I feel like I'm too old for this

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    Hi, I'm a 23 year old who has just decided to become an LPN after a long period of uncertainty. I struggled with depression for years and even through I love working with people, you just don't want to bring your personal problems to work or school. So I took a little break from school to fully work on myself. Five years later, I'm back at and now I'm feel like I'm too old to be a LPN-RN student even through I have some prerequisites completed from my previous major. I just wanted to know if there are other ladies or males who started late like me and how has it been for you? And how did you get a entry level position in the healthcare field? Thanks!

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    A 23 year old thinks they are old????! Please let go of that insane mentality and do whatever you want to do in life. Nursing is diverse with people of all ages and backgrounds joining the profession.
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    I remember feeling old when I was 23. Now that I'm 32, I realize that I was crazy!
    I'm a 32 year old LVN student and I'm not even close to being the oldest in my class! There are like 10 people older than me.
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    One thing you will learn quickly. Nurses never stop learning. 23 is not old to be in school. You will do great.
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    You are not too old! Many nursing students start in their 30s, 40s and even older than that! I would add that I never became a really serious college student until after I was a nurse and decided I wanted to put my all into it. Best wishes to you!
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    I became a LPN at 40
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    Old, seriously! No hun, 23 isn't old, life is just begining for you. It's the perfect time to kick into full gear, so that when you do get to be 33 you may possibily have done all completed your schooling and can now relax.

    Don't allow this to hold you back. It sound so familar to me and I'm here now 37 and still haven't done what I've always desired to do, nursing.

    Wish you the best!
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    I had a rough time through my teens also. I didn't even start my pre-reqs until I was 26. Then I worked full-time and took a full load at the community college. By age 30 I was an RN. Totally doable. just do it.
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    Really????? Nobody told me that 23 was too old to go to school! Damn! I went back when I was 45 and got the RN. No wonder they were looking at me funny. Or were they looking at the 52-year-old that I was studying with in the library? Hmmmmm
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    Okkkkkkkk.... I'm just going to say when I was 23 I started nursing school. And a big part of me thought wow I'm too old for this but I really self reflected about the "issue" and came to realize that IT WASN'T ABOUT AGE at all! It was about my views of success.

    Maybe I will hit home with this for you. MY FRIENDS and boyfriend had all graduated college by this point in our lives, working successful jobs in their field of study or going on to grad school! I saw them having success and felt left behind. While of course I had my own personal success it almost didn't feel on a common ground with their career successes. While I was working full time and going to nursing school full time and taking care of my kiddo, they were done already!! Talking about their lives, getting engaged, buying houses. So I felt that I was "too old" to be in school still, that's how I manifested my frustrations!!!! But OMG!! Your young girl! Don't let anything old you back! Follow your dreams at any age.

    Now at this point in my life I realize there is no comparison!! My bf is about to be a cop, one friend in marketing/graphic design, one is a stenographer, an electrician, a loan officer.... We all have great careers that are in a wide variety of fields and we are all still young!!!! Although I must say they do find my career much more exciting!!! Whether I finished a few years behind or not.., they gave lots of support!

    There's no such thing as "TOO OLD" only excuses to keep you from not doing something! Good Luck!
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