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  1. VA NP Grade Determination?

    All title 38 nurses get boarded by the professional standards board for initial offer. They based it solely off the contents of your resume and how it aligns with the professional standards boards requirements for each level. It is very very importan...
  2. I can't do chest compressions (CPR) will I be terminated?

    Well, I am a manager for someone that couldn't do CPR, and at my facility there is a waiver process involved. My staff member did receive a waiver bc of the proximity of other CPR trained staff in the area and her medical condition. If you are an oth...
  3. Feeling guilty about calling in sick.

    we have up to two hours after our shift starts to call in. I have called in 15 minutes before my shift due to a car accident. Life happens.
  4. VA Hiring Process

    calling of references is very good....at our VA that means your looking at being selected if you pass the hiring/HR processes.
  5. Nursing School and Life

    yes! nursing school sucks. work life balance as a nurse can be hard too! hope u find balance and hey 3 months left...you're almost there!
  6. Which States Have Nursing Union Jobs?

    The VA is unionized :-) and no it isn't hard to get in, USAJOBS...takes a long time to get hired but it isn't challenging.
  7. I have been a RN since 2008. I make great money and have great hours. I'm in leadership and am able to impact change. But, I'm not satisfied in my career, I feel stagnate. If I could do it again I would go for a terminal degree like pharmD or MD. Nur...
  8. Medication

    when I was nursing I asked the pharmacy and they did have a special book....but with drugs you should be looking for the "pregnancy classification" that's in all drug books.
  9. VA shifts

    our Va has 12s and 8s. also have weekend package 36 hours get paid for 40
  10. VA Nurse Pay Scales

    night is 10% of hourly weekend is 25% and yes if u work a weekend or night on the weekend it is 35%.
  11. VHA RN .9FTE

    I know a VA that does the weekend package 36 hours for 40 hours of pay.
  12. What do you love about being a Nurse Manager?

    being able to impact change and develop successful nurses
  13. CBOC Assistant Manager

    yes it is VERY heavily weighted, good luck!
  14. CBOC Assistant Manager

    Your "packet" will go before a board and you must write to the qualification standards of the professional nursing board. Google it to get help writing it, it's what they base your pay on in addition to education and experience. I don't know any CBOC...
  15. VA Nurses Salary or Hourly?

    Correct. You will be offered a salary but that is without differentials.