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  1. kkostelnikPN

    Newly licensed LPN

  2. kkostelnikPN

    Starting first lpn job very nervous

  3. kkostelnikPN

    Witnessed unsterile procedure and feeling terrible about it

    I work in LTC and sterile technique is still required at all times whether the person is being straight cathed or not This nurse is using poor practice and I think you need to speak up. Don't be a nurse who just doesn't care because its "minor" (which I don't consider it to be) if they will straight cath with clean gloves and a wipe for Pete's sake what won't they do????? Lazy people disgust me
  4. kkostelnikPN


    So I'm a brand new nurse on my second week of orientation on a vent unit in LTC. The nurse who has been training me watched me give a subQ lovenox shot today and freaked out bc I went in at 90degrees saying that I was doing it like an IM shot and that's totally incorrect and I'll bruise the pt. this really bugged me bc that's how we learned to do it in clinicals and all the nurses I've followed went in at 90 degrees. So I looked it up to be sure and it says that's correct unless the pt doesn't have a lot of subQ tissue. Just looking for some thoughts on this. It was insulting the way he acted after I gave the injection and now knowing I was doing it correctly makes me even more annoyed!!
  5. kkostelnikPN

    H E L P!!!.....

  6. kkostelnikPN

    New grad and first job as lvn but has no idea :( help!

  7. kkostelnikPN

    New Nurse and Nervous About Skills

  8. I was told for my boards that I took 2 weeks ago LPNs are only aloud to monitor fluids already infusing and hang IVPB
  9. kkostelnikPN

    Need Some Advice, Please.

    I personally don't think getting your LPN first is a waste of time. I just graduated got my license and first job making 20$/hr which is only 3$ less than RNs in my area. The only problem is I know where I'm from (Indiana) they do not hire LPNs in hospitals so you most likely wouldn't get a job on an OB floor. But if u ask me 20$/hr is way worth it for 1 yr of school. I start my LPN to ASN in June and couldn't be happier with the decision I've made!
  10. kkostelnikPN

    Are the NCLEX PN SATA questions really specific?

    The sata questions are very straight forward and easy to decide what's right and wrong. I hardly had any lab values but if u do the value will be very abnormal don't stress it wasn't that bad!
  11. kkostelnikPN

    Funniest/strangest dementia patient stories

    I used to work on the Alzheimer's unit at a LTC facility and one lady everyday never wanted to be toileted she would always tell me she's not a baby and can do it herself ( which she was unable, she could walk and go to the bathroom but never changed her dirty brief) so usually the always had "sharts" in her brief lol So I told her: Me: we need to change your undies there dirty LOL: no there not I'm not a baby go away Me: no look they have poop on them. You see it LOL: well I do now these aren't my underwear and you put that there Needless to say she was hilarious. We did this every single day... Another resident once told me LOl: get me my purse over there. That's my purse ( points to a dining room chair) Me: that's a chair ma'am That can't be your purse LOL: well I have a purse that looks just like that! She was adorable. We taught her to do the sprinkler
  12. kkostelnikPN

    how do you work with coworkers that doesn't like you

    Not*** true
  13. kkostelnikPN

    how do you work with coworkers that doesn't like you

  14. kkostelnikPN

    Seeing this quite a bit

    Amen sister!
  15. kkostelnikPN

    Funniest/strangest dementia patient stories

    I'm literally loling. This is too funny. Especially the last part.
  16. kkostelnikPN

    Seeing this quite a bit

    I believe they are referring to all posters on all nurses not just the posters in the LPN forum