MedSurg SATA Questions Struggling

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MedSurg SATA Questions Struggling

I had my first 2 exams and I keep doing horrible on them...
since 30% of the questions are "Select all that apply". (All or nothing for points)

I will usually just end up missing one but then the whole question is marked wrong. 

Not sure how to go about this because this was my same problem on the first exam  I continue to do practice questions.

Since I know/understand the information/content on the exam.... its super upsetting/frustrating when I don't get the grade I hoped for.


I am desperate and don't want to fail.


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Have you contacted the Study Skills department at your school? SATA really are an art and a science. See if there are some study groups - sometimes just talking these through is very helpful.


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So what I ended up doing in school which served me well on the NCLEX: 

treat each answer as a stand alone. Eliminate any options that are straight up wrong. Then eliminate any options that are partly wrong (because partly wrong IS wrong) then the rest should apply. My NCLEX ended up being about 50% sata but I was ready. 75 questions/75 mins. 
don't overwhelm yourself dissect the question, underline key clues and know that the rest od the question or scenario

is just fluff. Download UWorld and randomly do some questions on downtime. 

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I highly suggest using UWorld and practice those SATA questions. There is a strategy for answering these types of questions. UWorld does a great job of explaining. 

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