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How do you all respond to this comment from patients? I work 7a-7p busy med surg, and have baby that wakes up several times a night. I can't help being tired, but these comments irritate me,... Read More

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    I'd share that you have a new baby, and it's a side effect of a screaming baby. Then internally remind yourself that it's actually a result of pointless call lights and running around like a ... nurse. I'd say marathon runner, but I'm pretty sure nurses run more.

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    I say " yeah I am tired. Scootch over and I'll join you for a nap".

    There is nothing wrong with admitting you are tired.
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    i am pretty pale and get puffy eyes and dark circles too. very noticiable . i use a variety of cosmetic products. some times it helps alot! other times barely and they do melt away before the shift is done and i never touch up at work.
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    Sometimes I got this comment from very nice patients who just liked me, and wanted to say something nice. I tried to take it in a good light.
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    That comment irritates me as well.

    Another nurse told me this one day and the funny part was she looked
    even more tired than I, her eyes looked like she just work up, really.

    They don't need to know your business. Like one post said, don't give them anything to gossip about.

    I might say, "Oh, really." And keep it moving...
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    "Sweet, 'tired' was the look I was going for today!"
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    I have heard this before, and it hadn't occurred to me to be irritated. I took it as a way of blabbing to me...maybe acknowledgement that I was working really hard. Unless said in a critical or negative tone of voice, this wouldn't bother me at all.
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    Don't admit to being tired and don't mention the baby or other personal matters. It can lead only to no good.

    Just tell them you've got Ebola or something.
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    Try skipping in and out of their rooms. No one looks tired when they're skipping.
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    Some patients are just showing concern for the people they know are working hard for them.
    Bless my dear geriatric patients.
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