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  1. Fiori1020

    School Nursing

    Good Morning to all nurses! I am a public health nurse seeking to pursue public school nurse. I have 5 kids of my own and find it diff with the schedule, job is endless with its paperwork. I need some peace of mind and more stability despite tje lower salary of school nurse. Any advice of pros and cons of public school nurse? Please advise. Thank you and have a great day!
  2. Fiori1020

    Question: Where are the nursing jobs?

    Any jobs in NY for new grads, very difficult to find! Plz help! Thank you.
  3. Fiori1020

    RN graduate / PLZ HELP!!!

    Hello to all RNs and/or future RNs, I am a new RN graduate passed the boards last MAY 2011, have a previous BS in Health Care Administration with experience in managed care. I have applied almost everywhere, I am still jobless and very agitated at this point. Any advice, hints and directions as to how to land that first job (any floor!) would greatly and sincerely be appreciated! Best of luck to all the new grads out there!
  4. hello everyone, i have been in the same boat for a year now, passed my boards last May 2011 in NYC and still looking, personally and directly applying into local hospitals and nursing homes, including home care agencies VNS, MJHS. I have a BS in another major (Hospital Mgt) with experience in managed care and yet still no hires. Any advice, hints, directions as to how to land that first job (any dept as an RN) would greatly and sincerely be appreciated. Good luck to all the new grads!
  5. Fiori1020

    May 2011 NCLEX-RN Overcomers

    Thanks for all the prayers! This morning I saw my license # on DOP! whewww such great relief...4th try!!!!! Congrats to all overcomers!!!! Good luck to all!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  6. Fiori1020

    Infection control NCLEX.

    As I have learned from Feuer lecture on infection control, which made great sense, not to confuse you, when a patient has respiratory problems like the flu or pertussis we put them on droplet but we also maintain contact precautions because these organisms will come in contact with the environment so they will be on both. NCLEX may not test to that extent but never say never because those organisms will also be in the environment and contact precautions would need to be maintained, i.e. if a nurse has significant contact or interaction with the environment for a patient on droplet precautions, a gown would be used along with a mask (droplet). Droplet --> if closer than 3 feet, need a mask. But pneumonia in itself would be droplet if we had to chose from 2 choices droplet OR contact. Hope this helps AND not confuses. :)
  7. Fiori1020

    Passed on my 4th TRY! Thank YOU G-d!

    You can get A LOT more INFO when you click at the very top thread of this forum called ANYONE FOR RANDOM FACT THROWING, great review...if you need further clarification on any topics, make sure to fall back on your study books. Be well!
  8. Fiori1020

    wants to give up

    I did it and so will you...passed on 4th try! Yes I graduated a yr n half ago!!!! I did forget a lot, went back on track each time and simply did my best! You can do it, just believe in yourself...never give up...you made it through this far, a step closer---> you're at your goal! Best to you!
  9. Fiori1020

    Passed on my 4th TRY! Thank YOU G-d!

    Best of luck to you, do many practice questions and make sure to read the rationales for ALL the answer choices, the right AND the wrong ones to gain knowledge. Brush up on your content if you feel the need to review some topics and do questions pertaining to those topics (i.e. Saunders Comprehensive has questions at the end of each chapter). Use those mnemonics for infection control, modes of transmission...NCLEX wants to make sure you wont start another epidemic, know your lab values, know your electrolyte values (what does it mean when its lower than normal or higher than normal, which manifestations occur and possible causes, management)--> for example, potassium 3.5-5.0meq, possible cause of hyperkalemia is cell destruction, acidosis and what the clinical picture (how do you see the patient present himself) seizures and/or EKG changes, cardiac arrhythmias, neuromuscular irritability. Know the common meds and their side effects (i used memory aids prefixes, roots, suffixes to memorize common ones), drug calculations is a must (break your math anxiety if you got one, practice makes perfect), know the ECG cardiac rhythms/appearance and management ( i had a question), different therapeutic diets, burns, 5 rights of delegation, cranial nerves ( i had a question). Try to relax the day before the exam, get yourself together, make sure to have breakfast :), think positive and believe in yourself, trust in G-d. You have studied hard enough, you can and will do it...Best of luck! Memory Aid for some drugs (Prentice Hall) -ase, -plase - thrombolytic agent (-ase usually indicates enzyme) ex: alteplase, streptokinase, reteplase - azole - antifungal antimicrobial ex: fluconazole, clotrimazole, miconazole cef-, ceph- cephalosporin, antibiotic: check allergy to this class and penicillins ex: cephalexin, cefazolin -cillin - penicillin, check allergy ex: amoxicillin, penicillin -dipine - calcium channel blocker, antianginal, antihypertesive ex: amlodipine, nifedipine, nicardipine - olol, -lol - beta adrenergic blocker, antianginal and/or antihypertensive ex: propranolol, atenolol, labetolol nitr- - nitrate, vasodilator, antianginal ex: nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate -parin -anticoagulant, heparin -phylline -Xanthine type of bronchodilator ex: aminophylline, theophylline -prazole - GI proton pump inhibitor, antiulcer ex: omeprazole, lansoprazole -pril - Angiotensin converting enzyme(ACE) inhibitor ex: captopril, enalapril, lisinopril antihypertensive -sone, -lone, pred- corticosteroid ex: prednisone, betamethasone, dexamethasone -statin lipid lowering agent ex:pravastatin, simvastatin -vir antiviral, antiinfective ex: acyclovir, cidofovir -zepam, -zolam benzodiazepine, antianxiety, sedative/hypnotic ex: diazepam, lorazepam, midazolam -know the medication administration rights as well...know the therapeutic drug levels (i.e. digoxin 0.5-2.0) Neurovascular Status: checking the 6Ps Pain, Pallor, Polar, paresthesia, paralysis and pulse... GOOD LUCK!
  10. Fiori1020

    Passed on my 4th TRY! Thank YOU G-d!

    Good Morning to all future nurses! With G-d's help and guidance I have passed my NclexRN on the 4th try FINALLY being sick with a bad cold (a week and half before the exam), pregnant and unprepared BUT my anxiety level was under control this time more than the other few times (which is my serious problem thus making me fail by OVERthinking the questions!) DO NOT EVER give up on your goals, aim forward and at the right point in time you will succeed and achieve! Initially I took Kaplan TWICE with the Qbank questions, using their very useful strategies, failed due to my anxiety with 109 questions. Second time I had the max questions 265 (6 drained hours didnt take breaks!) I rushed BIG TIME to answer all for some odd reason, third time I ran out of time failed again BUT used different strategies to study on my own ISOLATED from family, friends, my kids USED FEUER REVIEW audio lectures HIGHLY recommend! I made NOTES while listening to the lectures and focused on my weak points going back to Saunders content to brush up a bit and Mosby/NCLEX 3500/Lippincott CDs answering MORE MORE AND MORE QUESTIONS practice makes it really very perfect ( i even got the same question exactly as I saw it on Mosby disc about PPE and infection control). AND LOTS OF PRAYER THE NIGHT AND MORNING OF THE EXAM! Fourth time I stayed there for 2 hrs (thinking if the computer will stretch this exam longer than 75 Qs ill simply pass out) I was quick on answering my questions NOT thinking twice about it, whether i know or not, nclex for the most part is black & white, no ifs and or buts while reading the answer choices...or else i have a very bad habit of changing my answers!!!. I got home, did the PVT got a good pop up and still awaiting to check my license # on DOP. Compared to the first few times of taking the NCLEX, this time I was certainly LESS prepared, More confident, LESS anxious (thinking whatever ill either pass or fail ITS JUST A TEST simply DO YOUR BEST!) I had many infection control questions (used those mnemonics posted on this site, AMAZING JOB), pediatric developmental stages, common meds, psych disorders, safe and effective care, lots of prioritization, management of care...NOTHING YOU CANT HANDLE! YOU CAN DO IT...dont give up, study, answer many practice questions from any book you can get a hold on, pray and THINK POSITIVE! BEST TO ALL the future nurses! I am here for any advice!
  11. Fiori1020

    Wait Time on Pearson Vue Quick Vue

    Hello everyone! I took my NCLEX RN this morning 8AM and I just tried the PVT trick and got a good pop up! Computer shut off at 75 questions! I thought the questions were really easy with common drugs...i have a cold and pregnant and still cant believe this is true...praying I see my license # on DOP very soon. I so was NOT prepared this time, my 4th time taking!!! Trust in G-d, everything is planned and HE does it ALL for your best, always! IM in SHOCK!!! (too good to be true!) I pray for all to see this good pop up. Never give up!!! You can do it! I did it all with HIS HELP only!!! Thank you for all your prayers!!!
  12. Fiori1020

    Anyone taken the NCSBN Online Review

    Congrats on your passing!!! :yeah:Did you get a lot of pharm meds you havent heard of?! im so petrified of these meds, there is no way i can possibly know the whole drugbook!! :confused:Im studying simply the common ones! My exam's in one week!!! How was your exam in general? thanks and congrats again!
  13. Fiori1020

    Fundal Height..Question

    Usually after the first trimester, the uterus is palpable in the abdomen. Its height can be measured with a cm tape measure, from the top of symphysis pubis to the top of fundus. The fundal height corresponds well with weeks of gestation, especially between 20 & 31 weeks. For ex, 24cm would suggest 24weeks' gestation. (Old's clinical handbook on maternal/newborn nursing) It is great & concise for review. Hope this helped. All the best.
  14. Fiori1020

    Just took NCLEX 75Q..need encouragement!

    Think positive! Be certain you passed! Stay strong...praying for you! Good luck!
  15. Fiori1020

    pay attention to the drugs on TV

    oh oh, which meds are those?!
  16. Fiori1020

    Helen Feuer NCLEX prep

    I've been listening to the feuer audio lectures for past month and so far the information is really straight to the point, also depends on the lecturer. They make sure you understand the science behind what you see in the hospital so it lasts for a while, not simple memorization of the facts. I would recommend it but of course the full package is expensive, for any student that is. Mostly depends on YOU not the course you're choosing...its YOU and how much YOU put into it...praying as well is an essential part of our success ! I took Kaplan for almost $400 with a discount that was AND I FAILED! So, rely on yourself only and your study habits and of course the great inspiration you get from ALLNURSES! WE will do great! Best of luck!