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OK I know this sounds stupid but I have a friend that gets really freaked out before big tests like finals, HESI, NCLEX, and usually we get together and a few days before I start throwing out random facts at her. On 2 different... Read More

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    Quote from Jules A
    Great thread. Check all these for accuracy before committing them to memory of course and feel free to correct me if needed.

    1. Dilantin can cause gingival hypoplasia, advise good oral hygiene and freq. dental visits, IVP 25-50 mg/min

    2. Placentia Previa is painless, bright red bleed

    3. Abruption is painful, board-like abdomen

    4. Need MAP of 70-90 to perfuse organs

    5. Vitamin C can cause false + occult blood

    I forgot all about vit C causing false + ......this is great!
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    A few more.... and forgive the spelling it is way late and my brain is turning to MUSH.

    Avoid herbal supps like ginsing, ginger, ginko, garlic (all the G's) if on any clotting drugs/products (coumadin, platelets, ASA, Plavix)

    High triglycerides may cause a false HIGH Hemoglobin A1C (normal is 2.6-6)

    Deer ticks transmit Lyme Disease and it is most common in the NE Atlantic states. (Go figure I thought it was down here in the South)

    Think of pain last or as a psychosocial UNLESS: Burns, sickle cell crisis, or kidney stones.

    Anemia of pregnancy is common in the 2nd trimester due to rapid expanding blood volume and is not a cause for concern. It can get as low as 10.5 and still be OK. 1st and 3rd trimesters can go as low as 11 and still be ok

    Preterm labor--after 20 weeks and before 37

    true labor INCREASES with activity and usually moves from the back to the front (according to our instructors but from personal experiance IT HURT ALL OVER THE DANG PLACE AND INCREASED WITH EVERYTHING).

    Recommended weight gain for pregnancy 1.5-16 kg or 25-35 lbs HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH yeah right. I myself classified as Shamu's little sister by week 39.

    OK one more for 2nite....
    normal newborn jaundice-- AFTER 24 hours of life
    pathologic jaundice-- BEFORE 24 hours of life
    *feed orally ASAP because if it gets too high Kernicterus (brain damage that I can't spell right now)

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    Okay I got one...sorry if this is offending..but it is how I remember acid base imbalances...

    If it come out your ass...its metabolic acidosis...
    by vomitting...metabolic alkalosis...
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    I am just a lurking RN here (took NCLEX last year)... This thread is wonderfully helpful I wish I had had it when I was studying!!! Great idea! Good luck everyone! Some tips from me (no new knowledge, just tips):

    1. do NOT study day before test, take that time to relax!

    2. BREATHE!!!

    3. DO NOT take the test if you are not READY!!! (in CA I believe you can cancel/reschedule up to 24 hrs before test, if necessary, take advantage of this!)

    4. you graduated from nursing school, they gave you a great foundation to BUILD on, don't feel bad if you run upon TONS of stuff you never knew... This will happen every day when you are an RN!

    5. if you prepare properly and adequately, YOU WILL PASS!

    6. do not be ashamed if you do not pass on try #1, many great RNs didn't, and in 1, 2, 3, 10 years it won't matter you will still be an RN!!!

    CHEERS to you all... We need you out there on the floor helping us!!! Now get back to the books! :redpinkhe
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    OK I am working on some more random facts but while I do that.....

    *like maybe precautions or isolation or just anything

    and any other childhood disease that a mother of THREE eight year olds should know but can't think of right now!!!!

    Thanks for keepin it going! If this thread is helping you, help us by keepin it going! We ALL are AWESOME and have stuff in our heads that others can learn from!
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    1. priority unstable pt- words to look for: cyanotic, sudden, increasing pain, hypoxic, restlessness

    2. when left with two choices pick the one thing you can do to make pt. comfortable, safe, and more stable

    3. no narcotics to any head injury..wont be able to accurately assess loc. so pick the narcotic if you have an order to question.

    4. fluid resus. burn formula: kg x 4ml/kg x %(burn area)= total
    give half of total in first 8 hours

    5. after thyroid surgery-maintain airway-keep emergency trach set nearby, check for blood at sides and back of dressing, teach pt to support neck

    6. bucks traction-no pins tongs. skin traction

    7. should not hear a bruit over anything except dialysis shunts. if so this is the unstable pt

    8. dvt- elevate extremity, bed rest, warm (not hot) compresses

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    hmmmm let me think..

    Rubella- rash on face goes down to neck and arms then trunk and legs
    pregnant women should avoid contact with any child who has Rubella or just recieved the vaccine. if she does she has to get vaccine after she has delivered

    mmr #1 @ 12- 15 months mmr #2 4-6 years old

    anyone got something on the others?
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    PMI for heart sounds on an adult= Left 5th ICS lateral to the Left nipple. If you get the diagram don't put the X on a rib.

    Angle of Louis- manubrial-sternal junction at the 2nd inter costal space.

    Don't forget>>> if you are adding up I&O and it says the patient had 8 oz of water.....multiply 8 by 30 to get ML.

    before checking or measuring fundal height have the patient empty her bladder! A full bladder can throw off the measurement by 3cm.

    Fetal Fibronectin (FFN) Test helps determine >>pre-term labor

    Draw regular CLEAR insulin FIRST.

    Meniers disease= ringing in the ears and hearing damage cause from HIGH sodium levels. Need diuretics. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, and ETOH

    Meningitis= look for nuchal rigidity, Kernigs sign(can't extend knee when hip is flexed) and Brudinskis sign (flex neck and knee flexes too) petichial rash. People who have been in close contact may need Rifampin as a prevention. Vaccine for meningitis after 65 years of age and every 5 years
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    MI=#1 pain relief, helps decrease 02 demand

    Acute Asthma = diffuse expiratory wheezes

    Cessation of wheeze omnimous

    Infective endocarditis = murmur

    Fluid overload = auscultate lungs 1st

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    Wow what a great thread! I think ya'll touched up on some really good concepts! I may have some to throw in here....however I'm taking today off...I think.
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