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  1. From your writing, it seems that you are still having a difficult time with English. It was very difficult to understand. But to answer your question, no you should not hire an attorney. You tried to have the grade changed and get reinstated, and it seems that they denied both requests. Now is the time to concentrate more on yourself, continue with the English lessons and get your grades good enough to be accepted at a different school. Good luck.
  2. ukstudent

    board actions

    My understanding is that new grads in NJ are having a difficult time finding jobs with totally clean licenses. I am not sure that getting the arrest expunged is going to help you. You got in trouble for lying to the BON on your application, not neccessarily from the orginal arrest. You need to talk to the BON and find out what you can do about getting a clean license. After that, the advice is the same to anyone living in an area where there are few jobs. Move to the jobs.
  3. ukstudent

    This job isn't what it was made out to be

    I would try and get my old job back. Your family and sanity, which is why you applied for the educator job in the first place, are no longer being served with this one. Good luck in the job search.
  4. ukstudent

    Moving to the DC metro area as a new grad and need pointers :)

    I don't know if having a husband in the military affects having to change your license if you move states? However, if you do need to get a new license then Maryland and Virginia are compact States, Washington D.C. is not. Nursing jobs are tight here, not as bad as two years ago, but it is still difficult to find jobs for new grads, especially ADN's. Washington Hospital Center in DC will still hire ADN's and new grads can get positions in the ER.
  5. ukstudent

    New Graduate RN in Maryland

    Don't forget about DC hospitals.
  6. ukstudent

    Using an AED on a patient with an ICD??

    Internal AICD's have a limited number of shocks that they can deliver, around 150-160 or so. During a v-tach storm they can go through the lifetime amount of shocks the device can deliver. You then end up externally shocking them. I have seen it happen just once.
  7. Call and ask the reason. The worst thing that could happen would be to not get an answer. This leaves you in the same position of not knowing. The best that could happen would be that you find out the reason.
  8. ukstudent

    RN labor supply: Are we in a bubble?

    in thelast 2 years my unit has been on a hiring binge. we have between 2 to 4 new nursesto be oriented to the icu every 3 months. it is taking a huge toll on the experiencednurses having to continually precept. at the moment we have core experiencedgroups that are mostly in their late 40's to mid-50's, some of which willretire from nursing if the economy improves. we have a few in their 30's, allof which are going back to school, so they can get out of bedside nursing. thenwe have the expanding group of 20 year olds. unfortunately when i talk withthem, not one of them thinks that they will still be an icu nurse in 5 years’time. they all have plans to go to np school or crna school, most have alreadystarted that journey. so yes, if the economy improves there will be a shortage of nurses will to workunder current conditions. however, the difference in the shortage of the futurecompared with the past will be in experienced nurses (those with more than afew years of bedside experience). the schools will still turn out massiveamounts of new nurses to fill the warm body slots.
  9. ukstudent


    i hope if they are mandating this, they are at least paying for it. i listened to laura gasparis cd's in the car driving in and out of work. i also bought a used ccrn book that was all questions. studied seriously for about 2-3 weeks prior to test. passed with a score of 108. this is the book that i used. [h=3][color=#004b91]critical care examination review revised by [color=#004b91]laura gasparis vonfrolio and [color=#004b91]joanne noone (jan 1998)[/h]
  10. ukstudent

    How to grow backbone in ICU?

    I am so glad that you took the time to update your post. So often i wonder what happens to the pople posting. I remeber that I was worried that you would end up in yet another toxic enviroment and I am so glad that worry did not materialize. Everyone should have what you have now found, a caring and supportive enviroment. As you get more expereince and start precepting, remeber those toxic nurses and strive never to become like that.
  11. ukstudent

    Arterial BP from a Central line

    The femoral area has both an artery and a central vein. A practioner can place either a femoral central line (going into the vein) or femoral arterial line (going into the artery). Sometime both are placed next to each other. CVP's can be obtained from central lines placed in the internal jugular or subclavian vein.
  12. ukstudent

    Looking for a Preceptor

    I hope you find someone to be your preceptor. However, I am not sure this is the forum to find one. This is a nursing site and the Midwives here are going to be master degree Nurse Midwives, not direct entry / lay midwives. Hopefully your school can direct you to other lay midwives or will have a list of people that have previously been preceptors for your school.
  13. ukstudent

    1st Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100

    Administration has decided that they can change the staffing ratio. It's going to one to ten, now that they have trained the dogs to fetch pillows, blankets, etc. I've heard that it is going to one to 15, once they train them to fetch meds as well.
  14. ukstudent

    Need help with test question

    athrun340 - in the real world the rules can be black and white to very very foggy, depending on hospital and which floor/unit within a hospital. However, this question is set in the completely black and white world of nursing school nclex questions. In this world you do not change medications because you feel it will be better for the pt and you do not skip the chain of command by going to the nursing supervisor. You call the doctor again.
  15. ukstudent

    Magnet Designation

    I think you covered all the points. Although I would exchange number 1 with number 2. The believe the PR value is a lesser reason than the money it brings into ANCC coffers for the continued existence of Magnet designation. Although the ANCC sells it to hospitals as an important PR point.
  16. ukstudent

    Nursing Academia: We Need New Blood!

    I'm sorry, but I just don't see the problem. 10 years ago this same piece could have been written, they were saying then that there was going to be a lack of educators as well as a lack of bedside nurses. Remember all the talk about the nursing shortage which should have started 2 years ago. Well, there is no nursing shortage. We have new grads that can't find jobs, we also have experienced nurses that can't find jobs. The economy tanked and nurses that would have retired are no staying on. I'm sure it is the same for educators, maybe before they were retiring at around 62 years old, but how many can afford to do that now. It is at least not back breaking work like working at the bedside can be. Which is where your educators are going to come from. From nurses that just can't physically lift and turn any more pt's but want to stay in nursing.