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  1. Oregon-when will become a compact state??

    Ohio will be compact come Jan 2023!
  2. LTC is making me hate nursing!!!

    Yes! please move your career forward if that is what you want to do. Long-term care needs nurses, but they way we are treated there, especially RNs, is 100% not right. Please do yourself and your career a favor and move on.
  3. Desk to Travel

    Im so glad this question was asked. I was a floor nurse for years...then went to case managemrnt for 2.5 years. Then back to the hospital for a year. Some "life" situation happened with my son, which forced me to go back to case management, and here...
  4. Is Ameritech College a good program?

    Hello! I attended the online RN-BSN program. Started April 2018, finished March 2019. I did like the online program. Sorry I cant speak for the actual brick&mortar school. But ALL of the instructors were great in the online program! I can honestl...
  5. Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    You are right. Nobody should HAVE TO look into what they don't want to do. But, I was making a suggestion, NOT informing him/her they HAVE TO look into case management. It was merely a bit of advice. Dude, you got to relax. Good day!
  6. Why do RN's avoid LTC positions?

    Look into case management.
  7. Ever heard of CMs going BACK to bedside nursing?

    I am returning back to case management. Left my last job last juloo y to ocme back to the floor because I thought I was missing something. Turns out...I am not missing anything! Going back to case management a d I havent been gone a year. I no longet...
  8. Should I try LTC?

    I have been saying LTC is like babysitting for along time now...... and people often get offended. I worked long term care for 8-9 years before acquiring my RN degree, and let me tell you, hospital is better. I'm not saying hospital work doesn't ha...
  9. new probation nurse in CA - hair testing?

    Congrads!! Your almost done!
  10. Want to leave LTC

    "When you take a leap of faith, you build your wings on the way down" (Unknown). I will and do encourage anyone to get out of LTC/SNF work ASAP! I worked in SNFs for 9 years while I had my LPN license. And at was great! But soon the econom...
  11. As an LPN, I can't help but feel like I'm not a "real nurse"

    ^^THIS! Best response here!
  12. Unprofessional Conduct Online

    I couldnt have said this fast enough!
  13. Nursing Homes. The bodies are just pilling up.

    WOW!! As much as I cant stand working in LTC or the LTC sector of healthcare...this was sad to read.
  14. Progressive Care Unit

    CONGRADS! I just recently started on a PCU this past march. And a previus posyer is just deoends on one PCU to the next. We do have vents on my unit I work on. We dont run too many pressors.....but I'm still pretty new here so I dont kno...