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_Cecilia_ has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. _Cecilia_

    CPN vs Board Certification in peds

    I noticed this is about 2 years later.. but if anyone is still interested in this information, here is a link I found! https://www.pncb.org/compare-RN-certifications
  2. After almost 1 year and a half into Pediatric Stepdown nursing, I'm interested in studying to better my education of Pediatric Nursing. ❤️ Before starting, I have a few questions.... 1. What are the differences between the CPN and Pediatric...
  3. _Cecilia_


    It's no problem. I took my first assessment prior to any practicing to see where I needed to practice more. I practiced more prior to my second assessment. For me, I worried so much about how well I'd do on the exam, and I used the assessment as a w...
  4. _Cecilia_


    My apologies for not clarifying! The "Level of Passing" that I was referring to were my grades after completing uWorld's Assessments. I paid for two assessments, so after my first assessment (75 questions, timed like the actual exam) I scored a "Low ...
  5. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Tips: Passed

    With nursing questions, you definitely have to always think ADPIE, ABC's, and Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. That's what I've used in approaching priority questions. It could also be that you're overthinking, so I'd be wary of that! A tutor would most ...
  6. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Tips: Passed

    When reviewing, I used the notes that I've had from nursing school, but I further split the information and focused on topics that were very likely to appear on the NCLEX. So for example: General Nursing Tables: VS, Therapeutic drug levels, Burns Rul...
  7. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    Yes! Keep me posted ? I'd love to hear how it works for you.
  8. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    Hmmm I would suggest paraphrasing it, but even if you're shortening the information, remember to not leave out important details. If those details are something that you already fully understand, then it's okay to skip straight to the next step in th...
  9. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep

    Hi, sorry to plug this, but this was my guide on studying! I highly suggest uWorld; it was my only study program and I went from a "Low Chance of Passing" to a "Very High Chance of Passing" after many hours of dedicated studying LOL (I also wasn't ab...
  10. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    Hmmm I know sometimes students have problems with overthinking the question, and that could be it..... When writing things down, do you write them word for word, or paraphrasing?
  11. _Cecilia_

    Did you use UWorld?

    Daily/Average Scores: 50% - 70% Did you pass?: passed in 75 questions What's your strategy? "BIGGEST TIP: viewed uWorld as a learning tool not too much as an assessment. uWorld average percentages are based on how its users perform on each question. ...
  12. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    It could be how you're using the review material and how much you understand concepts. I'm familiar with uWorld, and if you wouldn't mind, may I ask how you've used that study program to your advantage?
  13. _Cecilia_

    Medications 2020

    To be honest, I'm not sure on what top medications may be tested on the NCLEX right now, but I highly suggest studying suffixes of medications as well as indications, adverse effects, and interactions. Because I took my NCLEX in August, I don't have ...
  14. _Cecilia_


    Hiya! I've used uWorld as well and it's helped a lot. I'd honestly say... don't focus on your averages yet ? You know that uWorld averages you out based on what other users get; however, it doesn't differentiate on whether or not someone timed their ...
  15. Hello! I've recently received and accepted an offer to start as a Pediatric Stepdown Nurse. I will be starting on February 3rd, and I'd love to hear the advice and experiences of current Pediatric (Stepdown) nurses in preparation for the unit. If you...