5th time nclex taker

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    hi. i need ur help!!! i took nclex already 4th times and no luck yet. i already tried Excell review in burbank and kaplan twice but did not help. i graduated 2010 and since then twice a yr i stop working couple of mos or so and focus my review. i have my att valid until march 25 2014 and im still working. im planning to start focus review feb1. do you think 2 mos of everyday review is enough? i will try the american healthways at this time. can u me some advices and suggestions that u may think will help me to pass this? im
    hopeless sometimes and blaming myself being not smart enough to pass. or God is not
    letting me to pass because im a sinner. cant stop thinking what to do.. HeLP!!! thanks

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    help plss
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    hey there, I also failed the nclex..I have purchased Hurst for content...If you don't feel confident with content pick Hurst..Its awesome!..I seem to retain a great deal of info ..I will be taking mine for the 2nd time on Jan...I am giving myself 2 mo as well...as long as I feel 100% CONFIDENt I will go ahead take the exam..dON'T RUSH IT!!...I would suggest to pick ONE source for only content and various sources for q's...I really wish you the best..have a schedule and try to follow...God bless! WE WILL SUCCEED
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    Erm, I am sure this has you feeling down. You graduated in 2010, wow.

    Are there any places near you that offer nursing refresher courses?
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    I'm going to be blunt and speak openly here.
    Taking the NCLEX and failing it 4 times already is a reliable sign of a deeper seated issue. How have you done in nursing school, did you get good/decent grades (B, B+, As?), were your grades consistent? Could numero 4 have happened because of some fluke that was completely out of your control each time you sat down to take the NCLEX? I find it hard to believe this could be the case.

    The most important question is - how sure are you that this is the right profession for you?

    Say you take the NCLEX the 5th time, and you pass, and you are left feeling that you barely scraped by ... Next up! Taking care of patients (how about increased pt load??), pts who may be very critically ill, or in an emergent situation, and rely on YOUR solid nursing judgment and knowledge. You have your license, you are autonomous and solely responsible for decisions that you make. Will you be able to step up and take care of your patient(s)? Even if you are a new grad and under the guidance of another RN, this does not mean you can "just kinda hope for the best".

    If I had a family member/loved one who was critically ill and under your care, and I knew about your past academic history, I would request another nurse. Patients do not have the luxury of knowing, they simply have to place their trust in you, end of story.
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    hey mnelmac,

    Please, DO NOT listen to fancypants09's comment !!!!
    Failing the nclex 4 times has ABSO NOTHING to do with what kind of nursing student you were or what kind of nurse you will be.
    You will PASS, You have to approach test this exam different.

    I will inbox you.
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    Keep your head up hunn , the world wasn't ready for you to be a nurse yet , I've failed twice , your not alone . Don't like negative ppl hold you back or get into your head , just keep praying & working at it . Success feels so much better wl a struggle
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    Fancy pants has a very, very, very, very, very valid point ...
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    IM SORRY BUT SAY WHAY YALL WANT TO SAY ABOUT ME BUT.....i agree with fancypants09!!! Well maybe not so much in a negative way but i do understand 100% the point fancypants09 is trying to make. Sadly, there are alot of students who go thru nursing school and all they want to do is "pass"....not SUCCEED. And these are the ppl who take the NCLEX and fail numerous times. Gud luck to you.
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    Sorry and hope you pass some day.

    That said, I honestly believe there should be a limit on how many times you can take this test. It's not that difficult. Rather than all the drama arguing over BSN vs. ADN and all the other pathways into the profession, I would love to see them limit the test to one chance to pass. Either you pass or you don't. Then no one can argue about one degree or the other. You proved yourself and that should be the end of it.

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