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  1. PrevHealthNurse

    Should the pandemic education be implemented in nursing curriculum?

    hmm-- I graduated in 2015 in a straight to MSN program, and we covered epidemics and public health (perhaps because it was a MSN program?) I can say that it was most helpful as I feel like I do understand the basics of COVID-19 and am able to keep up with what is going on. If traditional nursing schools do not have a Public Health component they absolutely should -- I imagine I would feel less informed and less confident and capable if I was less educated on this.
  2. Hi New Nurse, So sorry to hear about your suffering with certain shots. For your personal health I would check if you were getting an attenuated vaccine.. which would help. Also, if you are allergic to eggs (for the flu shot), there are ways to get a non-egg based flu shot. Lastly, at least one of the trails for the COVID-19 is vaccine is using a reverse RNA method (not a typical anti-body vaccine like the yearly Flu shot) -- I would keep up on the type of vaccine they develop (this method is more like an HIV drug then a flu shot). Someone on this string also seems to be a little paranoid (government will get you type)...the whole world is watching -- this is not a conspiracy, the entire world needs this vaccine -- be logical think of how many people would have to be in concert to make this a conspiracy --- every major government! Best of luck -- take care of yourself! I do agree that likely it will be "policy" of each hospital (so different from hospital to hospital), and if you decide not to get it -- of course take extra care!
  3. PrevHealthNurse

    pmhnp programs

    You can ask the Universities Programs themselves -- they keep this info and should share it freely with you.
  4. PrevHealthNurse

    Quit or Not to Quit

    Hi -- I left you a long message about PMHNP programs on another thread. As an older mama -- just don't wait until after 44 -- it gets so much harder as (data shows that reproduction plummets at that age!) Good luck -- I just became a mom and am over 45 -- but it took a lot of IVF tries-- so put it first! I am incredibly happy with being a mom -- more important than any job ever! All the best to your parents. Use all your nurse knowledge to keep them safe!
  5. PrevHealthNurse

    All Masks Not Created Equal

    Hi All Nurses, Can you recommend good homemade or cloth masks (if there are rules on here for not selling-- I get that, but if you have any suggestions on what to look for/where! Thanks. Does anyone know how effective they are? Thank you!
  6. PrevHealthNurse

    Funny Things Patients Say Contest | Nurses Week

    Upon discharge: Thank you the room service was great.
  7. "I'mma gettin' the feeling they be paying N's to say they got it, and if the paying N's to say they got it, pay me too, pay me to too!" -- Cardi B. saying she believes celebrities are being paid to say they have COVID-19, and that she wants to be paid too.
  8. PrevHealthNurse

    Meme Contest | Nurses Week

    One Mask All Shift WOW!!??!???
  9. PrevHealthNurse

    Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    I keep telling you those peds patients don't remember the 80's hairbands!
  10. PrevHealthNurse

    PMHNP Online

    Hi I have been researching this and the online PMHNPs require you to do the heavy lifting of finding a preceptor but they do state that they will help with how to go about approaching Psychiatrists and NPs to provide clinical experience/hours. Best of Luck!
  11. PrevHealthNurse

    Nurse Heroes Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    The Super Humane League
  12. Yes, and our President giving medical advice is not helping -- only the doctors should speak on treatments!
  13. PrevHealthNurse

    New nurse, asthma, Covid-19, What do I do?

    Hi AnonNurse2012, If you do want to be a nurse do not worry you will find work (even if you take time). I am in a different but similar boat (I had a c-section and still not fully recovered and have developed reactive arthritis (I am an older Mama) and allergy enduced asthma *hyper immuno response* & had a high risk pregnancy-- so yes, battling COVID-19 now would not be pretty right now -- plus my 4 month old would miss me! So I too am asking what do I do? My maternity leave is out of pocket and so this can not go on forever! I have been praying that better treatment will get here before I have to return to work. If I were you I would get my BSN or appy to a straight through masters MSN, FNP, DNP -- why not. I know people think it's crazy to get an advanced degree without first being an RN I TOTALLY disagree. (Doctors do it all the time -- that is their training, they don't stop to be mini-docs, OK, well they do intern, but you will do clinicals. You can also take practical classes PALS, ACLS, and if you are at all interested in psych take de-escalation courses for psych (I am a psych nurse). There is no reason for you to think employers will frown upon you taking time to get more credentials and work in another area. But also know that this new reality does include being careful of super-infections, so you may need to do some soul searching to see if nursing is really a field for you -- because it is about taking care of people. The advanced degrees will help you get into different areas (Nurse educator, Administrator, or private practice). I hope that helps -- and take care --what you are going through is completely understandable -- and you have many many options -- don't create a corner you are not painted into any corner -- empower yourself, remember this is your life -- You Decide! Not others! Best of luck!!
  14. PrevHealthNurse

    Which nurses are considered frontline?

    OK, so I am one of those with over 200K (don't ask -- OK, two masters in different fields!) anyway, I did some digging (pre COVID-19) about student loan forgiveness -- the good news is that eventually after paying for 10 years (for working at a public entity loan forgiveness) 20-25 years for private entity. The hook is this these are federal loans -- what is "forgiven" is in that one year let's say 10 years from now, if I still owe say $150,000 -- it is considered forgiven BUT (and this is a big BUT) it is considered INCOME in that year and guess who gets that INCOME TAX -- the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, so it's forgiveness (sort of) -- they get their money -- don't you worry about those in Power -- they know exactly what they are doing and all these laws for benefiting the common folk -- it's like pulling teeth because of the greed. It's plain and simple. If you don't believe me call them and ask them what happens -- it took me several years to finally get a straight answer. I do think something will have to be done. All people deemed "essential workers" need something akin to the G.I. bill after WW2 (we already have more USA deaths than during Vietnam War).
  15. PrevHealthNurse

    Nurse Heroes Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane -- No, it's just nurses, doctors, and frontline people saving lives!
  16. PrevHealthNurse

    Nurse Heroes Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    Batman: "No, Superman, they don't have super powers, what they have is called 'Super Humane Powers'!"