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Philly_LPN_Girl has 5 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. Philly_LPN_Girl

    CLEP Anatomy Book

    I already have StudyGroup 101 and Lisa Arends notes as well and a text book
  2. Philly_LPN_Girl

    CLEP Anatomy Book

    Hello... I am currently studying for my A&P exam that I plan on taking in December. I came across a CLEP Anatomy Physiology and Microbiology book and seen that one person used it to study and stated that it was very good. My question is.. Has anyone bought any CLEP books to study from for Excelsior?? If so was it helpful for you??
  3. Philly_LPN_Girl

    Any New Excelsior Students?

    I've heard great things about the study guide 101. Have you ever printed the study guides from Excelsiors website?? If so is there a difference between the excelsior study guides and study guide 101
  4. Philly_LPN_Girl

    What do people think about 'older' students?

    Lol I was thinking the same thing when I read this post
  5. Philly_LPN_Girl

    Time to move on

    I do ltc through agency and prn. I would never want to do ltc full time it is stressful and took much work I'd rather stick with my 1:1
  6. Philly_LPN_Girl

    New Nurse and Doing Home Health

    It depends on the facility/place if they will hire a new grad or any nurse without experience. Idk how it is in Louisiana but here in PA, my first two jobs were home health and agency. Good luck
  7. Philly_LPN_Girl

    LPN/LVN Clinical Questions

    I did my clinical rotations at a few ltc facilities, an adult daycare, and a daycare for children with disabilities.
  8. Philly_LPN_Girl

    Don't go to Lincoln Tech LPN in Philadelphia

    I graduated from there last year and I totally agree with everything you just said.... Well 99.9% of it. The only decent teacher there is ********. We barely had a clinical site and kept losing them, we rarely had hands on and or any labs, and half of my class failed their boards. Thank goodness that my mom is a nurse and I went to community before going there or else I would have been lost. I swear 98% of those people in that nursing program did not pass that dang teas test even with the low requirement scores there is no way. I did hear that Prism is a better school. Well good luck
  9. Philly_LPN_Girl

    LVNs May not go anywhere, but there is no job for LVNs

    Wow that is not the case for every state. You should have reworded your post and not discourage others. I live in PA and no LPNs are no longer being hired in many hospitals however, there are a crap load of jobs in LTC, rehabs, home care, some doctor/dentist offices, schools, agencies, etc, and get paid $20-$30/hr.
  10. Philly_LPN_Girl


    Yes I completed my program in Philadelphia. I know where Reading is at I am about an hour away but work 30 mins away from there.
  11. Philly_LPN_Girl


    Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. GI for free because the cheapest LPN program that I know in PA cost about $15,000. Also there are a crap load of LPN jobs in Pennsylvania I got a job 3 days after passing my boards you will be fine. May I ask what part of PA you are in???
  12. Philly_LPN_Girl

    Doing Away with LPN?

    It may depend on where you live. In my area, LPNs are no longer working at the major hospitals BUT, are at the hospitals in the more rural areas and further out. The LPNs are coordinated care workers. However, there are a crap load of LPN positions at agencies, home health, assisted living facilities, etc in my area and get paid well to.
  13. Philly_LPN_Girl

    How much was your lpn program?

    Almost $27,000 all books, 3 uniforms, and NCLEX included smh
  14. Philly_LPN_Girl


    Having the school name on your resume matters depending where you apply. Some places it depends on your attitude, personality, experience, etc. For example, one place that I had an interview at, the DON had a list of schools that she wouldn't hire anyone from. But I would still do the program especially if its free. Good Luck.
  15. Philly_LPN_Girl

    Lpn rate of pay in Georgia?

    Girl I live in PA and was just talking about moving g to Georgia within the next 2/3 years and wanted to know the same thing.
  16. Philly_LPN_Girl

    Depressed Lvn grad

    Google nursing agencies around your area. That is what I did and some are so small that people have never heard of them. Also post your resume on career builder.com that is how I got my first job. See if these nursing agencies are available in your area: Epic Health Services, Maximum, Delta T Group, PSA, etc.