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CrystalClear75 is a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. Hello, I cannot figure out which combination to give when a patient is awake and alert with a blood sugar of 60, should I first give juice with sugar added, juice and crackers, or juice only???? Thanks
  2. To everyone, thank you for your kind support and advice it means alot. Good luck to you all :) I can't even explain in words how much peace I've felt these past few weeks.
  3. If I have to live with a few hundred dollars less a month then so be it, it's like paying for something like saying "here help me." I want to get into massage therapy and work on my own. I really think I'm done with nursing, it's a shame how much c...
  4. Stay at home mom:)
  5. Very true...or more :) I plan on working my way up. :) Thanks.
  6. I'll keep an eye open...but for now nursing is out :)
  7. I had enough in the nursing field. With the economy being the way it is, it's very difficult to find a hospital/med surge position without any hospital experience. Sooo I worked at a nursing home for 2 and a half years. The first place I worked at ...
  8. Thanks that's what it was shadowing etc, more like an orientation period. Spoke with some members of the health care team, they said I'll be getting a call in a few days. Fingers crossed.
  9. CrystalClear75

    Ramifications of taking benzo to deal with stress of job?

    I have anxiety and take xanax when needed only under very stressful circumstances...if I don't my performance suffers due to increased heart rate, being all diaphoretic etc. This job is very stressful and I think that if you feel the need for someth...
  10. I never heard of a 2nd interview lasting that long. Anyone know?
  11. CrystalClear75

    Could somebody answer these questions for my interview...

    Yes I guess it is a good sign...I will be there for 8 and a half hours though...I'm wondering what the heck I'll be asked or what this 2nd interview will entail. yhan they asked me about how I dealt with a conflict of some kind with a co worker and h...
  12. [color=#333333]got a second interview...looks promising but i'm not convinced til it's finalized...i'm not worried about the backround check but the second interview is where the ultimate decision is made on whether or not i'm hired. in good spirits....
  13. CrystalClear75

    Could somebody answer these questions for my interview...

    Well I got a second interview is that a good sign?
  14. CrystalClear75

    Could somebody answer these questions for my interview...

    I just wanted some insight I wasn't going to write word for word it's been so long since i've studied this and i have no experience, i just wanted to hear what other people had to say and perhaps put in into my OWN perspective :) this is what i real...
  15. Please I am so nervous and ready for bed in an hour...if I can get these down packed with confidence i'd be able to sleep soundly...what do these interviewers want to here. Tell me about yourself. 2. What led to your interest in nursing? 3. Describ...