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  1. _Cecilia_

    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    Congratulations on passing!!!! Woo! I'll be taking my NCLEX on the 13th, and I'm the same as you. I sucked at Pharmacology. Not going to lie -- I'm pretty nervous. Did the assessment on uWorld and got a "Very High Chance" after two months of rigorous studying. Regardless, the NCLEX vary from people to people, so I'm nervous I'll be bombarded with Pharm questions haha! BUT! Great job studying; you've earned it. Congratulations on your pass and Good luck to everything in the future! Thank you for sharing your experience.
  2. _Cecilia_

    Best online/app to buy?

    Essentially what Cindyel said! I'm currently using uWorld and it is an amazing LEARNING/REVIEWING tool. They have very in-depth rationales that are great for learning information. It is best to purchase it closer towards graduation, as there is an expiration date for the assessments and the Qbank. I emphasized uWorld as a "learning" tool rather than a basis on how well you'll perform on the exam because many are discouraged by the very low scores (ranging around 50% - 60%) that they receive after answering questions. Please refer to this video to help understand why its best to see it as a learning tool rather than an "Assessment." Additionally, others have stated that uWorld is more challenging than the NCLEX, so by reviewing questions, understanding rationales, and remembering the information, you may be better prepared for the exam. Therefore, if you plan on purchasing uWorld, please do focus on the information to be retained. Hope this helps!
  3. _Cecilia_

    Pharmacology on the NCLEX

    Hello! My NCLEX is in a few days. I'm worried about Pharmacology on the exam, as it was my worst subject in Nursing School, so I want to make sure I'm prepared for it. Would you mind sharing your experience with Pharmacology on the NCLEX? Were there many Pharmacology questions for you? Were many of your Pharmacology questions mainly regarding a certain system? Thank you in advance!
  4. _Cecilia_

    Calming NCLEX Nerves

    Yup, I've been studying 5-8 hours a day haha. I feel like it's enough for me because I'm not reviewing too quickly. I am reviewing the information for each topic, and then doing uWorld questions. Afterwards, I write the rationales down, and review those rationales. Not going to lie, I am worried a lot about whether or not my brain will be retaining, more so that you mentioned it, too. I take breaks, still. Our professors did suggest 4-6 hours for 6 days a week.
  5. _Cecilia_

    Calming NCLEX Nerves

    Thank you! That low or borderline was about a month ago, and have been studying since then. I have already postponed my exam, to a date that I'm able to review the material enough.
  6. _Cecilia_

    Unsure about Competency... Distraught New Grad

    Thank you Tacticool! Honestly, I've given the advice to others that failure isn't a failure, rather a learning experience, and that no one gets to where they are without mistakes. Ironically enough, it's hard to tell myself that, but you're right. Being a little uncomfortable is always better than being comfortable because you'll have more of a yearning to learn when uncomfortable. What matters is the effort and what you take from the experiences. Just need to practice telling myself that
  7. _Cecilia_

    Calming NCLEX Nerves

    Hi Everyone! It's about that time that everyone is studying for NCLEX, and worrying about whether or not they'll pass. My school had HESI Exit exams (re-take possible if you fail the first time), and I'm currently studying with uWorld. I failed both my HESI Exits and scored low on my First uWorld Assessment (granted I didn't study anything extra for it). Because of these results, however, I'm feeling very apprehensive about the upcoming exam. I've been studying about 5 - 8 hours 5 to 6 days a week, reviewing each topic separately.... but I know that my nerves could still get the best of me, and I could forget everything. If you've taken the NCLEX already, how did you help calm your nerves? What tips can you provide to anyone feeling this way? Thanks in advance.
  8. The past month leading up to graduation has been super rough. Often, I question my ability in relation to other Nursing Students, especially after using HESI and UWorld. I feel that I may not have the ability to be a great nurse because of how I am as a person. I feel unsure, worried about many things (i.e. how poorly I might handle stress, experienced nurses demeaning me during my first year of my first job, etc.), and too slow (mentally) to do well in my Nursing career. I'd love to be a nurse and have a positive, lifelong effect on my patients, and I'd love to motivate and inspire pediatric patients in the future... but I'm just not sure if I have the ability to... For those who've felt this and conquered these feelings before, how have you conquered them? For those who feel this way now, this thread is to help support both you and me. Thanks in advance!
  9. _Cecilia_

    Powerlifting and Nursing

    Hello! New Grad RN here. Powerlifting is a hobby of mine that I'd like to continue while also pursuing my Nursing Career. If any of you powerlift, what are some tips and things I should keep in mind about if I want to try following my hobby? I'm interested in also competing in the far future, but since I'm relatively new to it, I don't have a great understanding of how possible it may be with a Nursing career. Thanks in advance!
  10. _Cecilia_


    Hello all! I'm finding difficulty in finding the information for the Open Houses of New York Presbyterian Hospital, NYU Langone, NYU Winthrop, and Northwell Hospitals. Did anyone gather any information about their open houses yet?