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_Cecilia_ is a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics.

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    It's no problem. I took my first assessment prior to any practicing to see where I needed to practice more. I practiced more prior to my second assessment. For me, I worried so much about how well I'd do on the exam, and I used the assessment as a way to ease that anxiety. If you feel that you won't be in the same position, I suggest practicing those questions you got wrong, making sure that you understand the rationales. Aim for about 80% correct when doing practice questions to determine if you understand the rationales well. And no problem
  2. _Cecilia_


    My apologies for not clarifying! The "Level of Passing" that I was referring to were my grades after completing uWorld's Assessments. I paid for two assessments, so after my first assessment (75 questions, timed like the actual exam) I scored a "Low Chance of Passing." After my second assessment (also 75 questions, timed) I scored a "Very High Chance of Passing." Also, these grades are separate from your practice questions. Please let me know if you have any further questions!
  3. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Tips: Passed

    With nursing questions, you definitely have to always think ADPIE, ABC's, and Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. That's what I've used in approaching priority questions. It could also be that you're overthinking, so I'd be wary of that! A tutor would most definitely help because of the one-on-one time as well as a way to target those areas of improvement. I will send you something I was given and found it very helpful! Also, it's no problem at all. I've been in your position and understand how frustrating and challenging it was.
  4. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Tips: Passed

    When reviewing, I used the notes that I've had from nursing school, but I further split the information and focused on topics that were very likely to appear on the NCLEX. So for example: General Nursing Tables: VS, Therapeutic drug levels, Burns Rule of 9's, Lab values (Electrolytes, Blood, Glucose, Specific grav., etc.), different fluids (examples of them and osmotic effects), Electrolyte (what foods are in, hypo effects/hyper effects), Determining Respiratory/Metabolic Acidosis/Alkalosis, Conversions, Infection control (Contact, Droplet, Airborne; what PPE to wear for each, and Mnemonics for the diseases of each), antidotes for toxic drug levels (Ex: Vitamin K for Warfarin) Adult Health: Integumentary, Cardio, etc. With each system, I focused on the most commonly used diseases/conditions on the NCLEX, and studied signs and symptoms, interventions, and some meds ***Feel free to message me if you'd like me to list the exact diseases I've studied/what about them*** In regards to using uWorld, how did you remember your notes? I know you mentioned that you re-wrote them, but did you find yourself writing it word for word? If so, I would suggest trying to paraphrase them and explaining to yourself aloud the entire process. This may help you better remember and may help you measure how well you know the topic by noticing how easy it is for you to paraphrase it. What would you say you're struggling the most with when reviewing/answering questions? Also, I understand how it can be really challenging to work through this, especially since you've taken it before. It's discouraging to not pass the first time, but now, you're equipped with more experience in taking the exam and what to expect. Definitely take breaks when you need them to help motivate yourself; I've had multiple moments when I've cried and felt that I couldn't do it -- I felt that I didn't know anything. One of my biggest motivators was telling myself that with each topic I study and understand, the better I will be able to do, and that I am better than I was prior to that topic. I also reached out to my significant other to help ground me when I questioned myself with negative "what-if's." Tap into how you're motivated: goal-oriented/task-oriented, and that may help. I love writing lists and manually crossing out what I've done because I feel accomplished, which helped me keep going. You're able to do this -- it's a matter of re-evaluating and adapting your approach, utilizing your source of motivation, and remembering to take at least 20 minutes for yourself (whether it's scrolling on your phone, or watching a quick show). It's alright to take that breath. Please let me know if I can help you more in any way.
  5. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    Yes! Keep me posted I'd love to hear how it works for you.
  6. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    Hmmm I would suggest paraphrasing it, but even if you're shortening the information, remember to not leave out important details. If those details are something that you already fully understand, then it's okay to skip straight to the next step in the thought process. This is to ensure that you're understanding it completely, and if you're able to paraphrase it, then it shows that you understand. For overthinking, I suggest perhaps writing down your rationale when you're answering a question, and after answering the question, whether wrong or right, compare your rationale with the rationale that the program gives you. From there, you may be able to determine when you start to overthink. Was this something that you've tried already? Please let me know if there's anything that wasn't easy to understand in my answer!
  7. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep

    Hi, sorry to plug this, but this was my guide on studying! I highly suggest uWorld; it was my only study program and I went from a "Low Chance of Passing" to a "Very High Chance of Passing" after many hours of dedicated studying LOL (I also wasn't able to pass my HESI exit exam). But the hours of studying could be shorter for you depending on how quickly you understand material/how much material you already know.
  8. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    Hmmm I know sometimes students have problems with overthinking the question, and that could be it..... When writing things down, do you write them word for word, or paraphrasing?
  9. _Cecilia_

    Did you use UWorld?

    Daily/Average Scores: 50% - 70% Did you pass?: passed in 75 questions What's your strategy? "BIGGEST TIP: viewed uWorld as a learning tool not too much as an assessment. uWorld average percentages are based on how its users perform on each question. However each question could be timed, un-timed, and you may never know if users are honest with how they're answering their questions (did they look up answers, etc.). Essentially, there may be too many factors to determine the accuracy of the percentages. Instead, I have focused on the percentages when I was reviewing the material. Because I have already reviewed the rationales provided, I aimed at receiving an 80% or higher for the topic. By achieving that score, I can determine that I understood the material well enough." I focused on reading, writing and understanding rationales, whether wrong or right to make sure I knew the material. What Format did you use? Timed, 10 questions each, answered 50 - 70 questions per topic per day (Ex: Med-Surg Cardio 50 - 70 on day one, Med-Surg Resp 50 - 70 on day two) How many weeks are you preparing? I took about 7 weeks, including reviewing material for everything. My experience: started off with "Low Chance of Passing" for my initial assessment, and after hours of dedicated studying, ended with "Very High Chance of Passing" and passing in 75 questions
  10. _Cecilia_

    NCLEX Prep suggestions

    It could be how you're using the review material and how much you understand concepts. I'm familiar with uWorld, and if you wouldn't mind, may I ask how you've used that study program to your advantage?
  11. _Cecilia_

    Medications 2020

    To be honest, I'm not sure on what top medications may be tested on the NCLEX right now, but I highly suggest studying suffixes of medications as well as indications, adverse effects, and interactions. Because I took my NCLEX in August, I don't have an exact example to provide, but I do remember being tested on antibiotics. Regardless, best bet is to remember suffixes of medications, and their respective indications, adverse effects and interactions.
  12. _Cecilia_


    Hiya! I've used uWorld as well and it's helped a lot. I'd honestly say... don't focus on your averages yet You know that uWorld averages you out based on what other users get; however, it doesn't differentiate on whether or not someone timed their questions, etc. Someone could've also been using their notes and answering those questions. A user could even re-do previously incorrect questions which means they'd score higher. Therefore, the percentages now could be skewed. When using uWorld, focus on the rationales. For the questions you get wrong, write them down and review them. Then when you're in review mode prior to your NCLEX, aim to re-do those questions, making sure you understand the rationale behind it. This is when I would say focus on your percentages BECAUSE your percentages (not your averages) are a great measurement in determining if you've understood the material. By doing that, I was able to go from a uWorld "Low Passing" chance to a "Very High Chance" of passing. Please let me know if I can help you more!
  13. Hello! I've recently received and accepted an offer to start as a Pediatric Stepdown Nurse. I will be starting on February 3rd, and I'd love to hear the advice and experiences of current Pediatric (Stepdown) nurses in preparation for the unit. If you wouldn't mind: What are some things that I should definitely understand as a New Grad Pediatric Nurse? What are some things that you wish you knew starting off? What are some things that I should know, but didn't ask for? Thank you for your time!
  14. _Cecilia_

    Borderline. How to finish the semester strong?

    Hey, it's no problem! Definitely do the same as I mentioned earlier with speaking to the professor to determine when your thought process went wrong. I highly suggest re-evaluating the best study method for you (are you a visual, reading/writing, audio, etc. learner) and focus on learning that way. There are various videos on Youtube about concepts of Maternity/OB and I suggest checking out RegisteredNurseRN. She has various educational videos on many Nursing school topics. Here's the link specifically for Maternity/OB: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nurse+sarah+obstetrics. Hope this helps!
  15. _Cecilia_

    Prepare This to Succeed On Your Future Job Interview!

    Thank you @KrysyRN!
  16. _Cecilia_

    Looking for a job - new nurse

    It's no problem at all! If you aren't already doing so, don't forget to send a "Thank You for the Interview emails within 24 hours of your interview! I wish you the best of luck!

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