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  1. Leelee2

    How many residents is too many for one nurse?

    I think it is crazy that animal shelters have more regulations that LTC. In Wisconsin the statutes say "facility must provide "adequate" staffing to meet the safety needs of the residents. What exactly is adequate? One licensed nurse to 50 residents is not adequate in my opinion. LTC has a bad reputation over the years in many areas...
  2. Leelee2

    smoking clients

    The supervisor sounds like a real winner....if she is a smoker, why couldn't she take the 5 minutes to smoke this resident?? If you are not a smoker, and have health issues which being around smoke irritates...then you should be exempt from smoking the residents. I never understood why this is a nursing responsibility in the first place. They are plenty of smokers in laundry, kitchen, housekeeping, administration that could spend 5 minutes smoking these residents also.
  3. Leelee2

    Is it worth it anymore to pursure LPN?

    I've been hearing that the LPN program would be obsolete back in the late 1980's. LPN jobs are still available, though mostly in LTC, home health, and clinic settings. If i had to do it all over again though...I would go for 2 year RN program!! Lots more opportunity, and LTC facilities are getting worse and worse to work for, imho.
  4. Leelee2

    To the cynical nurse

    Great example of real life situation!! Pain is what the patient says it is period.
  5. Leelee2

    Fictional vital sign charting

    Wow. That is falsification of records. Do you have a Risk manager in the facility? At the least, I would contact the Nurse Manager and report this. Unacceptable and dangerous.
  6. If facilities would learn to retain staff by treating them like cherished employees, they wouldn't need to worry so much about the net loss from continuing to train new nurses, over and over and over again. Seems simple enough to me.
  7. Leelee2

    OMG I hate my job! Vent

    Arnie, It is time to leave your current position. You HATE it, you feel defeated, you are not enjoying it at all. It is possible after years that you may make a small difference, if that is a good enough possibility for you than by all means stay...If not, it is time to move on. Life is way too short here on this earth, to be that unhappy. That level of stress is not healthy or sustainable.
  8. Leelee2

    Which one is more stressful: med-surg or LTC

    16 hour shifts in LTC, very little job training....RUN to med-surg!!
  9. Leelee2

    Could I handle nursing school?

    I think something like lab or xray tech sound like it may be a good fit for you!! Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.
  10. Leelee2

    Customers always right- Really??

    Ahhh, only 4 hours later, and I get a call for an interview tomorrow morning. In a completely different field, non nursing. Feeling that this occurance is probably a Blessing in disguise!!
  11. Leelee2

    Customers always right- Really??

    Work In LTC setting...only nurse for over 40 residents. THEY are my priority. Family member interrupts me while I am in process of med pass and drawing up insulin....I don't jump to her non emergency issue. Reports me. NO previous write ups. But as I say...I am happily moving forward. But will miss the residents that I truely cared for greatly :redpinkhe
  12. Leelee2

    Customers always right- Really??

    Well the more to the story is this....VERY small town. VERY low census. Regardless, I am happy to be moving on. I do want to deliver healthcare but not in the environment that puts more emphasis on kissing up to guilt ridden family members...than on actual care of the residents it serves.
  13. Leelee2

    Customers always right- Really??

    After being told I am a great nurse, with excellent assessment skills and documentation....with zero resident complaints against me...and they said I was great with the residents...I was fired. For what?? Lack of customer service skills!! Really?? Yes because census is low we must kiss up to all the family members that complain on a daily basis....Yikes, this is Not what I signed up for. Moving forward and moving on. "The customer is always right" saying is great in retail or maybe in a fine dining place. In healthcare...sorry...but the "customer" may not always be "right"
  14. Leelee2

    Staffed during orientation????

    OP good for you for standing your ground! The teamleader needs to be spoken to regarding her inadequate communication skills. In nursing (and working in general) communication needs to be clear. She should have called you and Asked if you felt ready to be on your own, not just assumed you would be fine with working the floor during your orientation. It's her leadership that needs the improvement here.
  15. Leelee2

    I need advice~ =)

    Hospital setting is more challenging, more interesting. Different kind of stress. Scheduling is usually less flexible than NH. I would check into benefit value (as above poster mentions) and also check into the shift differentials and the monetary amount for each shift. The opportunity sounds great! If you don't need that extra cash that you'd be loosing out on, I'd say go for it. I'd also check with hospital as far as low census policy, does LPN get called off more frequently than RN's. When I took a med/surg position, low census did become an issue for me.