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  1. mshaw23

    What is a nurse tech?

    What hospital is this? Do they still offer training to help you brush up your skills?
  2. mshaw23

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    Too bad the cost of living is high and 1/2 OF your check goes to bills and rent. Dang California lower your cost...lol (insider)
  3. mshaw23

    How much do new grad RN's make in Houston, Texas?

    Is St. Luke a hospital? I need to go where the experience is at..such as a teaching hospital.
  4. mshaw23

    How much do new grad RN's make in Houston, Texas?

    LOL....I was sleepy when I responded to that response. I'm aware of that and thanks...smh
  5. mshaw23

    How much do new grad RN's make in Houston, Texas?

    Can you PM me any facilities you are aware for this range sweetie? Also, is this for new graduates with a bsn or adn?
  6. The fulltime program is 11 months. Yes there is a study guide for the entrance test? $34-35k. No they can give you a referral sheet for scholarships.
  7. mshaw23

    Can you live a luxury lifestyle as a nurse?

    That is funny! ROTHFLMBO...so true!
  8. mshaw23

    LVN Pay for New Grad in Houston, Texas with NO experience

    Hi Avon42, What location was this for LVN's? Please PM me or post it sweetheart. I am looking to relocate to Texas.
  9. mshaw23

    Best states for LVN/LPNs?

    What is the pay rate for an LVN at a LTC in the Houston area? I am looking for networks
  10. mshaw23

    Best and Worst places for LPN opportunities

    Connecticut seems nice honey, I'm looking to relocate from Michigan after a while, would you mind PM me the nursing home where you work? Do they offer shift dift? I rather live in an apartment or a townhome. I can't do houses unless I'm married. (wink) lol
  11. mshaw23

    Connecticut LPN to RN Programs?

    Is there one in particular that you know of...on top of your head?
  12. mshaw23

    salary..pay range in tampa, fl

    Is that enough pay for a nurse to reside in Tampa?
  13. mshaw23

    How many months did you study to pass the NCLEX?

    I'm studying from the Saunders NCLEX-PN book
  14. mshaw23

    LPN starting pay $26.50!

    Hi, are you an LPN?
  15. mshaw23

    Starting pay for new rn

    Hi, what is the starting pay rate for the lpns?