A lot of Select All That Apply questions?

  1. Okay, okay, okay! Let me get this straight, is it true if you get a lot of select all that apply questions on the nclex that means you're passing? Because I been hearing a lot of people say it's a good sign. When I think about it, I have a friend who only got 4 sata questions and she failed. Then I got another friend who got about 10 she passed. Is this myth true? How many of you failed the Nclex and only gotten a few sata questions? How many passed and gotten a lot of sata questions? Or did you fail and still get a lot of sata questions? Or who passed and only gotten a few? Let's take a poll on this one. Write back with your responds.
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  3. by   Fiori1020
    So, I took the NCLEX for the third time last week and using the PVT, the system allows me to fully register for another exam and I am soooo devastated, I dont know how else to study or what else to do...where am I going wrong? I had about 8 SATAs easy ones, as I thought...I wont know my weaknesses until I receive the failed letter from PV . From the past 2 failed letters, I AM ALWAYS ON THE BORDERLINE PASSING!!!!! It's unreal!!! Guess I simply need to calm down! Just with 2 small kids family sacrificing this all over and over and failing all these times...makes me want to give up! I feel horrible for my family who push me to go ahead and do it over and over again until I pass...but the question is when and at what expense! G-d bless them all!

    I ran out of time, did 220 questions...and as I read from the sheet they gave me before the exam that morning that if you run out of time, then you should get the last 60 ques correct or something along those lines to pass...so here I had around 8 SATAs, 2 drug calc, a lot of infection controls, some prioritization and of course many drug pharm quest. good luck to you!
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  4. by   Silverdragon102
    SATA is just a format style of questions and we have had many pass or fail with lots or none
  5. by   sheila0313
    Sorry to hear you didn't pass, never give up, okay! Now Fiori1020 said she had many sata but they were easy, how had easy sata and passed?
  6. by   sheila0313
    I'm sorry I meant How many had sata questions that seemed easy, but you passed?
  7. by   oscarfarnacio
    I know people that have passed the NCLEX only getting 3-4 SATA, and people that failed that got 10+ SATA...its really random, so anythings possible
  8. by   Fiori1020
    Quote from oscarfarnacio
    I know people that have passed the NCLEX only getting 3-4 SATA, and people that failed that got 10+ SATA...its really random, so anythings possible
    Absolutely true, nope as far as trusting the Pearson Vue Trick, I failed and as i said I had about 8 if not more, does not mean anything...so as mentioned study hard and know the science behind what you see and try not to memorize...try to understand, as mentioned I am always on that borderline pass but fail. Last time I also had many SATAs, all 265 questions full 6 hrs and failed. So G-d is with us all, there is a pefect time for everything...ours as well ...with G-d's help, we will do just fine! All the best!
  9. by   caliotter3
    I would not waste time worrying about this. You have no way to predict the type of questions or what they will be about. Best to just concentrate on learning the subject material.
  10. by   csaund29
    I took the NCLEX yesterday and at least 1/3 of my test was SATA. I got 75 questions with no math and no alt format questions. I did the PVT and got the good pop up but I'm still waiting anxiously to find out if I passed! Good luck to you!
  11. by   sheila0313
    How do you think you did on the sata questions? Did it seem difficult?
  12. by   rzyzzy
    Here's a letter from my states Board of Nursing -


    If you scroll down a bit, you'll see a quote that will likely surprise you -

    "Everyone that takes NCLEX misses about half of the questions."

    How someone "felt" they did isn't likely to be accurate.
  13. by   illbeanrn
    When I took m NCLEX last October I had like 15-20 SATA's but yet I failed. So I think it isn't true.
  14. by   DisneybearRN
    I had 18 SATA in 75 questions and passed.