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  1. nickel78

    Early Pregnancy and Precautions

    I'm in my second pregnancy while working as a M/S RN. I frequently care for patients on contact Iso for MRSA C. Diff, I did refuse a TB patient during my first pregnancy. I would hope not to have to take care of anyone on droplet precautions, but the situation hasn't arisen. I'm worked until 35 weeks pregnant the first time. I could have gone a few more weeks but just didn't want to, I was tired, achy and had no patience. I'm 20 weeks pregnant know but I really need to make it working til 38 weeks this time for financial reasons. luckily Im part time now and work in a new hospital where they offer 8 hour shifts, so I might give up the 12 hour shifts once I hit the 3rd trimester
  2. nickel78

    "You look tired"

    How do you all respond to this comment from patients? I work 7a-7p busy med surg, and have baby that wakes up several times a night. I can't help being tired, but these comments irritate me,
  3. Hi, I passed the NCLEX 7/10/10, and still no license number!
  4. nickel78

    Acid/Base Balance Question

    Its been a while since I did this in school but I think it is Compensated Respiratory Acidosis. The pH is in the normal range of 7.35-7.45, but its on the low end heading towards acidosis The PCO2 is too high suggesting respiratory acidosis. (Normal range for PCO2 is 35-45). However the pH is able to stay in the normal range because the HCO3, which is a base, is also elevated and is compensating for the respiratory acidosis. (Normal PHCO3 range is 22-26)
  5. Hi, just curious if anyone else has been hired into bridge to practice program at Vassar Brothers medical Center, poughkeepsie, ny. I'm anxiously awaiting to hear if I start in June or August:)

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