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    I want my ATT letter! I graduated December 19, 2012. Applied for NCLEX through Pearson Vue in December and state licensure for WA early January and checked my debit card and the state fee has been deducted. Does that mean they've processed it?? Wondering when to expect my ATT I just want to take NCLEX! After a little more studying of course
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    I graduated December 7th and had my ATT December 18th. I had all of my stuff in before that though, they took my money long before I got my ATT.
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    In FL we have to apply to the department of health first so I did that back in late October we graduated December 10, 2012 I received my sit pass on December 24, 2012. And applied for my ATT on pearsonvue that same day! After I paid the registration fee I got my ATT In my email literally 20 mins or so later and registered for my test day on Christmas.
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    When I graduated in 2008 from LPN school we needed our ATT before could register with PearsonVue, we had to hand in all our payments and paperwork the last week of class. I officially graduated June 22nd and we were told we should have our ATT within the week. I waited the week and no ATT. I finally called my State BON and asked about it. Come to find out my paperwork as well as my fellow students paperword had been split up. So 1/2 of the needed documents for them to issue the ATT to us was in one section/pile and the other 1/2 was in the other. Thankfully I called or our ATT's would have been delayed indefinatley as the BON waited for the 'missing' 1/2 of the paper work.

    The person at the BON asked me to contact my fellow classmates and have them call the BON so that they could also get their stuff put together properly too. I'd say within 5 minutes of hanging up with the BON, my ATT was sent to my email.
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    My original state of licensure (Ohio) processing of applications takes on average 6 weeks - 8 weeks. More if in the May/June or Dec/Jan times cause of the spike in applicants. They took my money in May and I got my ATT Aug 10... Give it some time, there's a lot of state holidays in this time, for lack of a better excuse. Best of luck with the NCLEX when you get all of your paperwork.
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    I graduated December 6 and didn't get my att until jan 2. I took boards today and it shut off at 85 questions.
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    I graduated dec. 17 2012. I am sooo ready to get my nclex-pn over and done with but haven't rcvd my att letter . Any advice on how I can get the board to expedite my att ?
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    They usually send the att through email thats how I get mine fast.
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    I turned in my app 12/3, got my ATT and was pinned on 12/18 and graduated on 12/20. I take NCLEX on 1/22!!! Holy moly, it's almost here! Anyway, best of luck to you all
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    your att letter DOES NOT come from ur state comes from pearsonvue...once ur state board deems u eligible to sit for ur exam...the board electronically sends pearsonvue ur eligibilty...then u get ur att

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