Sit the last one out? Mulling this over....

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    I have not missed any clincal days.
    Others in class are talking about which day they're calling in because they never missed a day either.
    One professor actually said she does not mind when students don't show, because it makes the day easier for her. This is not my professor, mind you.

    Last time I did this semester, I got to the next to the last day and got the boot. I'm not worried about doing anything wrong this time, but I'm thinking that since I have not missed any clincal days, and it would not jeopardize graduation, that once I get through the next to the last day, I'll sit the last day out and call it DONE. Just for me, just for my own security, just because.

    Think I should?


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    I think you know the answer to this question..

    Dont do it.

    Its one more clinical day - you may learn something amazing, plus it shows that you are commited to the program and nursing itself. If you arent sick or in need of a mental health day, dont do it.
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    go to that clinical. It may be the best one you have ever experienced.
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    I really am torn over this. Other people are planning taking a day, calling it mental health day. I think I deserve a mental health day too. Having had to repeat the whole semester after getting to the next to the last day last time is certainly weighing on me.

    My skills are fine. So far, I'm able to keep myelf within normal confines of what constitutes professional conduct. I guess I'm just scared of my self. I know I'm different than I was last year, but still. I'm gun-shy I guess.

    I'd probably feel guilty if I sat the last day out. It would not feel like a free day at all. I'd be wondering what was being said or thought about me, not showing and all. That's not the feeling I want to have.

    I think I'd be happier if I went ALL THE WAY... so I could revel in that feeling of having gone through every clincial day and succeeded at it.

    I dunno. I just want school to be over so I can breathe.

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    You will want every single second of clinical experience that you get while in school once you get out...stay in clinical!
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    That one CI might not mind students not showing up for the last day, but what about all the others. Believe me when I say that all the CI's talk to each other and it will be noted as to which students are dedicated and which are not as you go on to other semesters and other clinical instructors. You do NOT want to go into those clinicals with a question mark next to your name again. You have already said that you would feel guilty if you didn't go, your just tired. That's understandable, but you need to finish up. Have a great last clinical day.
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    Its good practice to go to every clinical. It could be that one day that you could learn something very useful. Everyone needs a mental day, and you will get yours after the last day of clinical . Stick it out and good luck.
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    I think you know what you're going to do. You're going to take it.
    If you're going to be guilt ridden about it and not enjoy it forget it. Otherwise, take the day and relax and enjoy if that's what you want to do. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. But I think your mind is really made up to do it.
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    I totally agree here. PLEASE do not skip the last clinical, even if it is the last one. Any clinical is an opportunity for learning, something that will continue long after graduation. If you feel you deserve a mental health day, then take it after the last clinical. You paid for the experience, too, so you might as well take advantage of it, right? Do this correctly; it sounds like you know that.
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    Are you really saying you're scared to go because you may do something wrong and fail? You said you "got the boot" last time.

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