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  1. ukstudent

    Nursing Academia: We Need New Blood!

    I'm sorry, but I just don't see the problem. 10 years ago this same piece could have been written, they were saying then that there was going to be a lack of educators as well as a lack of bedside nurses. Remember all the talk about the nursing shortage which should have started 2 years ago. Well, there is no nursing shortage. We have new grads that can't find jobs, we also have experienced nurses that can't find jobs. The economy tanked and nurses that would have retired are no staying on. I'm sure it is the same for educators, maybe before they were retiring at around 62 years old, but how many can afford to do that now. It is at least not back breaking work like working at the bedside can be. Which is where your educators are going to come from. From nurses that just can't physically lift and turn any more pt's but want to stay in nursing.
  2. ukstudent

    Red flag on new unit?

    How big a unit is it? Does 6 open positions represent a large or moderate percentage of the night staff? It could be that they loose 6 people every summer and this is normal, or it could be a very bad sign. If you can, see if you can get answer to some of these questions. I would also ask about orientation time for you. As someone that has been gone from the bedside for several years you will probably need a new grad orientation time length in order to get up to speed. Nursing information and drugs will come back to you but time management takes time to get back. We have had a few ex-managers come to my SICU and most have struggled, some did not make it through orientation, most eventually did with extended time. Mind you in the time they had been away from the floors the hospital had changed IV pumps and changed the charting system. What type of ICU education are they going to give you? Is it formal classes as well as being on the unit?
  3. ukstudent

    Mouth to mouth without barrier?

    As someone that works in an ICU I have taken people off vents after being declared brain dead. Once off the vent it has taken sometimes over 10 minutes before that pulse ox has dropped below 90% and 15-20 before the pulse ox was below 60%. Unless the victim is a child it is most likely that it is cardiac related and they will have adequate oxygenation prior to the arrest. They will have enough oxygen to last until paramedics can get there. Another point is that of the 30 compressions only about the last ten have enough pressure to actually circulate blood. Every time you stop compressions to give breaths you are stopping circulation a lot more than most people think. If you don't have a barrier do continous comprssions, save the victim and yourself.
  4. ukstudent

    Shoes that don't wear out by 3 months?

    Z-coils work very well for me.
  5. ukstudent

    can ICU nurse handle 2 pts on the levophed same time

    What country are you in? It may or not be policy.
  6. ukstudent

    Do Nurses Still Make *Real* Beds?

    Our bottom sheets are fitted, at least they are meant to be. On the occasion that we have an extra large bed that the fitted sheets will not go on, then yes I will do hospital corners on straight sheets. I never do hospital corners on top sheets or blankets. I have to assess pulses and color too often to bother with that nonsense.
  7. ukstudent

    Is taking diuretics equals having CHF?

    Co-workers, instructors, bosses and patients do NOT diagnoses if a person has CHF. That is done by doctors or nurse practioners based on their assessment of the patient, they will then prescribe medications needed bases on that diagnosis. Not the other way around. If the patient you are looking after has CHF it should be written in the chart.
  8. ukstudent

    Sleeping on lunch break

    There are several legal things that some hospitals have rules against. They pay the money and get to make the rules. If you don't like the rules, then you don't have to work there. At my hospital there are rules against leaving the hospital grounds during work hours, even on break. Going from one place to another is certainly legal, it will just get you disciplined. Leading to possible firing. We also have a rule that no one is allowed to smoke on hospital grounds. Smoking is still legal at this time. If found smoking then again it will lead to being disciplined and possible firing. The two rules together means for anyone that smokes, that if they can't smoke on hospital grounds and can't leave hospital grounds, they just can't smoke at all during working hours. As for you situation, you have even less rights than a normal employee that would go though the disciplinary levels. You are a contract employee and they can and did cancel your contract for breaking the rules (as long as it is a rule). Does the hospital in fact have a no sleeping rule? You need to check the hospital handbook. If there is no such rule, then you have a case for a beach of contract.
  9. ukstudent

    Why is it so hard?

    If you look on this forum you will find that there is NO shortage of nurses. At this time new grads are having a very hard time finding jobs and even nurses with experience are having trouble finding jobs. So why no adult friendly programs, because they don't need to make them. There are enough people that wanting to be nurses and willing to take out loans so they can do full time, for colleges not to bother with the more expensive way of offering part time classes.
  10. ukstudent

    Licensed RN, but need to repeat my ADN program

    You need to call and talk to someone at the CA BON to find out if you have any options BEFORE you spend any money on going back to school. I do not think (and this is only think, only the BON knows) that going though another ASN or getting your ASN-BSN will change anything, because you will still have the same nursing license. You can not re-sit the nclex-RN.
  11. You need to learn how to control them and they need to learn self-control. They, you and anyone else around them need to be safe. If they are hitting with hard toys then all the hard toys need to be taken away (not for punishment but for safety). Can you make a safe time out room with only soft stuff in it such as blankets, pillows, soft toys. One of my sons, now a productive working member of society had terrible temper tantrums as a child. I would pick him up, put him on my bed and wrap myself around him. My legs around his legs and my arms around his body and arms. This way he could not hit or kick me. I would hold on and tell him that I loved him but he had to calm down. I would not let go until he calmed down. Sometimes it took a hour, sometimes, in fact a lot of time it took him several hours to become calm. Over time he did learn how to calm himself down when getting angry and gained self control.
  12. ukstudent

    Can 2% lidocaine be given im?

    2% lidocaine that can be drawn up is used to numb the respiratory tract during bronch's at my hospital 1% lidocaine that can be drawn up is used for painful IM injections and topical numbing suct as for placing central lines. Lidocaine used during codes are in ampules and are packaged very differently.
  13. I say nursing hates itself because since I have been alive the ANA has had as a position that LPN's and ADN's should not be considered nurses. And now that there are so many direct entry MSN programs around maybe even a BSN is not good enough to be considered a nurse. Now they don't want to do the work that LPN's do, they just don't want them to be allowed to cal themselves nurses. Well they are nurses, they are more of a nurse than someone that has sat in a office for the last 20 years and has not touched a pt since. You asked if I would want the most qualified and experienced nurse looking after me if I were sick. As I work in a Level 1 trauma center in as a surgical ICU nurse we do very advanced nursing care. Now if I was a pt in my ICU would I want a nurse that, 1) is an ACNP but had not done bedside care for 10 years - No 2) a fresh out of school MSN - No 3) an ASN with several years of direct SICU care current in knowing how to monitor and use RVADS, LVADS, Balloon pumps, CRRT, etc - Yes 4) is a diploma grad that has worked in the ICU for the last 20 years - Yes You want to know why nursing is different from Lawyers, Doctors, Mechanics. It's different because as students go to school to become a lawyer they are not bombarded with the talk that if the stay a lawyer they are are somehow a failure, that they need to go on and become judges. Student doctors are not bombarded with the idea that being a practicing doctor is beneath them, that they need to all go into research. Student mechanics are not bombarded with the idea that having grease beneath there nails is too lowering, that they need to all become garage owners and get to the office level. They all except what they are, nursing does not. Now if I was a pt in a nursing home I would want that experienced LPN, the one that would notice the subtle signs of me getting in trouble and needing to go to a hospital. In other words a good bedside nurse.
  14. I am probably going to get slammed for this, but this is my thinking. Nursing lost it's way when it started to hate itself. Until recently (last 40-50 years) nursing has been a blue collar job and for the majority of nurses practicing today it still is. Most nurses are bedside or patient side (OR, School, Camp nurses etc.), we hold pt's hands, give them baths, rubs their backs, clean up stool. In other words good basic nursing care. However, there seems to me to be a section of nursing that for wont of a better word despise this. All through school I was told that "everyone should continue with their education and get an advanced degree", that " we don't have to stay bedside nurses." Advance degrees take you away from basic nursing. My friend is currently in school to become a Nurse Practitioner, probably the advance degree most close to bedside nursing. Everyday during clinical she is told to not be the "nurse", to "know your role". If a pt she is seeing request some water she is NOT to go get it, she is to tell the pt that she will get the pt's nurse. Like I said at the beginning, nursing lost it's way when it started to hate itself, nursing needs to learn to love itself again. The higher up's need to understand that their is nothing wrong in wanting to actually touch pt's, to stay at the bedside.
  15. ukstudent

    Interested in becoming a CRNA

    Not a good plan. You have a lot of wasted time, effort and money in your current plan. Forget about the EMT-Paramedic idea. Excelsior is not accepted in all States and if in the future you need to move to one of those States you will not be able to work. In todays hiring climate, not all but several hospitals have changed policy so that they are only hiring BSN's for the ICU. You will need a minimum of a year in the ICU and really you should have several years, in order to get into CRNA school.
  16. ukstudent

    Why is CA BRN too picky?

    It is my understanding that Excelsior is upfront with the fact that several States, not just California do not accept their grads. Anyone going that route needs to understand potential future problems with getting licensed, especially if there is a possibility of moving. You also need to understand that you can only pass the nclex once. If you continue with excelsior, graduate and pass the nclex and get an RN license you can not do it again. Going to the Philippines and getting a BSN will not change that. Just as after you are licensed as an RN and then get a BSN in the USA will not change it. You have 2 choices. 1. Continue with your current educational plans, get your RN for NV. Then work as a LPN in California. If your fiancée is then stationed in a State that recognizes excelsior then work as an RN, knowing that if he is stationed in another State that does not recognize them (such as MD) you will have to work again as an LPN. 2. Throw away all the time and expense that you have put into getting your RN. Look for an brick and mortar LPN to RN school and start again. Neither choice is a good one. Good luck in your future. Added: I think that some States that do not accept new grad RN's from excelsior will accept them after they have worked in other States. Do not know if California is one of those.