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Per the request of janina08 ;) I've started the April NCLEX takers support group. When do you take it? What are you using to study? Would anyone like to review any of the systems/meds that he/she feels weakest on? Let's keep each... Read More

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    XPO in the med question confused me. Did that meant X PO?

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    medications affecting the cardiovascular system:
    adrenergic agonists:
    1. examples: epinephrine, dopamine, dobutamine, isoproterol
    2. dopamine cause renal vessels to dilate, others lead to vasoconstriction, increased heart rate, increased myocardial contractility, bronchodilation, decreased nasal congestion (due to vasoconstriction)
    3. side effetcs: increase heart rate, vasoconstriction, increased oxygen demand leading to angina, dysrhythmias
    4. don't give to pt with tachydysrhymias, or v. fibrillation. al
    alpha adrenergic blocker:
    1. examples: minipress aka prazosin, cardura aka doxazosin
    2. used to treat hypertension, doxazosin may decrease symptoms of bph
    3. side effects hypotension
    4. take with food but avoid otc nsaids b/c decreases antihypertensive effects
    alpha adrenergic agonists:
    1. examples: catapress, tenex, aldomet
    2. used for hypertension
    3. side effects: dry mouth, sedation, rebound hypertension (so don't just stop taking the meds with talking to dr.)
    beta blockers- end in-lol
    1. used to decrease hr, myocardial contractility and rate of conduction through av node.
    2. used for angina, hypertension, dysrhythmias, mia and heart failure
    3. causes bradycardia (if bp is less than 60 then hold meds) decreased cardiac output, av block, hypotension,
    4. propranolol causes bronchoconstriction
    5. theses drugs can masks the signs of hypoglycemia!!!!!
    ace inhibitors end in -pril
    1. used for hypertension, heart failure mi and diabetic and nondiabetic neuropathy
    2. causes orthostatic hypotension, cough, hyperkalemia, rash and angioedema. also causes neutropenia.. think about it like this... ace inhibitors causes angioedemia, cough and excessive-potassium .
    angiotension ii receptor blocker ends in -sartan
    1. used for hypertension, stroke, diabetic neuropathy (vasodilation).
    2. causes angioedema (skin wheeling and swelling of tongue), fetal injury
    calcium channel blockers end in -pine
    1. used vasodilation by blocking calcium channels in blood vessels.
    2. used for angina pectoris and hypertension. verapamil is also used for cardiac dysrhythmias
    3. side effects: reflex tachycardia, peripheral edema, toxicity, hypotension, constipation
    hypertensive crisis:
    1. examples: sodium nitroprusside, hyperstat
    2. side effects: hypotension, cyanide poisoning and thiocyante poisoning
    3. sodium nitroprusside may have slightly brown color but discard if it is blue, red or green and don't mix other meds with sodium nitroprusside
    1. used for stable angina
    2. side effects: headache, hypotension, reflex tachycardia, tolerance,
    3. if you give it with viagra it could result in life threatening hypotension! also alcohol use and contribute to antihypertensive effects
    4. sublingual: take at first sign of chest pain, use prior to activity that will cause chest pain, place under tongue and allow to dissolve, store in cool dark place, and discard after 24 months.
    5. transdermal: patch should not be cut, place on hairless area and rotate sites,. wash skin with soap and water and dry thoroughly before placing patch, remove patch at night so that you don't develop tolerance
    6. if pain is unrelieved in 5 mins then call 911, client can take up to two more doses at 5 minute intervals.
    digoxin (cardiac glcosides)
    1. used to increase force of myocardial contraction but decrease heart rate so ventricles have more time to fill.
    2. treats heart failure and atrial fibrillation.
    3. side effects dysrhythmias, monitor potassium b/c hyperkalemia and lead to dig toxicity, monitor dig level to ensure that it is between .05-.08
    4. side effects_ gi: n/v, anorexia, abdominal pain, fatigue, weakness, diplopia, blurred vision, yellow-green or white halos around objects
    5. ace inhibitors increase risk of hyperkalemia which decreases effects of digoxin, quindine increase risk of dig toxicity if used concurrently.
    6. notify dr if heart rate is less than 60 bpm in adults, 70bpm in children and 90bpm in infants before taking meds.
    7. treat bradycardia with atropine
    read antidysrthmic drugs.... it is complex....

    meds to control cholesterol end in -statin
    1. side effects- heptoxicity, myopathy, peripheral neuropathy
    meds to control triglycerides include lopid, lofibra, tricor
    1. side effects: gall bladder stone, mypopathy, hepatoxicity
    2. take meds 30 mins before breakfast and dinner
    bile acid sequestants- questran and colestid:
    1. used to lower cholesterol, decreases ldl
    2. side effetcs are constipation
    3. don't give to someone with biliary disease
    if anyone notices any major errors, or any additional information that you think we should know for the exam, please post on thread. :typing

    notes taken from ati book- pharmacology
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    Quote from MomenTs
    XPO in the med question confused me. Did that meant X PO?
    YES! Same here... the "X" aspect confused me.... I would have expected to see that acutal number as oppsed to Roman numeral....
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    Quote from kano
    Hello April Test takers.....
    My test is on April 3rd (A week from Today.... ewwwww) i need all the prayers and moral support that i can get from all of you......
    i'm nervous..... and distracted in many ways.... got done with Suzzane's 2nd tip this morning.... but just found out that my mom has a renal cyst and they are going to do biopsy to rule out cancer..... please pray for me so i can pass this exam and one less thing to worry....

    good luck to you all
    The Lord will see you through and watch over your family. I will be praying for you on April 3rd! Stay focused and you will be fine.
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    GOODLUCK TO EVERYBODY's ongoing exams!
    I'll pray for u all! :wink2:
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    4 more days before APRIL guys!!! we can do this!!! :whe!:
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    Quote from MomenTs
    what do you mean? Please explain

    X = 10


    It just means grains 10 (gr x). Good Luck.
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    Is my name on the list yet for April 3rd...?
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    Quote from chichimitchi
    4 more days before april guys!!! we can do this!!! :whe!:
    i want everyone in this april group to pass with flying colors
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    Lets all
    and to all of us...
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