Just continue talking or telling something to him. I know it's hard to do that because of the mix emotion,but believe me,he can hear you.
  12. fluppypacky

    Result of August 23, 2007 NCLEX

    For what i know,the shortest is 14 days,but it maybe up to 1 month and 2 weeks. You can check it with CA BON,but they will only tell you if they already send the result. They will not give you a clue if you passed or failed. When you received the result,you will know if you passed or not by just looking at the envelope.If it's thin,then you passed,but if it's thick,try again next time.
  13. fluppypacky

    Result of August 23, 2007 NCLEX

    I received my result in just 16 days after my exam. California Board.PASSED!!!!
  14. fluppypacky

    doctor/nurse relationship

    Hi! I worked for 5 years now in a Hospital. there are really times when Doctors yell at Nurses for some reasons we don't know. It maybe because of mistakes from nurses or simply Doctors are not in a good mood. Remember this even if they are Doctors,you should always be assertive enough to answer back if you know that you are in a right position. We are professionals,so nobody don't have any right to yell at someone. My husnabnd is a Doctor,he said if the Doctor yells at Nurse,it's because they cannot answer the nurse or not knowledgeable enough to answer the Nurse,so they just do it as a scape goat,that's a tip,hehehehe.:welcome:
  15. fluppypacky

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    My mother was the one who give me such influence to become a Nurse. She said I am very patient in everything that i do and i love taking care of anything or anyone around me. Since then,I never think of any profession to have but Nursing. I guess mother's knows best.:up:
  16. Yup. California don't hace quick results,just like in other state. Just keep on praying,you will make it.