What was your LPN starting salary????

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    I am currently in school for LPN, I will not graduate until May of 2011 but I would like to know what is the average starting salary for a LPN fresh out of school. I have seen salary threads on here but nothing recently for a starting LPN salary. So can you tell me what was your starting salary, where do you live & what type of facility did or do you work for? How long did it take you to find a work? I know all these factors are what make up your pay. Also do you like your job? I currently live in northeastern PA. Thanks!!!

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    im in indiana.
    been an lpn for about five months, took me about a month and a half to get employment.
    my starting wage is 18.00 an hour, and 20.00 on the weekends, with shift differential.
    and overtime after 8 hrs worked in a day.
    i think thats pretty good for me.
    good luck to you!!!
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    I started @ $21 and change per hour plus shift deferential was $1.00/ hr I think? I worked 3rd shift in LTC, mostly dual diagnosis. This was in '05 in Hartford, Connecticut.
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    I make $24/hour in Ontario working in LTC. I got hired 2 weeks after graduating.
    I don't really like the job, but it's paying the bills until I find one I really enjoy.
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    upstate NY. LTC. 4 months out of school. base pay 18/hour plus 3 for evenings plus 1 for charge nurse. so 22/hr.
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    near Asheville, NC new grad LPN (2 years ago) found a job easily in LTC at a SNF making $18/hr plus shift diff $2/hr for second shift, $1.5/hr third shift...same as above don't love the job but it pays the bills til I finish my RN then I will be moving on..money is good in LTC though
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    Depends on where you live ... places with higher cost-of-living usually pay higher wages .... not making all that much here in east TN .... but it surely beats the times I spent not working!!! And being paid hourly ain't salary - no way I'd work salary, or they'd make you work overtime a lot...... mgt is very down on even 15 minutes overtime in my facility....pretty ridiculous, beings as our "typical" week is 37.5 hours ..... would have to work 2.5 hrs over before they'd be paying OT rate.....dang penny pinchers and pencil pushers!!!
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    I live in south central PA, graduated in 12/08. I had worked as a CNA in ALF while in school and had a job as LPN at their SNF as soon as I passed the NCLEX (1/09); position was PT, working FT hours with no benefits making $20.00/hr plus $1.00/hr for nights and $4.00/hr for weekends.

    I talked to the agency nurses to find out the good/bad/ugly about various facilities, one place stood out as being good for new nurses, applied there in 6/09, started there in 7/09 making $18.75/hr plus $0.80/hr for nights, time and a half for weekends; excellent benefit package. It's a LTC/SNF, certainly not my "dream job" but excellent orientation (~8-10 weeks) which is imperative for succeeding as a new nurse. I consider this to be "boot camp"/"basic training".

    Most new grads in this area are working at SNF/LTC/Rehab facilities, as that is where the jobs are. They tend to pay the best which is important when you graduate with an empty bank account and debts to pay off from having gone through school.
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    In February 2006, I was a brand-new LVN with a pay rate of $17.75 hourly at a small nursing home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.

    Through job-hopping and gaining experience, my final LVN pay rate was $27.04 hourly in June 2010. This was right before I became an RN.

    New grad pay rates are dependent upon geographic location and specialty. For example, the LPN in rural Missouri will usually earn less than the one in NYC due to regional differences in the cost of living.
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    In BC, Canada...(Union wages)

    Started out Aug 2008 at $23.75/hour
    April 2009-$24.76/hour
    April 2010-$25.50/hour

    Evening shift diff: $0.95
    Weekend: $1.00
    Overnight: $1.75

    These are all union mandated wages/diffs. I make the exact same as any other LPN with 2 years experience who is in the same union. Same pay rate for LTC/acute care.

    (New grads currently start out at $24.01/hour. Same shift differentials.)

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