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CRRN 2020

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I am planning to take CRRN certification exam on June2020 —my reviewing materials I using are: “Specialty Practice of Rehabilitation Nursing" 7th edition book and CRRN Exam Mometrix study guide test preparation.  
Are those two materials enough or I need to buy the new 8th edition? 

what study materials did you use?

Thank you!

Wish you all a happy and blessed 2020 🙏🎉😊😊😊




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AllInRN is a ASN, BSN and specializes in Ortho-Neuro Rehab, CRRN.

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I used Quizlet and practiced tons of questions. Good luck to you. I studied at-least 30 minutes a day on my days off for about three months. I went in feeling prepared and passed. The 7th edition should be fine. I also got the flash cards from ARN. 

best of luck to you! 

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