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UWorld to pass NCLEX....is anyone familiar with this as a study guide? (Feb 2016 - videos and links added by staff) UWorld NCLEX-RN Qbank Impressions https://youtu.be/lVYR_1InBxQ A Word... Read More

  1. by   Tanyagri5
    You got this! Just remember they are looking for safety mostly. I did Uworld and I was getting 50-70s and I passed nclex. Uworld really prepares you
  2. by   kl1528sd
    Hey UWORLD IS GREAT!!!!!
    If you choose to get it...don't focus too much on your percentage as you do the q bank, my overall was about a 55 when I finished all the questions. & I took the Nclex end of last month and passed first try! I think whats most important is the your review all the rationales and make sure you focus on Safety, Infection control, and priority questions!
  3. by   Lupe Sanchez
    Quote from HopeH
    My uworld performance is about 50% is that good??? 🤢 Testing Saturday for the 4th time
    Don't be bummed, what did your assessments say. It's about understanding the rationales of what you got wrong..... I'm sending you encouragement and good vibes! You got this!
  4. by   Colo89
    How long does it take to go thru the whole Qbank? Thinking about getting the 60 day right before my test.
  5. by   biobutterfly
    UWorld is definately a very reliable source.
    Questions & Rationales are on point. I primarily relied on UWorld for my NCLEX RN & was succesful with passing after 80 questions. Other materials used were mnemonics book and Nclex Cram Sheet.
    Good luck to all you future Nurses❣️
  6. by   SaltySarcasticSally
    Quote from Colo89
    How long does it take to go thru the whole Qbank? Thinking about getting the 60 day right before my test.
    I took me about 3-4 weeks. But I only did 150 or so questions a day, none some days.
  7. by   Duttygal86
    Your 1st post mad me panic because I too noticed a drop off in "UWORLD is sooo awesome" posts between the old NCLEX test plan in 2016 and the new one. Glad to hear that you passed!
  8. by   luckyducky7
    BE CAREFUL. there have been ALOT of questions that I have had on UWORLD that have been INCORRECT. They get their question bank by hiring people to write questions. The rationales are great but there are no SOURCES!!!! I have had questions that I have gotten wrong on UWORLD but I go into my Saunders book to look something up and its different than UWORLD. Feel like I have wasted my money but hey more questions the better and now I will never forget that if it shows up on NCLEX.
  9. by   Hope5
    Guys, I need support Asap. I did My Nclex today!!!!!! it stopped at 140 questions( no math, 10-15 sata, psyche safety and priotirization. I don't know how to feel. I did the pvc trick and got the good pop up twice but I don't want to celebrate yet. The anxiety is killing me. Any advised or sharing your experiences will be really appreciated!!!!!
    Thank you
  10. by   Renlaid
    I passed my NCLEX RN thanks UWORLD. Had 88 questions. I'm so happy best study guide
  11. by   Renlaid
    I passed using the website. I passed today
  12. by   Hope5
    I passed I have been very busy but I want to give you guys the update. Passed with 144 questions. I studier with Uworld the 2050 questions and Saunders, Good luck guys
  13. by   scratchgolfer
    I have been using uworld for 7-8 days now to study for the NCLEX and I like it a lot. The questions range from easy to hard, there is a lot of variety in question type, and there is no gender bias (for example: "the nurse said" instead of "he/she said"). A lot of my text books and powerpoints in nursing school had gender bias and a lot of the time men were described in a negative way, which really pissed me off