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  1. Ginger80

    Tips for a good shift!

    Always bring a tasty, nutritious lunch. It's something to look forward to, and gives you energy to get through the day. I usually make a batch of salad (something with protein, like a quinoa or chickpea salad), and then i have enough to last me 3-4 days. Also, wear quality, comfortable scrubs. It always makes me feel better about my day.
  2. Ginger80

    What is your attendance policy?

    At the nursing home where I currently work, there are no strict policies either. I have coworkers who call in every 2 weeks. No write-ups or warnings.
  3. Ginger80

    How do I get a new job after being fired?

    Would there possibly be any colleagues from the hospital that would be willing to give you a reference? Any of your former professors or preceptors? If you can get good letters of reference from them, that would speak well of your experience and character. Don't let this experience discourage you. You will find another job. Good luck.
  4. Ginger80

    What size scrub pants do you wear and what size jeans?

    I wear a size 8 in jeans....size small in scrubs. But the scrubs still never fit right. They feel too big in some areas, but I know XS would be too small. I hate scrubs!!
  5. Ginger80

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    I must also comment on some of the very negative responses here. I have no ill will toward anyone I work with, including this nurse. I am not the confrontational type. I have never reported any coworkers for anything, ever. I'm not sure if I would call this "reporting", even. The superior I went to is someone I trust. I did not accuse anyone of stealing or being under the influence of narcotics. Let's say the next shift she works, she is still "loopy" or whatever, and she makes a grave med error. It is then discovered she is impaired. Then word gets out from the other colleague who came to me voicing her concerns, that we had previously discussed being suspicious of something. Does that not make me responsible to a degree? When you say I should have confronted her.....I went to her and asked if she was feeling OK, and she responded with "No" and told me about the benzo she took and the reaction to it. What more could I ask? I'm not her superior, and I don't feel like she was in a state to be questioned. She was literally swaying when I was speaking with her. She left the med cart in such disarray, which is completely out of character for her. She is the type that will stay on hour past her shift to get everything done. I am almost certain that had I been the only one to see this in her, I would not have said anything (which I am almost ashamed to say), because I am not the type. But being another colleague was involved and worried, I felt like I had a responsibility. I am much too busy at work to have time to gossip or think of ways to get people fired. At least I can say I am not mean-spirited. I will let you all know what happens.
  6. Ginger80

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    The colleague I mentioned noticed something in the evening. When I came on, this colleague came to me and asked me to assess the situation. I assure the previous poster, I am not a gossiper-type. I go into work, get my job done and leave. I have never had to deal with this type of situation in my life.
  7. Ginger80

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    No need to be so harsh, Snippy. It is not my job to interrogate my coworkers on what medications or how much sleep they are getting. And for the record, I did not make an accusation of drug use. But thanks for your opinion.
  8. Ginger80

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    You're right, it's unrealistic to expect everyone will agree. I am trying to make myself feel better about this is some ways. I f have worked with this nurse before, so I trust my judgment when I say it was not simple fatigue. This nurse is "on the ball" so to speak, and that day she most certainly was not. After my colleague approached me with her own suspicion, I felt like "Well, we both know something is wrong, so if we both do not say anything, and something happens, either tonight or in the future, we cannot deny we thought something was amiss". I sure as heck hope I don't get "charged with slander" as someone posted here. I did not go around saying this person was drugged, I went to my superior and voiced my concerns.
  9. Ginger80

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    So what I am getting from a lot of you is that if you have a suspicion that something is definitely NOT right, to shut up and not say anything? I would not have said anything if I thought she was simply "tired". This nurse came right out and said that this very small dosage of benzo was not sitting right with her.....over 12 hours later. My other colleague who suspected something was wrong is a very quiet person who minds her own business, and is not one to "stir the pot". I am smart enough to know that I did the right thing, yet as colleagues, you are somehow making me doubt this. I have no ill will toward this nurse, quite the opposite. I wish this had never happened. I was actually worried about her driving home, which is the main reason I asked her if she was feeling OK. I'm not sure what will happen to her, if anything. I hope I am wrong in suspecting anything illegal.
  10. Ginger80

    Feeling bad, like I "ratted out" a nurse

    I probably shouldn't have said anything. My gut was telling me to say something though. And the fact that another colleague was worried about this nurse reinforced it. What's done is done, we'll see what happens.
  11. The other night, the day shift nurse who was leaving looked rather "off"....glazed eyes, appeared unsteady, had a general "stoned" look. When I asked her if she was OK, she said she had taken 1/4 of a benzo that morning, and she still "felt" it. Keep in mind that this was at 2300 when we spoke. This RN has a lot of seniority, and is well respected. Another colleague noticed her odd behavior, and agreed that something was "off". I ended up letting the supervisor know, because overall, it did not sit right with me. But now I feel badly. Could 1/4 of a benzo really leave someone looking like that 12 hours later? Would you have done the same in telling your supervisors?
  12. Ginger80

    The waiting game..

    I'm in the same boat too! I want this job soooo much! AAAAH! Pick me! Pick me!!! Good luck to all of you!!
  13. Ginger80

    Interview Next Monday!

    Hi everyone! I'm an LPN working in LTC since I graduated last year. I've been trying to get a job in a family practice office for months, and FINALLY have an interview next week in an MD's office! I'm beyond excited, but I am also nervous. Anyone here have any advice? What kind of questions will they ask? I'm not sure what to say if they ask why I'm leaving LTC (truth is, I need more diversity than working with the elderly, as much as I love them, plus I have too many residents at once truly be working safely). If they ask me if I do X, Y or Z, and I haven't since nursing school, do I say that? I really want to nail this, and I'm sure other people who have applied have much more experience than a relatively new grad like myself!
  14. Hello, I want to apply for a job at a methadone clinic, but I can't seem to find the right wording or get my thoughts organized for a cover letter. I'm usually very good with these things, and I normally just "tweak" my cover pages a bit to fit the job description. But for some reason, I can't do it with this one. I should mention that it's not a posted job, I'm just submitting it in case there's an opening. I really do have a genuine interest in working with people to overcome addictions. Any advice would be welcome!
  15. Ginger80

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    No, I don't work on Planet X. I'm in Ontario. I "float" around 4 different units of the facility, each has 30-36 residents. Two of these areas have more "needy" residents, and my 2 others have more independent residents. I obviously don't do full med runs, but A LOT of them ask for prns (Ativan, cough syrup, Percs, etc). In my 0600 med run, I have around 12 residents who get pills daily, but this does not include days where some get Actonel, or if they have antibiotics. I do have to do a lot of finger sticks and vitals. When one of the residents falls, or I need to send one out to the hospital, it becomes a night from hell, because on a "normal" night I'm usually struggling to get everything done. Needless to say I often stay an extra hour to finish my charting. When I come home from work crying, my husband does not understand why. I don't think anyone can if they have not worked on my shift. The nurse who replaces me on my days off will often call in sick...she has even told me I'm crazy to be doing this. It's going on my 10th month of working there. I'm definitely looking for another posting!!