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  1. _nurse123

    Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!!!

    Preparation for First Attempt of NCLEXMy school used Kaplan and let me tell you, I SUCKED at Kaplan. I hated it. I thought their questions were so stupid and it just never made sense to me lol. I didn't even bother to practice Kaplan questions because I wanted to find another resource that would be more beneficial for me... I heard so many great things about Uworld. Most of my classmates only studied for a few weeks with just using Uworld and easily passed the NCLEX with 75 questions. I thought to myself, "Wow, the NCLEX shouldn't be THAT bad then." -- WRONG. I was totally wrong. I should have never had this mentality as I began to study for the NCLEX. I studied for about 1 month, did about 50 questions/day (10-20 questions at a time - untimed which btw wasn't good because I wasn't building up my stamina of taking multiple test questions on time-mode), didn't really take notes and didn't truly try to understand why I got certain questions wrong or right. My scores ranged from 43-55% (definitely low scores) on Uworld but for some reason.... I still assumed I was gonna pass the NCLEX since all of my other classmates were easily passing. Clearly, I was overly-confident for someone who didn't really study. HUGE MISTAKE. First Attempt of NCLEXAs I walked into the test center, I began to get nervous. When the first question popped up, BOOM. I completely blanked out! My anxiety was OVER THE ROOF... Looking back, I had many easy questions but I couldn't seem to figure it out because so many things were running through my mind that I couldn't think straight. 75 questions passed and its been about 3.5 hours. 80, 90, 100, 168.... I RAN OUT OF TIME. It took me 6 freaking hours to answer 168 questions. I immediately knew I failed. Before I even stepped out of the test center, I broke down into tears, went to my car and began calling my family. I was sobbing. I was hysterical. I was angry. I felt defeated. I was filled with disappointment. I didn't want to go through this again. Preparation for Second Attempt of NCLEXFor 2 whole weeks, I decided to give myself a break. I reflected on myself and went over what I did wrong so that I can take better action to prepare for NCLEX the 2nd time. LOTS OF PRAYERS AND THE SUPPORT OF MY LOVED ONES IS WHAT HELPED ME PERSEVERE THROUGH THE 2ND ROUND OF STUDYING. I not only prayed to God, but I also prayed to Mama Mary, my guardian angel and many Saints such as St. Joseph of Cupterino; I asked them to intercede for me so that I may overcome the fears and anxiety of retaking the boards. I prayed throughout the first round of studying as well, but I had just assumed “God’s got my back” lol even though I didn’t put 110% into studying. Totally no one else to blame, but myself. THIS TIME, I made damn sure that I gave my 1000000000% into studying — because you gotta meet God halfway… DO YOUR PART, AND HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST. For 6-8 weeks, I treated studying like a full-time job. This was my schedule for about 6-8 hours/day Mon-Fri: Gym in the morning75 questions (timed-mode)Remediate on both wrong AND right answers Listen/take notes to at least one of Mark Klimek’s lecturesDo additional questions from LaCharityDon’t forget to take breaks here & thereOn the weekends, I would look over ALL of my notes so that it will engrain in my brain and I won't forget it. In total, I did about 2,000+ questions. You can scroll all the way down to view my scores. RESOURCESKaplan: This time, I used Kaplan and it helped so much!!! I used to despise their questions but tbh — their questions were much more similar to NCLEX. Uworld: I used Uworld for a bit as well, and my scores were so much higher this time. LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation and Management: THIS BOOK SERIOUSLY HELPED SO MUCH WITH PRIORITY QUESTIONS. Mark Klimek: YOOOO. I swear to you, if it weren’t for Mark Klimek I would have failed my Nclex! He teaches you all the basics you need to know to be successful in tackling the Nclex. All of his lectures are avail on Spotify! Every day that I went to the gym, I would listen to Mark Klimek instead of music — even if I already heard the lecture, I would still replay his lectures over and over again. Notebook: Make sure you write EVERYTHING down and split your notebook into sections e.g., RENAL | CARDIOVASCULAR | GI | etc. The more questions you do, the more you will get a feel of how to answer certain questions correctly. Nclex is VERY STRAIGHT-FORWARD. Many questions were one-sentence questions (similar to Kaplan). Make sure you know your basics and lab values! Once you get this down, you will ace the boards. Second Attempt of NCLEXI woke up at 5am, worked out, ate breakfast, prepared food for the boards assuming I’d stay there for 6 hours, visited the chapel and took my exam at 8am. I WAS CONFIDENT and I knew God was by my side guiding me as I took the exam. I was one of the last few people to get checked-in, but I was the first one to finish! It took me one hour and 15 min. (I built up my test-taking stamina by doing 75+ questions/day on timed-mode.) The computer shut off on me at 75 questions and I KNEW I PASSED. Instead of waiting and paying for quick results, I logged into Breeze exactly at midnight the day after I took my boards and my license id # was posted! I WAS SOOO HAPPY! I could not sleep (I ended up sleeping around 6am hahaha). All that hard work and prayers paid off… GLORY BE TO GOD! Thank you Mama Mary, my guardian angel and all of the Saints for your intercessions. This success is dedicated to my parents, family & loved ones. GOOD LUCK if you are taking/re-taking the Nclex. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! BSN, RN. Woo woo!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Also... here are my scores 2nd time around from studying: KAPLAN TEST SCORES 75’s: - 47% - 60% - 41% - 53% - 52% - 52% - 49% - 55% - 60% - 53% - 48% NCLEX SAMPLE TESTS: - 58% - 48% - RETAKE: 90% - 87% *who do you see first* - 22% SATA - RETAKE: 52% Q-TRAINER TESTS: 1. 67% 2. 55% 3. 49% - RETAKE: 72% 4. 59% 5. 57% READINESS TEST: 63% YAY!!!!! 🙂 *pat on back* (Kaplan recommends 60% or above) UWORLD TEST SCORES 10’s: - 60% - 90% - 70% - 80% - 50% - 70% - 50% 25’s: - 76% - 60% - 60% - 56% - 48% 75’s: - 80% - 52% - 57% - 50% - 49%
  2. Happy Life

    Did you use UWorld?

    If you took the exam and used NCLEX RN UWorld, what are your daily/average scores? Did you pass? What are your strategies? mixed questions or by systems? If you are about to take the NCLEX RN, what are your average/daily scores and how many weeks are you preparing?
  3. Rechole1210

    UWorld percentile

    I’m scheduled to take the NCLEX this coming Monday. I’ve been using UWorld to study and teetering between the 58th and 63rd percentiles with 400 questions left in the Qbank. I did the first RN assessment and got a borderline chance of passing and just recently did the second RN assessment and finished in the 52nd percentile with a high chance of passing. I’m freaking out and considering changing my test date. Does anybody have similar UWorld experience and passed the NCLEX? Or would it be wise to push my test date back? Help!
  4. MNCD

    NCLEX & The Trick

    Hi everyone, I’m an absolute ball of anxiety. I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday morning (02/08/2020) with the new COVID19 adjustments. I started at 8a and finished around 10:25a. I had all 130 questions. I received the confirmation email at 10:58a and I IMMEDIATELY (11a) tried the trick. I got the “bad pop-up” and I was able to register to take another NCLEX. I am beside myself, mentally physically and emotionally. I still haven’t received my quick results. I have done about a total of 950 UWorld questions, the first assessment I scored 41% with the average score being 56% the test said “low” chance of passing the NCLEX. I took that about 3 weeks prior to receiving my PTT. After receiving my PTT I scheduled for 5 days later. (Otherwise I would have to leave NY or wait until Sept 30th). I studied hard those few days and took the Kaplan Readiness test the two days before and scored 52% (which I believe was a 60-70% chance of passing the NCLEX). They could come anytime in the next 24hours. I am a mess, according to all the forums regarding the trick it is very accurate. However, I’ve also read that going all the way to 130 questions during these covid adjustments... theres could be a gray area? I know there is no true way for you to tell me but any info would help get me through the next day... day in a half. What do you think!?
  5. Last week ( 07/11/2019) took my NCLEX-RN and two days later got my result ( PASS ). This site has been very helpful in clarifying a lot of my doubts about Nursing school/work and what not. So I came back to post my own experience and in hopes of helping some people find answers to their question. I graduated ADN program ( LPN/LVN - RN bridge - Helene Fuld college of nursing.NY) back in MAY 2019. Took a month off which I regret. but you know yourself better so if you need to take a break go for it but if you ask for my advice - take no more than a week following graduation. As a student, I was an average student. I never memorize anything other than lab values and I try to study the concept behind any disease and stuff. I suck at pharmacology. so wanted to share that before anything. I strictly used UWorld ( bought a one-month subscription), did 100 + question in a day, completed 2150 plus question in 23/24 days. 100 question in a day, did study mode and went with the system to system. Read all the rationale wrong or right. Saved rationales and created a flash card to review later and to review everything a day before NCLEX. you can review saved flash card - system-wise as well. To create flash card either click on the diagram or just select rationales and save in flash card pops out. On all my Study/exam mode. My lowest grade has been 48% and highest 65%. at the end of completion ( 2150 question ), my average was 58% on UWorld. Didn't do their evaluation etc. So took the NCLEX on July 11th and stop at 80 something. NCLEX set up ( color wise) is very similar to UWorld which helps. I was just answering with the best of my understanding. Never felt confident enough about any of my answer. So after 80 something, it stopped and I walk out of the test in confusion and lack of confidence. Did Pearson VUE trick right after using my real credit card,( you can do it by changing the expiration date ) had a good POP out. ( says I can't register at this time. ). Did after 2 hours and same good pop up, did after 8 hours same good pop up and did one more time after 24 hours and same good pop up. after 48 hours I purchase my quick result and it says I pass. I thank everyone who has shared their opinion on this site. I will be happy to share my exp if anyone has any question. I started this writing suggesting it will be short and to the point. I think this is as short as it could be. Best wishes. Tsering RN
  6. Sunredskyblue

    I Failed 4 Times, But.....

    I wasn't always a great student and I didn't get straight A's. I looked at what my weaknesses were. I was partying too much. Going out and getting drunk with friends. I was around toxic people and a toxic environment. I was letting my life get out of control. I realized later that it was my depression getting the best of me. I wasn't focused enough on my studies. So I got myself together and remained focused. I bought UWorld for one year and bought the Saunders Q&A NCLEX-RN Review . I finished the Saunders book and then went on to UWorld. I started off with answering 25 questions everyday for 5 days until I got to 2000 and started answering 75 questions and would alternate days answering 75 or 150 questions until I had no more of the "unanswered" questions left. I mixed the questions up instead of individualizing it by topic. Once I finished all the "unanswered" questions, I went over the ones I got wrong and also the ones I marked. BTW, I was answering the questions on tutor mode. I preferred it to the timed one because I could see the answer right away. When I had about three weeks until the NCLEX I started listening to Mark Klimek's audio files. I wished I was at his review course when I was in nursing school. He makes everything easy to remember. I took one break a week but as my test was getting closer I didn't take a break until the day before my test. I absolutely didn't study at all or think of anything NCLEX related. Also, I just want everyone to know that I work a full time job so that's the whole reason why I was answering 25 questions and then increased them. I would usually get off work by 5pm. Took me about 3-6hrs to study. Everyone has a different way of studying and it's important that you find what works for you. I would advise that you don't read what scores others are getting on UWorld. I will tell you right now that it doesn't matter. What matters is that you understand the concept. What matters is that you read why the answer you picked was wrong and look at why they correct answer is the right answer. Remember: You got through NURSING SCHOOL and you could GO THROUGH NCLEX! You got this! Don't let the anxiety get to you! Take a deep breathe! So I took the NCLEX almost a week ago and my anxeity was at an all time high! I could feel my heart coming out of my chest and there was people at the testing center already. I scheduled my test @ 1000am on a Monday which was also a HOLIDAY! I made it 228 and it showed a blue screen and I was freaking out again. Then a screen appeared asking about a special study that they are conducting and I was "chosen".. Basically it was giving a case study and asked six questions. Most were SATA. I was freaking out that I would be counted towards the score! But we can all relax! Its not counted! PHEW!SO I started at 1000am and was done by 4pm. I got to my car and received an email from PearsonVue that I have taken the test and it gave me some links to check out to see what the next steps are. Where I reside...quick results are not available. So I found out from a friend that you could get your results one hour after you take the NCLEX. I was too late because they were already closed. SOOO.....I decided to do the PVT trick..BUT I couldn't log on to my account. I was basically stressing out the whole day. I finally got home at 11pm, opened up my computer, went to the pearson vue site and changed my password. Signed on and did the process of doing the PVT trick. "OUR RECORDS INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE RECENTLY SCHEDULED THIS EXAM. ANOTHER REGISTRATION CANNOT BE MADE AT THIS TIME" AHHHHHHHH! I was silently screaming. I couldn't believe it. That was a clear sign that I passed! But it was only 99% accurate sooo they say. SO I waited for the next 10hrs and called my nursing board office and they said my results were ready to pick up and they couldn't not tell me the results by phone. I got to the office and before the lady could give me the results she said "CONGRATULATIONS". OMG I PASSED! It finally happened! I just want to say to the person reading this right now and has reached the end of this.
  7. olivelucy

    NCLEX-RN Study Prep

    Hi all! I am just looking for some guidance on studying for my NCLEX- RN. In the past, I used Kaplan to study for my NCLEX-PN and passed first time in the lowest amount of questions, but this was five years ago. I am now going to be graduating from an RN program and it seems that people are all about UWorld. I guess my question is: What did you use and what did you find the most helpful? Is there anyone who only used UWorld? Is there anyone who just took it and didn't study? I also have a Saunders book that I just got but it's a billion pages and I'm kind of just having a hard time deciding where to start. Help meeeee! Thanks 🙂
  8. Vee_tach

    Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions

    Hey guys, Has anyone heard / know how accurate Uworld's new self-assessment exam is? They recently added (01/01/2017) the new self-assessment portion. I had a friend score a 98% on it and passed her NCLEX in 75 questions. She was the only person I know of that took the self-assessment test. Was wondering if any knows about others that have taken it and scored high/low and passed the NCLEX as well. I took my assessment and scored a 92% so I am a bit worried about my chances of passing the NCLEX now... Thanks in advance!
  9. Lupe Sanchez

    Has anyone used UWorld to study for NCLEX?

    UWorld to pass NCLEX....is anyone familiar with this as a study guide? (videos and links added by staff) UWorld NCLEX-RN Qbank Impressions A Word From UWorld Related Topics UWorld RN prep.. Is it reliable?Has anyone passed Nclex specifically using Uworld?Passed with 75 questions using UWorldUWorld vs. KaplanPassed with 75 questions thanks to UWORLD & HURST