Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX? - page 9

UWorld to pass NCLEX....is anyone familiar with this as a study guide? (Feb 2016 - videos and links added by staff) UWorld NCLEX-RN Qbank Impressions https://youtu.be/lVYR_1InBxQ A Word... Read More

  1. by   Tanyagri5
    You got this! Just remember they are looking for safety mostly. I did Uworld and I was getting 50-70s and I passed nclex. Uworld really prepares you
  2. by   kl1528sd
    Hey UWORLD IS GREAT!!!!!
    If you choose to get it...don't focus too much on your percentage as you do the q bank, my overall was about a 55 when I finished all the questions. & I took the Nclex end of last month and passed first try! I think whats most important is the your review all the rationales and make sure you focus on Safety, Infection control, and priority questions!
  3. by   Lupe Sanchez
    Quote from HopeH
    My uworld performance is about 50% is that good??? 🤢 Testing Saturday for the 4th time
    Don't be bummed, what did your assessments say. It's about understanding the rationales of what you got wrong..... I'm sending you encouragement and good vibes! You got this!