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how much do you make a month? new LPN - page 3

long story short- i wanna know how much an LPN makes a month. Especially if you work in LTC! i appreciate all answers!! and if your new, thats even better! :yeah:... Read More

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    $17/hr CNA. Just passed my boards recently so I am currently searching for a LPN position
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    19.50 RPN wage at a retirement home. My pay varies depending on over-time, extra shift coverage, etc. It is considered a "low scale" RPN pay for the area, but I'm a new grad in a charge nurse position...... I'll take the pay cut for this to go on my resume
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    Quote from mlnlpn
    Wow, Im amazed at some of the lpn salaries on here! I live in a small community in Kansas and have been an lpn for 2 years. I make 15.88/hr, and that is after 2 years plus night shift differential..I started at just above 12/hr. SAD! It wasn't much more from what I was making as a CNA! The RN's here start at around 19. We get bi annual raises of 1%. I love my job and work hard at what I do, but sure do wish we were reimbursed better for all the hard work we do.
    You started at 12$/hr?? :O WOW! I made that as a 2nd year nurse working as a "PSW/HCA" role. Move up North... we pay WAY better than that! Our RPN/LPNs start at least at 19, and RNs start at 25$. You can make up to 30 as an RPN up here with experience.
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    Does anyone know how much an Intermediate Care Facility pays? I'm planning on working there as a first job. I live in Northern California.
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    Brace yourselves....I make a whopping $10.00/hr. Yes, I said 10. I live in Northeast TN and this area has to be the worst possible place for an LPN to work. Most hospitals around here have cut LPN's out completely. As a CNA I made $10.75/hr. So much for trying to better myself...
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    Brace myself indeed, I almost dropped to the floor hearing that. Honestly if it was me, I would quit and wait tables before I would work as a nurse for that kind of money. This almost reminds me of the whole associates degree in medical assisting. Pay thousands of dollars for a degree and make $10.50 an hour, no thanks.
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    I think most people would agree with you, but at least I love my job. Thats the only thing that keeps me around, believe me!
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    Quote from PurseGirl1113
    I live in the DFW area and I am making 21.00 per hour at a LTC facility and 20.00 base with weekend diff-24.00 at a psych hospital I have 6 months of experience.
    Can you please e-mail me the name of the LTC in the DFW area? Does the LTC offer shift/week diff also?
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    Just got a job as a lvn in home health. Starting at $22 hr but they don't pay for any gas and mileage. Is this the usual norm in home health?
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    Quote from helenh
    Just got a job as a lvn in home health. Starting at $22 hr but they don't pay for any gas and mileage. Is this the usual norm in home health?
    Sounds like you are doing private duty shift work and no gas & mileage is not usually page. For traditional home health with intermittent skilled visits (multiple patients per day, about 1hr of so per visit ) mileage is often covered for between visits as your drive from home to the first case and last case home is considered commuting time. Gas, vehicle wear & maintenance is part of mileage. The current rate is a bit over 50c/mile.
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    I've bn an lpn for a year in ohio. Last year i made abt $27000/a year and i looks like i might be breaking even again by the end of the year. Not a lot w a family of 5. I can say im doing a lot better than before I vgot into nursing, but i encountered a lot of backbiting.
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    In ohio, I've seen ig as low as $12/hr.
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    Anyone know the salary for a new lpn in miami, fl? dade and broward county is fine.