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  1. Tips for preparing for surveyors @ work

    @marie13 congrats! I'm in the same boat you were. You are lucky at least you had a consultant to follow youbut that's because I work night shift.. do you know if the surveyor also came at night? They only thing that worries me is if they ask me a que...
  2. Tips for preparing for surveyors @ work

    @kayern really? You havnt seen them come during nightshift even once? Is this a common thing? I also hurd that they are even cuttin down on the visits they make because the state can't afford it (I live in ca) would anyone know the truth to this?
  3. Tips for preparing for surveyors @ work

    Wow..thank you guys so much for all the great information! I will keep everything in mind and try and to prepare myself for it. One of my concerns is that I work night shift and if they do ask a question that I don't know the answer to who do I ask b...
  4. Hi everyone. Well I'm about to experience my first survey @ work, which is also my first job as a nurse. and I'm pretty nervous. I was wondering if you guys would like to share your experiences and also any tips on what to be aware of when surveyors ...
  5. What was your LPN starting salary????

    wow seeing all the starting pay is gettin me jealous. just started in a convalescent hospital in long beach,ca. Start at $18 but with no differential. (im working graveyard) given im a newbie lvn but still!
  6. lvn jobs san fernando valley

    Just wondering if there are any newly licensed lvns that have been able to find a job in the san fernando valley. I know now, especially with the hard times, not only does experience help but also who you know. only job i can find is in long beach in...
  7. Looking for an LVN gig SoCal

    im from the san fernando valley and i was lucky enough to find a job in a ltc in long beach.. its my first job as an lpn and im hoping to gain a lil experience and hopefully find a job closer to home. not sure if were hiring but you can stop by and a...
  8. About to start first job as a LPN...What should I expect???

    Expect time to fly by! majority of the time im busy with handing out meds or charting. i clock out for lunch and im still charting. and if you get an incident report, good luck! when i got my first incident report i stayed an extra 2 hrs after work, ...