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applepie2013's Latest Activity

  1. applepie2013

    HELP! New York Rehabilitation hospitals?

    Happy holidays everyone! Does anyone know or are working at a Neuro Rehabilitation Hospitals in NEW YORK?— thank you in advance! I'm looking to move to NY - Spring 2020 Thank you so much for your help!
  2. applepie2013

    CRRN 2020

    Hello! I am planning to take CRRN certification exam on June2020 —my reviewing materials I using are: “Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing" 7th edition book and CRRN Exam Mometrix study guide test preparation. Are those two materials enough or I need to buy the new 8th edition? what study materials did you use? Thank you! Wish you all a happy and blessed 2020
  3. applepie2013

    NYP Hiring Process

    @LalaB28 congrats! is NYP Cornell Union hospital? I would like to get a travel nursing assignment at NYP in Neuro Rehabilitation..Enjoy your new job!!!
  4. Hello AllNurses Family! Please can anyone share any info on great NY hospitals travel assignments in NEURO REHAB & WOUND CARE— I am planning to do travel nursing in NEW YORK by Spring 2020– I really appreciate your help! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  5. applepie2013

    NEW YORK- Wound Care RN jobs

    Hello! Does anyone know of great Wound care RN hospital jobs in NEW YORK? thank you!!
  6. applepie2013

    Wound certification Programs in or near NYC

    Hello! What’s the average pay for WOUND care nurse in NEW YORK? thank you! Do you know any RN wound care hospital jobs? thank you!
  7. applepie2013

    NYP Hiring Process

    Question: what are NYP —UNION locations?
  8. applepie2013


    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REPLIES I have couple of questions regarding the WOCN program @Emory: 1) When is the Bridge Week? Is it after successful completion of the course work (at end of 4 courses?) 2)When do I begin my clinical preceptorship? and how many hours in total?
  9. applepie2013


    Hello Allnurses fam! If anyone attending the EMORY WOCN program---PLEASE can you share your experience so far? I am aware of the Bridge 1 week that I must attend at Emory..Is the program ALL ONLINE? I know that each course is $1600 (total of 4 courses: Wound/Ostomy/Continence/Professional) Since I live in FL: I will need to find my own preceptors approved by Emory: Can I have WOCN team at my hospital to be my preceptors? Average program is 1 year. PLEASE let me know if I am correct and If I am missing any other info please let me know or email me at paochip7@gmail.com THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY INFO! HAVE A BLESSED DAY :)
  10. Hello! Has anyone applied for this program? What days are classes? are you able to work during this program? thank you for sharing any info in advance :) Best of luck everyone!
  11. applepie2013

    FIU 2019 bsn to FNP

    Hello everyone! I got an email for interview as well... what type of questions will they ask? How is the schedule like? Are you guys will be working? Thanks in advance :)
  12. applepie2013

    FIU DNP Program 2018

    Congrats to you guys for getting in! :) :) Please can you share your experience so far.. What type of interview questions do they ask? Thank you so much in advance :)
  13. applepie2013

    Florida International University: BSN to DNP PHMNP Spring 2019

    Hello! Anyone applied for this program?
  14. Hello Everyone! Has anyone applied for the BSN-DNP PMHNP program Spring 2019. I have received an interview invitation. How long is the interview? If you are enrolled in this program: Are you able to work Full time or Part time? ..Please can you share any info. I really appreciated! How is the schedule like? Thank you in advance! :) Best of luck!
  15. applepie2013

    UM NP program Spring 2019

    Hello! is there anyone working during FNP PART TIME track? FT or PT working hours?
  16. applepie2013

    UM NP program Spring 2019

    Hello! I have my interview next week for FNP track..How long is the interview? what days are the classes? is anyone working for the FNP part time track? Thank you in advance!! :)

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