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CrazyScrubNurse BSN, RN

ER/ OR/ PACU and now Occupational Health
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CrazyScrubNurse is a BSN, RN and specializes in ER/ OR/ PACU and now Occupational Health.

RN- ER/OR/PACU & 8 years previous experience as a scrub in OR/L&D

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    Wgu bsn start date 11/1/15

    I am!!
  2. CrazyScrubNurse


    What do you need to know?
  3. CrazyScrubNurse

    COHN Exam

    Howdy! I am taking the COHN exam on Nov 30th and am pretty nervous! I have been working in Occ Health for about 3 years (previous 10 years was in the OR). I am trying to study but it seems like so much content with little interesting material! Anyone have any tips on things that I should focus on for the test? Is it super hard? I'll take any tips or advice!!! Thanks everyone-- Courtney
  4. CrazyScrubNurse

    ER RN salary

    AS AN RN???? If so baby u need to cross your western border and come over here to Texas!!!! The GNs fresh out of school, are starting out at $23- $24 an hour!
  5. CrazyScrubNurse

    RN vs. EMS

    Hey all, OK I have just totally worked myself up into a tissy by trying to look for this question on an EMS website.....as an RN...BAD IDEA!! They are so full of themselves that you can't even get the content because they are talking about how they are superior to RN's and make diagnosis and blah blah freakin blah!!! Off the soap box now and soon pulse will return to normal resting rate. I was actually looking for a list of skills that EMT's and EMT-P's can perform legally in TX. Here is my issue: I work at a chem plant, I am the only RN here. In this world my boss thinks Paramedics are the end all, be all, of the medical world. I have an ER with 3 beds. I have almost 1700 employees at this site. I have 3 paramedics and about 100 EMTs but I really have no idea the scope of an EMT. I pretty much know what a paramedic can do for we have protocols that they follow but I am not sure at all what an EMT basic can actually do. I have only been working in this industry for about 3 months as I was an OR and ER nurse before. The hospital world is VERY different from the Occupational Health World. My dealings with EMS before were when they were dropping my patients off or assisting in a code after dropping my patient off. SO if you have any idea can you please let me know.
  6. CrazyScrubNurse

    OHN Salary.....

    Hey guys, I am getting picked up by the chemical plant that I have been working at for several months through a staffing agency. It is a large worldwide coorporation. I am the only RN here at this site. I do have 3 paramedics and we have a doctor on sire monday-thursday and do all employee physicals and pre-employment physicals. I also have an ER with 3 beds. Plant has about 1000 employees and 700 contractors so I have around 1700 that I see or am responsible for treating in the ER if needed. I was previously an OR nurse ad ER nurse and this is my first job in occ health. I know they are going to ask me for a salary quote and I don't want to sell myself short so I just don't know what to ask for. It may help to know im in the Houston TX area. Sooooo..... anyone have any ideas? You are more than welcome to private message me if you don't want to reply to the thread. Thanks a bunch! More info on What Is Occupational Health Nursing? Salary? :nurse:CDM
  7. CrazyScrubNurse


    I started a "Random Fact Throwing" thread for NCLEX but all of the info is the same for HESI so check out that thread there are so many pages of random fact that were sent in that it was super helpful! I will tell you what I noticed about HESI though...the questions cover ALL subject matter. So expect a little of everything. Some of the questions even gave me a laugh because they would be just crazy stuff like ....A 65 year old man fell out of a tree into a bathtub...... HA HA. But anyway I found that HESI was MUCH more difficult than NCLEX. I didn't even have any OB on NCLEX and very few psych or pedi but HESI had it all. Another thing that alot of our students at my school found out after 3 rounds of trying to pass the exit HESI was study NCLEX books! Many of us for both HESI and NCLEX didn't really study content but just did tons and tons of questions in any order (like you may have a few OB then med-surg, psych) Just random questions. But seriously check out the random fact throwing thread! Good Luck. Oh and by the way I also found out that most of the question trainers that score you will score low. I was so freaked out because I kept getting low scores and thinking I was not going to pass but then when I finally took both tests I ended up with like a 986 on HESI and passed NCLEX with 75 questions.
  8. CrazyScrubNurse

    Are Students Protesting HESI??

    Love ya girl...keep your head up!!
  9. CrazyScrubNurse

    OR Pet peeves

    Oh my favorite.... House super calls (from the OR desk extension) on a Saturday morning saying that the borrowed instruments for the big ortho case in an hour are here and when you ask if they are ready and sterile you can actually hear her unlatching the pans and opening the lids as she says "I don't know". uuuhhhhhh DUUUUHHHH Oh but even freakin better..... when your on scrub call and just drive 45 minutes home and pull in the drive way only to get called right back for a freakin REMOVAL OF HEMODIALYSIS CATH!!!! What????? So you drive back in and the surgeon decides (when you finally get there) just to throw on some gloves and snip the sutures and pull it in holding!!!!! AAAGGGHHHHH Kill me! Oh another good one...when you are scrubbing and have opened all of your stuff and are ready and waiting on the doc and your nurse comes in the room (while you are NOT in the room) and takes an instument set off of your freakin table because "you won't need that" Being a new circulator after scrubbing for the last 8 years my new pet peeve is other nurses treating me like a retard because I am a new RN when they were just content on asking my advice on stuff 6 months ago when I was a tech! Sorry to say but... I am hating being a circulator so far. My only other nursing pet peeve is trying to work and train in a room with another nurse because I can never get my own pattern going because either they have already done it, moved it, charted it, put it up, never got it, or don't want to let me do it! I am so ready to fly solo.
  10. CrazyScrubNurse

    Run get it...scrub tech student!

    I LOVE OR STORY TIME...... OK I have one... We had this ENT who was older than DIRT and would bring his can of diet coke in the OR everyday even though we told him over and over that he could not have it in the OR. He left it in the room between cases one day and we took it and sterilized it and had it sitting on the corner of the back table when he came back into the room for the next case. He thought he had put it down there and the string of cuss words directed at himself was too funny for words. There is one plastics guy that asks new scrubs for Henway after the long search they finally come back flustered and ask "Sir what is a Henway?" and he replies "About 2 lbs" Love it!
  11. CrazyScrubNurse

    Are Students Protesting HESI??

    OK I took both HESI and NCLEX and our school had the same drama that all of yours are having. Here is what I came up with NCLEX was a freakin JOKE compared to HESI!!!!! I did very well on HESI but most of my class has taken both and agrees, HESI was a much different and much WORSE. I think that the schools use HESI to weed out the students that may not pass NCLEX so that their school does not look bad in the stats that the state boards put out. Plus the schools lose money and possibly accredidation when their students don't pass NCLEX by certain percent the first time. Oh and if you don't think nursing school could drive a person to suicide, then reserch the internet about depression and suicide rates among nursing students. It's not that far fetched! Try thinking that in 3 months you will finally be able to feed your children (because lord knows the government wont help you unless you are illegal and have 9 kids), kids that you raise alone, and then having the chance yanked out from under you by a stupid exit test that was sprung on you last minute, when if given the chance you would most likely pass NCLEX and be a nurse. I had the wonderful fortune of not having that situation and don't even know what I would have done if I was in it (considering nursing school seriously damaged my psychological integrity as it was). :)~ Off the soap box now, Courtney RN
  12. CrazyScrubNurse

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Just an NCLEX observation.... I don't know about anyone elses test but let me give you a little insight on mine. NOTHING on my test was extremely specific. What I mean is there was no question about what specific level the fractured spine was at. They know that you already made it through school so I think they are mainly trying to test your nursing skills/ critical thinking. Most of it was general nursing stuff like ...what would you tell the patient if..... what statement by the patient would you question....... And I had a TONS of patient teaching questions....TONS!!!! What is the most important thing to teach your patient when........ (meds, procedures, post op) All of the stuff was really general. I would brush up on all things CARDIAC, & cancer and chemo stuff (I say that because my school taught us NOTHING at all about Cancer or it's treatments). Sauders 4th ed is a really great review book!
  13. CrazyScrubNurse

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    yeah well I have been an RN for a total of like 18 hours now so I wouldn't consider myself a real authority of any subject. I knew Vitamin K was the antidote, I just never have to use it in my job setting so I was not really clear on trade name. Sorry about that.
  14. CrazyScrubNurse

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    "Antidote for Coumadin- Aquamephyton" OK FYI...Aquamephton is also known as Vitamin K. It kinda freaked me out seeing it and I looked it up in Davis' Drug Guide. I am kinda tired of feeling like a storage box for medical information.....how about you. DANG the content that we are responsible for is so VAST!!!!!
  15. CrazyScrubNurse

    Verbal orders in texas from Medical assistant

    We were told both in school AND in hospital orientation that this is a HUGE NO NO!!!!!!! We were told that an RN in no way was to take an order from anyone but another NURSE/PA or of course the Doc. If it were me I would ask for a title before any order was even given because I worked WAY too hard for my license to lose it over a mistake made by a person who can't even pronounce common medical words. But that is just me. Go check out the nurse practice act on the Texas BNE website. I am sure they have something addressing this issue.
  16. CrazyScrubNurse

    For recent NCLEX passers......

    I used Saunders 4th ed to review stuff that I was not confient about or needed a review on ---> cancer, chemo, radiation chapter...READ IT! I also would suggest reading the CV chapter and also the AIDS stuff. I used the Sunders Q&A book also but just for a few questions. Mainly, I looked over my critial care notes from class, and read the Kaplan book that a friend let me borrow because I couldn't afford a class. I also did most of the Mosby's NCLEX review cards. My test was mostly patient teaching...I could not beleive it! They were over everything under the sun from post op patient teaching, to pharmacology patient teaching, to procedure patient teaching. NOT something I ever even thought about focusing on! Lots of home care sort of stuff too. Good luck! Don't forget about that Cancer chapter though!

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