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AllInRN has 6 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in Ortho-Neuro Rehab, CRRN.

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  1. AllInRN

    CRRN 2020

    Hello, I used Quizlet and practiced tons of questions. Good luck to you. I studied at-least 30 minutes a day on my days off for about three months. I went in feeling prepared and passed. The 7th edition should be fine. I also got the flash cards from ARN. best of luck to you!
  2. AllInRN

    New School Nurse

    I just started training and boy oh boy the nurse's office is a busy place!!! Lots to learn, but I'm so excited to have this opportunity. Good luck to you with your training too! I am sure we will be "seeing" each other around *here*
  3. AllInRN

    New School Nurse

    Thank you all for the warm WELCOME
  4. AllInRN

    New School Nurse

    Hello Everyone, I am very excited to be starting my dream job as a school nurse very soon. I am looking forward to learning from you, laughing with you and sharing with you.
  5. AllInRN

    Bad Interview....I got the job!!! WHAT??

  6. Congrats on your CRRN certification! I am a new rehabilitation RN. I plan on getting CRRN certified when the time comes. Thanks for sharing the link about SCRN - happy new year
  7. Everyone deals with a situation like yours differently. Follow your heart. During nursing school - I had 2 tradgic deaths of close family members and 1 close family member involved in a serious accident. They all happened with in an 8 month period. It was a crazy time. Very emotional. I made the decision to remain in school and managed to balance it all. Looking back - I don't know how I did it, but I did. Graduated, passed NCLEX and starting my first RN job. I know that they are smiling down from above on me :) Hang in there!
  8. Congrats to you on your new job! Way to go
  9. AllInRN

    Got a hospital job finally!!! Hired on the spot

    Well done! That is great - Good luck in your new position!!!
  10. AllInRN

    Did I ruin my chances of being hired by a hospital?

    Yippee! Congrats!
  11. AllInRN

    Signing Off......

    What a heartfelt post, I said a prayer for you. Go in and get it girl :) I hope to see your future posts as a RN :) wishing you all the best!!!!
  12. My family.
  13. Congrats on your new job! Can't offer any advice - as I am a new grad like you starting my first RN job soon. Good luck to you.
  14. AllInRN

    4 years after graduation-offered a position on the floor!

    That's great, your determination paid off. congrats !!!!
  15. AllInRN

    Interview Tips Please!?

    Yippee!!!!!! Congrats :)