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First, I hope everyone is doing well and safe.. it’s been chaotic at my hospital with low ppe and deaths.. just wanted to spread love to all my fellow nurses— I am currently a bedside nurse and I must admit that my original plan on continuing with bedside nursing is coming to end sooner than I wanted .. how many of you are feeling like this?

After seeing how nurses are being treated in the hospital setting right now— it has made me accelerate my plans on becoming a Psych NP—- I really want to know which ONLINE PMHNP do you recommend and why???

I really appreciate any info! AGAIN THANK YOU AND PLEASE BE SAFE! God bless!

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Hi Applepie,


3 programs I know:

My long story is 18 months ago that I was accepted into an online PMHNP program and I was supposed to start Jan 2019. I  did a lot of phone calls and contacting colleges and Universities all over the US, amd researched programs --lots of work. Now, I have to start the process again (I did not start d/t becoming a first time mom!) Anyway, your post caught my attention, because I thought we could help each other. I will start my look all over again! I was admitted into Regis College -- it is expensive but you can get financial aid and they give you credit if you already have an MSN, and they do not require any campus visits! They are heavy into research papers (I looked at the curriculum) so even though it's online plan to spend lots of hours on the course work (at least for me I know it takes me much longer to work papers than study for exams!) The second program which sounded great was Washburn University -- they never returned by emails or calls after sending over all my info and getting my charge nurses and a coworker to write LORs!! They were truly annoying and I can not imagine attending a place that is that disorganized (especially online) -- Regis with all it's papers & high pricetag looked so much better. I found another school -- University of Cincinnati, they are 1/2 the cost of Regis, and give credit for the three Ps (if you've taken them) BUT -- they have zero financial aid -- they may have private loans -- but you maybe able to afford out of pocket. I don't know if this forum has PMs but if they do please pm me, I would love the support of a fellow nurse on a similar journey -- but I will warn you -- we may not get treated all that better as psych NPs (jk) -- but you know look with this pandemic no one in healthcare was really looked after in my opionion (our great country should have been prepared for a pandemic -- Bill Gates and others had warned for years of 50% chance of it and we were caught with our PPE down??? --  I agree with you that it is a goodtime to focus on advancing in our knowledge base and have more control over our work environments which I believe will be the case.  Thank you -- hope that helps. I did research a few others but let them go at the preliminary level!

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