Lvn Prerequisites???? What Are They????

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    Can anyone tell me what the usual pre-reqs are for an LVN to receive their Associates Degree.

    and this might be a stupid question. But how would you right your degree once you receive it (LVNAS.... or.... ASLVN)


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    Here where I live, LPN's usually have a Diploma or Certificate. RN's start out with the Diploma (3 years), ASN (2 years) or BSN (4 years).

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    I attended a Southern California LVN program last year. The vast majority of LVN programs lead to a diploma, not a degree.
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    I am wondering is there a difference between LPN and LVN. What do you get when you graduate from a LPN school? I know LPN mean Licensed Practioner Nurse and LVN mean Licensed Vocational Nurse.

    Is there a pay difference?

    PS- To the question about Prereq. for LVN there's none you just have to pass an entrance exam.
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    LPN= Licensed Practical Nurse LPN/LVn are the same EXACT thing. texas and California call LPN's LVN which of course means Licensed VOCATIONAL Nurse. But they are 1 in the same
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    I live in California..I have an associates of science, vocational nursing..Most people just have the LVN certificate meaning that they just completed the required LVN courses..With the associates it means that the person completed the general education requirements for the college plus the required LVN courses..

    The prerequisites for the LVN varies among colleges but for the community colleges, people usually have to take anatomy/phisiology...Some community colleges require more courses..I know some private colleges just accept you without any prior course work..
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    At my school they don't have pre-requisites. However, there are 4 general ed courses are required. I won't have to take them as I took them 7 years ago They are oral communications, writing, math, & psychology. That will help my course load a bunch.
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    Quote from happy4me
    I am wondering is there a difference between LPN and LVN.
    Texas and California refer to basic nurses as LVNs (licensed vocational nurses).

    The other 48 states refer to basic nurses as LPNs (licensed practical nurses).

    It is the exact same type of nurse. I am called an LVN because I have nursing licenses in California and Texas. However, I would be called an LPN if I moved to any state other than California or Texas. I hope this adequately answers your question.
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    I am an LPN and have my 2 year (assicociates of applied science) degree. There were many pre-reqs that I had to take, A&P I,II, micro, nursing pharmacology, developmental psychology, composition I, Ethics, Cultural anthropology, Algebra or advanced physiology, I took advanced physiology. I am glad I did it this way so when I decide to go for my RN, I only have 3 semesters to go. Here is the link to the distance education program that I took if anyone is interested.
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    Most schools are vocational schools, where they don't offer college credits, but a certificate. If a vocational school graduate wants to become an RN, she would have to start from scratch, taking college level english, psychology and anatomy classes, which, are on a deeper level than the anatomy learned in vocational schools.

    My school is trying to create a bridge program so, we had to take RN pre-requisites before applying for candidacy, so that once a student graduates from there, they will have most of the pre-requisites needed to enter into an RN program. I still graduated with a certificate, but I have transferable credits if I choose to enter into an RN program (or actually, I can transfer them to many other programs, such as physical and occupational therapy, or to a science major). It all depends on your school.

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