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I want my ATT letter! I graduated December 19, 2012. Applied for NCLEX through Pearson Vue in December and state licensure for WA early January and checked my debit card and the state fee has been deducted. Does that mean they've... Read More

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    Check with Pearson to see the status of your ATT they will tell you if you are missing anything. Does your BON have a website where you can verify your license status on it? If it does it may have a list of deficient items if any that could be holding it up. (like the school not sending the education information)

    Did you pay your testing fee to Pearson? In AZ we have to register and pay before they will send it to us.

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    I graduated the 14th. I had sent my stuff in to the state and pearson vue on 12/4 and got my att on 1/3. It says in an email from pearson vue that if you do not get the att within 4 weeks of registration to contact them, usually its because the BON is missing something. So i would wait the full 4 weeks!!

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